How to Make Money Online Without A Blog

A way to make money online without a blog?

Blogging for moneyYes, and it is exactly as it says. You do not need to have a blog to make money online, although it is recommended to have one, not even if it is just for marketing purposes.

Maybe you just don’t want to “expose” yourself to the world or maybe you just want to blog about something and keep it non-commercial. Maybe you just do not have time to manage multiple blogs and might be loosing a lot of affiliate program opportunities (specially those topics you are not too interested in). Maybe…

Well, there are several ways to make money online without a blog, but quite frankly I still do not know about all of them. Until then, I will share with you what I already know, and hope that some of you can fill in the gap. You don’t need a blog for these methods to work. And, even if you do have a blog, you can still apply these methods as another form of extra income.

One final word, before getting started. Making money online without having a blog does not mean making money doing nothing. I have yet to find a credible form of making a living online without having the need to do any work at all. If you found a formula that works, why not share it with us?

Here are some ways of making money without a blog:


If you have missed Sean Platt’s guest post, here is his article about GhostWriting. Essentially, ghostwriting is writing articles for other people who generally do not have the time or just want some different views on a given subject. You write for them and the article belongs to them (rights), and thus is the reason why you get paid. No one will know that you have written that article. You basically remain within the shades.

Domain Parking

One form of monetizing your unused domains, although, it has lost its steam a bit. There are several companies that will let you park your domain names for free and share their revenue with you. Reliable companies I have used in the past are Sedo Parking and AdSense for Domains (Google’s program). The payouts obviously varies from one company to another but trusted sites such as Sedo and Google are only a few. I recommend Sedo because I have been using their program and already got paid via paypal. Not much, but every bit counts. Find out more about Domain Parking here.

Domain Embarking

Domain parking evolution. This type of monetization method for domains, is by far my favorite. Invest on a good domain name (cost between 3$ to 15$), and rather than parking it, embark it. I have detailed the specifics of this form of making money online on an article I wrote about Domain Embarking.

Apart, from the example I gave on that article, I wish to show you another domain that I’ve embarked some couple of months ago. The domain is The reason I want to share this with you is that this embarked site has only been created recently and I do have not done anything but place my ads. You heard that right, I have AdSense, Pepperjam, Google Affiliate Program, and some other direct affiliate programs running on this site. All content (not spectacular) are generated automatically by Domain Embarking (primarily videos and links). If you visit this site, you will notice that I have an Alexa of roughly 4 million. While this is not great, it should be noted that I have done zero promotion for this site. Either, people accidentally landed here, or in some form, it shows up on some search engines and voilá, a little traffic. The best part is that it was awarded with a PR 1 by Google. I know many of you think that PR is no longer important, but nevertheless, remember that this is an embarked website and I do not generate any content on it at all. The key factor when embarking domain names is the choice of a good URL and the keywords your are going to use to embark. The content will be generated based on these key elements. You can do all this for free or you can ask them to prepare your website for as little as 3$. I did it myself.

The point is, I have ads running there and I can always change it anytime I want. There is no redirect or type-in involved and so I can also promote it. I can tell you now that I have received some clicks (AdSense) on that embarked site and apart from checking how your ads are performing once in a while, you just let it sit there. I can not find any other passive means of generating some few extra income like this one. Find out more on Domain Embarking’s website.

Writing for Helium

If you like to write and have a pretty good knowledge of a lot of things, writing to get paid is one form of making money without the necessity of having a blog. One good site to do this is Helium. Helium is a place where writers and advertisers meet and it is probably one of the best out there. Whether you’re a professional looking to stretch your talents, a journalist establishing a web presence, a freelancer getting your career off the ground or a reader researching information, there’s something for you at Helium.

When you write for Helium, your article gets rated. Every time you get rated you start qualifying for writer stars. Rating is done by all members of Helium, including yourself. The more you rate the better. The more stars you have, the higher your daily revenue share is. You can also earn somewhere between 5$ to 200$ if you write for advertisers on Helium’s marketplace. Everyone gets a chance of writing. It is not like paid review that you have to wait for an opportunity. And there are always plenty of opportunities on the marketplace. What you can earn depends on how good you write. They are very strict on duplicate content, so don’t even think about it. You just have to be the best for your article to get picked and earn some serious money. If for some reason your article does not “win” on the market place, it stays in your account and gets the possibility of making some cash if rated amongst the first positions. Check Helium out, you have nothing to loose.

Online Jobs / Odesk – What is Odesk?

oDesk is an online staffing marketplace and management platform that provides a convenient way to hire, manage, and pay individuals no matter where they are located. Hiring managers can post jobs and hire from thousands of ranked and certified service providers for time-based work or fixed-price projects. oDesk tools empower users to manage providers as if they were in the same office, and verify and pay only for actual work performed.

At Odesk you can apply for a massive variety of online jobs. You can do data entry, be an IT Consultant, prepare business plans, etc. You can get jobs as low as a Virtual Clerk or you can get qualified and be a Business Consultant, reaping in cash by the hour. The catch here is that you have to take a series of test to get qualified and depending on the position or positions you are applying for, different sets of test must be taken and obviously, you must pass. It is complicated at the beginning but they have excellent tutorials that guides you through the process of getting qualified. Get graded higher than average and you get featured. Companies can even hire you privately. You can set up your own “Virtual Company” and hire people to do the work for you. You set up your own rates (be gentle:) and wait to be hired or you can apply for any project that you are qualified for. Odesk sends you emails for job opportunities on a regular basis, and I mean regular.

Odesk is great and requires a lot of work. You work on deadlines, but can get paid handsomely. This is a bonafide “Virtual Job” marketplace that anyone can join and is truly a “Work-At-Home” scheme. Coupled with the fact the it is extremely reliable, you have no excuse to check Odesk out and maybe get lucky and quit that job that you hate:)

That’s it. These are some forms to make money online without a blog. I know that there are probably other ways, but at this time I am not in a position to give you more advice. When the time comes and if I find it worthwhile, I will let you know.

Other forms, such as, reading emails, paid to surf, paid to register, paid to search, etc., are also ways to make money without a blog, but I will not go on this path as I think that they are a waste of your precious time.

Over to you. Do you know of any other ways you can share here with us?


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