SEO Services For Small Business

SEO Services For Small BusinessSEO is the practice of improving a site’s ranking in web search engine results for specific search queries, or keywords. Have no doubt that ignoring SEO puts you in a disadvantage with that of your competitors. If you rely on your website for business, generate leads or sales, competing sites who does search engine optimization, will outrank yours in search results and win more business.

But with SEO, as in life, there are no free lunches, and there’s certainly no real way to “Get to the top of Google in 15 days!” I am going to tell you right now to ignore any such offer you might come across: ultimately, it’s nothing more than snake oil.

So, just for you to have an idea, here is what SEO is NOT about…
  • Quick – the work and results may take time to complete and see returns
  • Guaranteed – No one but the search engines control the algorithm, so how is it possible to make any guarantees
  • Set & Forget – things change over time; algos evolve and so must your site
  • Free – time is money, as the saying goes – SEO takes time

So, if want to improve online visibility for your own business, there are usually two options.

Option One: You can scour tons of websites for free and paid SEO advice and tools to get you up to speed. This option is okay if you have the time or money to spend sifting through the garbage and scams out there to find what you need.

Nonetheless, if you are really interested in knowing more about SEO to either DIY or simply to educate yourself to be in a position to discuss your needs better, should you decide to outsource, start here.

Option Two: You can invest in one high-quality service that shows you everything you need know about how to benefit from SEO, or better yet, a service that takes care and implements, all the key elements of your SEO campaign. (I may be a little biased, but this option seems like the better one. Don’t you agree?)

My SEO Consultancy service adopts only ethical SEO philosophy. The methods employed follows the guidelines set out by the search engines.

The fundamentals of SEO involve:

1) conducting thorough keyword research and targeting
2) creating high-quality, unique content (or optimizing existing ones)
3) improving internal linking and site structure
4) building links from relevant, quality sites
5) Increase exposure by applying inbound marketing

“Well,” you might be thinking, “that sounds easy enough!” Sadly, it isn’t. Each element of a SEO campaign is a time-consuming, grueling test of endurance played out over months and in some cases even years. SEO is a process-driven discipline, hence why the list above is numbered rather than bulleted. When approaching a new campaign, those steps are followed in strict order. Some has worked in the reverse order, and often times is the reason why it causes a negative impact on an SEO campaign. Ultimately it hurts rankings, rather than improving them.

If you are doing business online, you should know that it is extremely important to be on top of things, specially when it comes to search engine optimization. Ranking well is one thing, and keeping it there is another. Contrary to what many people believe, SEO is not as complex as it may seem. However, there are many reasons why you should consider using my SEO services.

These are:

  • SEO Services For SMBYou simply don’t have the time to worry about optimizing your site
  • You don’t know what to do, despite your efforts
  • You have tried and tried doing it yourself, and yet nothing seems to work
  • You are lost with all the changes that are happening that may affect your rankings
  • You prefer using your time and dedicate yourself to more pressing issues
  • There are just way to many things involved in SEO (on-page and off-page), e.g., content optimization, marketing, Social media, etc..
  • You are afraid to make changes, that might affect your rankings
  • There are methods that you prefer doing yourself, but there are others that you don’t
  • and, the list can go on..

As you can see, these are more than enough reasons why you should consider outsourcing your SEO campaign. Doing online business myself, I know that the key to a successful SEO campaign, is knowing whats needs to be done and getting it done for you. All this, in accordance with your specific needs.

I usually say to my business partners… I don’t provide you with a solution. Rather, my services is tailored to provide you with “the solution” you need. Take advantage of our customizable services and flexible fees, and make it my business to worry about your SEO campaign.

Here are just a few of the things we can work together with:
  • Website SEO Audit
  • Content / Inbound Marketing
  • Install And Configure SEO Essentials (WordPress sites)
  • Competition Analysis
  • Keyword and Domain Name Research
  • Content Optimization
  • Optimized Content Copywriting
  • Link Building
  • Google Places and Social Media Optimization
  • Site Optimization
  • Monitor SEO Progress
  • Making your Site Mobile Friendly
  • WordPress Services (Packages)

Please contact me for more information, or schedule a free one-on-one consultation (Skype), to discuss your specific needs.