Now is a Great Time for Female Entrepreneurs

Since graduating from Ball State, I’ve been a WNBA player, a private equity investor, a business student at Stanford, and now an e-commerce entrepreneur. In the past year I’ve raised capital, hired 20 people and launched our site. It’s been an amazing journey and not without more than a few challenges, but I’ve faced many fewer obstacles than women in previous generations who wanted to be entrepreneurs, and in many cases being a woman has helped me get ahead.

Here are five distinct reasons that today’s young female entrepreneurs are in a better place starting out than their counterparts a decade ago:

  1. More support systems. A number of websites are popping up to bolster the women-in-business networks that have been around for awhile. Check out sites like The Daily Muse, or search Meetup for groups in your area that cater to female entrepreneurs. Local colleges are also great places to find groups. These are great places to find mentorship for yourself and partners for your business. And don’t forget that there are government resources specifically for female business owners. Check out the Small Business Association for more info on government resources.
  2. More peers. More women starting businesses means more peers that you can talk to. Find out which of your friends from school are starting companies or find a group of women from a networking event to setup regular chats. You are likely all going through similar issues from where to find a lawyer to how to deal with an under performing employee. Men can obviously be great peer resources as well, but some issues are unique to women and you may get more specific advice from another female entrepreneur. Find who you’re comfortable with, but get yourself a group that can support you. Are you part of any Group that you can recommend?
  3. More role models. Women like Marissa Mayer, Meg Whitman, Jessica Herrin (and many more) are showing what’s possible for female entrepreneurs. You may not be able to get in touch with them, but there are certainly female executives in your area that you could tap for mentorship. Don’t be afraid to reach out. When you do, be respectful of their time and give them an idea of what you specifically want their advice on. I’ve reached out to dozens of women over the past couple years and can only think of one time I’ve been turned down for coffee.
  4. More businesses focused on women. Companies like Pinterest are built around design and aesthetics that are trying to reach to women. Other companies like Groupon and Zynga are really trying to tap into female consumers. Use them for inspiration to find your own idea that reaches female customers.
  5. More educational opportunities. Women are also a growing constituency in business schools across the country, but many top schools are actively courting women because they still only make up about 30% of the class. If you can’t commit to going back to school, consider the many opportunities online to bolster your skills. Having trouble finding a web designer for your idea? Teach yourself some coding basics at sites like CodeAcademy where you can learn coding with a group of friends. Want to know more SEO? Here’s a great resource for that too!

The most common thing I hear from budding entrepreneurs is they don’t know if this is the right time for them to start something. There may never be a perfect time in your personal life but now is a great time for female entrepreneurs if you tap into the many resources that are now available to you.

Nothing is easy, but with the right mindset, everything is possible. This infographic released by AMEX, shows the challenges women entrepreneurs may face and opportunities that can be capitalized on:

women entrepreneurs

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Kate Endress

Kate Endress is a private equity investor turned entrepreneur and e-commerce pioneer. After graduating from Stanford Business School in 2011, Kate co-founded, an ecommerce site selling designer sunglasses and eyewear which features cutting edge new "try-on" technology.

15 thoughts on “Now is a Great Time for Female Entrepreneurs

  • Hi Kate, you are great source of inspiration for all young girls and for all those women who want to play their role in betterment of economy. Now Women are more motivated and enthusiastic with their work and they know that how to make their place in this competitive market. Women just need an opportunity and little motivation to start their career and ladies like you are role modal for them.

  • In the past it was famous that the society is of males but now the trend has changed and the females are really making the best of their gender. Now it is the peak time for the females to become the entrepreneur and to lead the organisation due to the variety of the reasons.

  • Wow! The numbers posted on the infographic are just awesome and inspiring. For me, part of the reason why women are becoming more successful these days is because women are generally more social than men, and because of that, they have a bit of an advantage, especially today where things like social networking, groups, and tribes have become integral parts in business. Just goes to show that the days of women being branded as the “weaker” gender is long gone.

  • Hey Kate,
    First of all want to say very very cool info-graphic you derived here. I also agree on that time is of female entrepreneurs because very good work has complete by females at this time and are going on.they can do work very well as man can.
    It is motivated post for ladies entrepreneurs.

  • Being a girl, I am totally agree with you and can say you really motivates me. Even in the social media sites girls are doing so well. ( or can say better than men. 😀 )

  • Love this post Kate as it is so good to hear this good news for female entrepreneurs. I think I have been lucky enough to escape any problems faced by my gender but then I haven’t risen to any great heights…..yet 🙂 Thanks for sharing on

  • Great article! As a female, I am excited about the growing number of women in business. My excitement is tempered by the fact that we still have a LONG ways to go 🙂

  • There’s always a space for people to grow. However, women have started getting a good exposure in this field. Moreovoer, there are few female who made big in this business. I closely follow Kim, Anna, Illeane and few more women enterpreneur. It is amazing to see now women have started taking active participation in this industry.

  • Hi Kate,
    You have an amazing way to describe things.The way you make this post looks like was more than i can say.Women is the word which has always been in the mind of everyone.The word itself says it all.They are more hard workers than men are.
    Women entrepreneurs are successful not because others let them to but they are because they can think more ideas and the way she thinks cannot be matched with anyone.but their should be more enlightened on this topic so as more and more women will join entrepreneurship.

  • All one had t do is look at the number of women in college compared to their male counterparts. It would seem that it is only a matter of time before the traditional roles of men and women in the work place will be reversed based on traditional roles of yester-year.

    Good job, great post!!!

  • This is truly inspiring. Opportunities are abound for us women nowadays regardless of age. We should not waste what resources we have available for us and let us grab the success that’s due us. By the way, I love the infographic!

  • This post is really motivating and inspiring , as a woman i am really honored bu your words. Many women still think we are not fir for doing business but i strongly deny it women’s are the powerful weapons must not waste our talents inside 4 walls

  • Great article! I love the graphic, it really made an impact. As a young woman in business in Mexico the old stereotypes in work are very much still here. The women that I know who run their own companies seem to work twice as hard as the men sometimes but it is just the way things are.
    The Internet has allowed many people the opportunity to start business and as more people come online in Mexico I can see more female entrepreneurs making their mark in business.

  • Great article Kate! I do think that we are in exciting times for women entrepreneurs, and I am very proud of so many of my peers.

  • I beg to pardon, but there is a famous quote that goes something liek this “there is no better day than today”.
    So saying that Now is a Great Time for Female Entrepreneurs are not really accurate since everyday is a good day. It is just how you are managing your product that make you success.

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