Making Money Online The Get Rich Slowly Way

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank and welcome on board noted copywriter Sean Platt, who will be sharing with us, his personal insights of being a freelance copywriter. His words have been seen scattered across the internet, including sites such as, Write to Done, and ProBlogger (the Internet’s #1 site for blogging).

Sean, over to you!

The Worldwide Web is bursting with a billion bouncing dreams, schemes, and half-baked ideas. Make money online, make money from home, make money while you sleep.

Alas, I have no such vacant promises, but after seven months spent online, I have found a recipe that is rewarding to both my brain and my bank account. I no longer harbor any fear about whether or not I will make a living online, thus allowing me to focus on how to keep doing as I’m doing, but just a little bit better each day.

How did I tame the online beast?
Though I’m not yet making many dollars while I’m dozing, I do rise each day to an inbox filled with opportunity, a large percentage of which I can later turn to PayPal for a profit.

What do I do?
I blog. Just like I’ve been doing for the last seven months. I started pretty much the same as any other noobie blogger, a solitary post published through an echo chamber and buoyed only by the thin possibility that my words would be released, read, and then hopefully repeated. As the gears of my new machine started to turn, so too did my abilities. While it was at one time a struggle to expand my thought into something worthy of falling beneath another’s eyes, this once difficult requirement soon turned into a delightful routine.

What had once been a ninety minute labor had melted into a delightful twenty minute task.

My site had steady, loyal traffic, but unless you’re sitting up at the top of the blogging pyramid, it will always seem a lot more like Ad-Cents than Ad-Dollars. I had no way to effectively monetize my site, and truthfully, no desire.

Yet, without even trying, I had become an accidental apprentice to a new trade. My months of constant blogging had given me a new skill that I was both good at and enjoyed doing. And it wasn’t just the writing. Blogging had taught me WordPress, SEO, and the fundamentals of social media; all excellent items to list on the resume of a modern day ghostwriter.

A ghostwriter writes copy for others for pay rather than credit. A ghostwriter must be able to write with clarity on any topic and adopt the voice of another with ease. Not only was I equipped to engage in this new career, I had more current tools than many of my sudden colleagues. Now I spend my days writing about the worlds of others. As a ghostwriter, my name is never in the byline and the traffic never comes my way, but it is my name on the invoice. By dipping in and out of Twitter and publishing my words across the web, I am slowly and steadily building my own road to riches.

Of course I am using my newfound knowledge to build myself a better future. I do wish to one day make dollars while I’m dreaming and understand the steps needed to make it happen. I am after all my most important client.

There is no ceiling hanging above an online living, yet climbing to the top is rarely an overnight affair. If you’ve been blogging any longer than a couple of months, chances are excellent you have already acquired a skill set that could potentially pull in money faster than Adsense could ever hope to.

You have the tools. Now it’s time to put them to work.


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