Now that is an interesting title isn’t it? Actually it is the title of an eBook that is being revamped by a good friend of mine, Dave Doolin of website-in-a-weekend. Blog post engineering was originally created in August 2009, and since, the eBook has already been upgraded with several versions and the latest release (v. 0.7.2) is now out and promises a more concise action packed “How To Write and Publish” a blog post. Such upgrades are made to keep up with current trends in blogging and changes/advances in technology.

Before I go further, I would like you to know that Dave did not ask me to write this post and I am not being compensated for writing this post either. As a matter of fact, I think it would be (hopefully) a surprise for him when he sees it.

What Is Blog post Engineering (BPE)?
Dave prefers to call BPE an electronic manual which he goes over a 31 point step by step instructions on “how to” write and publish a blog post. This manual prepares your articles to be SEO friendly without hampering the artistry of writing. As he says very well, writing is one thing and publishing is another. Here’s what’s in the o.7.2 package:

# The Blog Post Engineering manual, in PDF format, with a selection of helpful links (ok, a lot of links) to material on Website In A Weekend going into much greater depth.
# Handy numbered checklist form for evaluating your own blog posts.
# lots of added Bonuses!
# Slide deck in PDF format which highlights critical information for you, and provides a link to the relevant blog post.
# Affiliate kit, including a plugin and graphics to make it easy for you to promote Blog Post Engineering as an affiliate, if you so desire.

What’s inside the BPE Manual:
# Chapter 1 Introducing Blog Post Engineering. Save time by learning from my experience. I’ve written a lot of blog posts over the last couple of years, and a lot of words.
# Chapter 2 Writing is only half the battle. Learn how dividing your work save you time. It’s all about the difference between writing a blog post and publishing a blog post.
# Chapter 3 Learning the Blog Post Engineering system. Following the steps of the system means you spend less time wondering what to do, and less time doing it.
# Chapter 4 Mastering Blog Post Basics. Attract readers and search engines, easily, by mastering these 4 elements. You’re already doing some of this, let’s make sure you get it right!
# Chapter 5 Enticing search engine attention (SEO). Easy SEO in three simple steps. Learn how to use the 3 main elements of your blog post’s SEO metadata. WARNING: Some of what you read here may be against “what everybody knows” but I give you links, you can check for yourself.
# Chapter 6 Editing and Revising. Get your work into search engines fast, exploit SEO aging factors. Learn the balance between perfection and passability to get a steady stream of blog posts into the search engine, while revising and sharpening over time.
# Chapter 7 Structure Your Blog Post for Readers and SEO. These 7 easily learned elements of a blog post help both readers and search engines.
# Chapter 8 Setting Reader’s Expectations. Building your relationship with readers pays you back with customers. You’ll find help developing your voice and style so readers know what to expect when they come to visit.
# Chapter 9 Promoting Your Blog Post. Get found! Help your readers find your blog posts by correctly promoting your work in the appropriate venues. It’s not difficult, you simply need to know where, to promote… and why.
# Chapter 10: Conclusion – Blog Posting By The Numbers. “Learn what you learned.” It’s always good to review, and in this last chapter, after all the work you put in, you’ll see the Big Picture.

Whew, that’s a lot to learn for just writing and publishing a blog post, isn’t it? Well, I thought that too, but after reading the whole shebang, I have to admit that there where way too many “steps” I was neglecting. True that this all can be subject to a lot of debate, but there is one thing that I am positively sure. Those who apply the techniques provided here will definitely outrank those who don’t.

Do I Recommend This eBook?
Up until now, I have never recommended my readers to buy any eBook of some sort, let alone an electronic manual :). As you all know, I am a strong advocate for all things free (so long as it exist). However, in this case, I am opening an exception due to the following reasons:

  • Dave is no “John Doe”. He has built a long lasting reputation and has spent years of research to craft this reading material.
  • I have read it myself and I highly recommend it, specially if you are in to blogging for the long haul.
  • Lifetime upgrade with unconditional money back guarantee. You don’t like it, request for a refund with no questions asked. Can’t beat that!
  • Ultimately, you can be an affiliate of BPE. Convert two, and you have got your investment back. Then its all free 🙂

Anyway, these are all the necessary ingredients to label this down as a “safe investment”. Nothing to loose and a lot to gain. Visit Dave’s blog post engineering page to find out more details on how to write and publish a blog post.


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  • Thanks, Francisco!

    You’re right, I am surprised. I recall now you were going to write something up, but I did forget all about it.

    There’s a bit of problem in our little blogging culture: when everyone is awesome, how does one create something awe-some?

    That’s a bit of a conundrum. At least to me!

    • Hi Dave. Glad you liked it. Anyway, writing the post was easy, getting it published was a whole different story 😉 You more than deserve this, and it was my pleasure to share BPE to everyone. Wish you much success with the “electronic manual”. I hope I can send many people your way.

      • I really appreciate it.

        I’ll end up selling an enormous number of these at some point. Right now, it’s important to get the word out, get some visibility. While momentum builds, I get the chance to keep on refining what I’m doing.

        One thing to think about if you have a notion of going into the internet product marketing space: we’ve trained our customers to only buy on launches! Why we think this is a good thing, I’m not entirely sure. =)

  • I trust your opinion and choice DiTesco, this is why I am sure that the BPE is a great product as you review it, I also know Dave from his blog and I know he worked hard to put the Blogging Post Engineering system together!

    • Thanks Hesham for the thumbs up. You and I agree that Dave did put a lot of work on his BPE and I am convinced that anyone who reads it will learn something or a lot from it. They will have to read it though 😉

  • I’m with you all in this one — simply because Dave has proven his ability to do what he’s good at and I’ve learned that from his posts. Thanks so much for sharing with others with this write-up DiTesco, very thorough and a glimpse of the topics discussed. I really wish Dave the best in this for he deserves good credit for the effort.

    Social/Blogging Tracker

    • Hi Ching. Thanks for taking the time to voice out your opinion about Dave. He is great guy and one of those that are genuine when it comes to writing up excellent material such as this one. I’m joining you in wishing all the best as he certainly deserve it.

  • Reading: Blog Post Engineering, gd effort by @websiteweekend — 10s to @ditesco for listing the content

  • Thanks bro for this useful and informative post. I am just wondering…Do I need this ebook…hehe 😀 Anyways, I will think on it. If you have written so much about the same then it should really be useful for bloggers like us. Thanks again…will surely check it out 🙂

    • Hi Aswani. You know me. I am not the “buy” this ebook type of guy. As I said, I am a strong advocate for all things free. This ebook is really good, although in my honest opinion, I think you already have the skills required to be a good publisher 😉 Nonetheless, there is always room to learning and whether or not you learn something new, I am sure that it will trigger some of the things that you might be neglecting.

  • I’m a new blogger myself, and I think I have a lot to learn. I’m not a type that goes and buys every e-book.. But like you said I think this can be helpfull. I hope it helps as you said.

    Lingerie Blog

  • I am not kidding when I tell you that I bought this eBook myself to support Dave Doolin and see if this book was worth my investment. The fact that he dedicates so much information to crafting a single blog post is what makes this book unique from many of the others that I have read. I have only ever purchased 2 eBooks, most I get for free or people give me for free to review and promote. This is one where I think it is worth it, the idea’s you could get alone even as an intermediate blogger make the investment worth it.

    • Hi Justin. On behalf of David, I would only like to say thank you. I truly appreciate the time, effort and investment you have given to support a fellow blogger. Your action is truly commendable and endorsement about his work gives that extra boost of confidence for people who are still skeptical about it.

  • By reading the titles of the chapter I will consider it as a syllabus book for the new bloggers, it contains almost all the things which a new blogger faces when he starts blogging like time managing this is the major thing and then okay you have written something now you are going to post it but their is also a problem which confuse that will my article be attractive to the audience will it help to make blog better and more interesting, and if you think about these things in the start of writing it messes up with the idea which you actually have in your mind and you mix up the things… but why it is not free… is their any torrent of this book…

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