Google Affiliate NetworkUntil recently, I have been so busy searching for Affiliate Networks, that I have completely forgotten about Google’s Affiliate Program. I signed up for Google’s Affiliate Network last October and did not really use it much (only in some of my other blogs), due to the limited number of advertisers applicable to my niche. Last week however, I received another email from Google, and this time it was not about updating Privacy Policies, but rather… see below:

Google Affiliate Program

Don’t you just love surprises:) Anyway, I checked out my account and found out that this payment was related to a product I placed on a blog that was specifically created on a different niche (real estate). This single product, generated 2 conversions. Yes, only two conversions. Each was worth a whopping 80$ each, and now, I am getting paid for it.


While I was at it, I also found out that Google’s Affiliate Network of advertisers has grown. It has now a larger portfolio of advertisers to choose from, and on a variety of different categories. It is therefore, one affiliate program for you to seriously consider when trying to make money online with Google. One important aspect in affiliate marketing, is to find the right product or services that you will be promoting. Digital Cameras will do good in a gadget related blog, but will not do much good in a relationship advice blog.

Before signing up, just make sure you meet the requirements (really not complicated). View the complete requirements at Google Affiliate Network Publisher Application Requirements.

If you meet the requirements, add Google’s Affiliate Network on your list of Make Money Online Business opportunities.

Do you know of other affiliate programs that are reliable and has a good base of advertisers? Please leave your recommendations here.

UPDATE: Google’s Affiliate Network now integrated with Google AdSense.

I have written several articles about GAN and ways to make money online with Google to increase your earnings. With Google Affiliate Network, publishers can access cost-per-action (CPA) or affiliate ads. With GAN you can work with advertisers who will pay you a performance fee for driving a sale or other type of conversions depending on the program. Plus, what many AdSense publishers still don’t know is that GAN is now integrated with AdSense and it is now easier to reach the threshold as both are consolidated into one account for payment purposes.

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16 thoughts on “Make Money With Google’s Affiliate Network

  • I didst know that google has a affiliate network, will it easy to get accepted into their affiliate network?

    • Hi there. Google has almost everything, lol and their affiliate network has been around for a while. Glad you found out it here. Better late than never, right. As for being accepted, it is easy, if you already have an approved AdSense account then it is virtually automatic approval. Just log in your AdSense account and sign-up for it. There are now integrated and payments are consolidated, allowing for an easier target for reaching the minimum threshold. You can also read this article if you are interested: Make Money With Google – Increase Your Earning Potential With Ad Planner

  • Approximately 2 hours ago I submitted my application with Google’s affiliate network, and was accepted. Feels great, I too believe i signed up in the past. However my account was closed, great to see I was approved so quick.

    Good job on your earnings. Quite lucky.

    • Hello Adrian. Congrats on being accepted to Google’s affiliate network. If you were already an approved AdSense user, this should have been a pretty quick process. Plus, the fact that it is now integrated with AdSense, it is easier to reach the minimum payout. Good luck and all the best

  • Hey never knew DoubleClick was owned by Google. Frankly google must be aiming to dominate the internet!

  • hello, friend
    I thank you for share your experiences with us about Adsense as well as affiliate nework. I love it. I understand your articles well.
    But I need your help. As a newbies, I opened a blogger account and Adsense account as a year, 2007 for the first time. They accepted it. But I stopped it because the manual attached to my yahoo account for sales had been disappeared, caused by yahoo network problem.
    But later that day as this year, I open the blogger again to change one old post and old website to new ones. And I want to go and open the Adsene account again where I mistook . But remember I opened with it last years. How can I change it into new one above using my old gmail address? Thank you. I hope your reply.

  • I’m relatively new to affiliate marketing and was looking at an advertisers affiliate page and saw they are with the Google Affiliate Network. I didn’t know they had one. Decided to Google it and found your post. I appreciate the info and will definitely check it out. Gee I wonder, if an affiliate gets a little more love from the big G if they’re in the G.A.N.?

  • Thanks for introducing Google Affiliate Networks to me. I make money using Google Adsense. I will definitely try this too .

  • Does Google Affiliate Network (GAN) supports payment on CPC basis?
    or only based on CPA(cost per Action) basis.

    • Hello Rajandran. GAN is an affiliate network and advertisers only work based on CPA. Mostly you will have to generate a sale to convert. CPC is handled through AdSense.

  • Is this affiliate program of google will also work for the bloggers who have the blogs through which they can share their thoughts and they are not related to any product or business. If Yes! than How?

    • I think the answer to your question is “do you want to display ads”? Sharing thoughts and opinions is very broad, and along the way, there is always some “service or product” that can be related to whatever it is your are sharing, niche or topic specific. If you want to display ads, then just sign up for an account, search related products and implement your marketing techniques to convert.

      • But may be the information that I am sharing through my blog is not related to any business it can be just about casual things, some spiritual blog or the blog about politics…

  • Thanks for the nice post..currently I’m using Google Adsense only,but soon I’ll give it a try!

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