Domain Parking – Earn Extra Income With Domains

Do you have unused domains with your registrar and have been sitting there waiting for you to do something with it? Did you know that your unused domain is “parked” when you have done nothing but register it? Did you know that while it is parked, there are services you can sign up for and earn extra income while you are deciding what to do with your domain? Well,welcome to the world of domain parking.

When you sign up for a domain parking service, they will put content and or ads in your domain and you can get revenue when someone clicks on the ads in your domain. Such service is normally free of charge and in exchange for the service, you share your revenue with them. The revenue share program may vary from one company to another, depending on some factors, one being who their provider for ads are (eg: Google).

Besides parking, you can also opt for selling your domain name. So, you can try to sell your domain name, at a price you can either fix or leave for someone to make an offer, and while waiting for a possible buyer, you earn extra income for visitors who click on your ads.

How do you benefit from this? Did you know that there are a lot of people who search the web by typing directly on the address bar? This is what they call a “type-in” search. They just think of a name and add the “dot com” at the end. Say you own a domain name called “”. Rather than Googling money, you type in the address bar “” and at this point, if you subscribed to a domain parking service, a web page filled with ads will pop, rather than the standard, page not found, under construction or, this site hosted on…(publicity for your registrar).

Now, there are several things you need to consider when choosing a parking company. Some of which are: their payment cycle, how they will pay you, how many domains you need to join them, what are their revenue share, who are their primary source of ppc advertising, etc. There are several out there and all you have to do is google it. I have already done this myself and decided to use namedrive and sedo. One of the main reasons I choose them was that they do not require more than one domain to register. Both services are great and namedrive is more targeted to the US, while sedo is for Europe. Oh, did I mention that they have an affiliate program too? Yep, you can also earn extra income buy referring others to them.


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