Can I Get More Traffic On My Blog?

This article is a guest post from Aswani of Future Perfect.

trafficTraffic, Traffic, Traffic….Huh – But how ? Are you like most of the other bloggers who are faced with the same problem – How to get more traffic on my blog? How to make my blog count in terms of profit? How and just how…? Well, it can be a problem for anyone who is new to a thing called blogging. Yes, when I started blogging, I never thought about traffic. But within times to come, I felt the necessity of making my blog popular. And for that I had to work seriously on one and only thing – Increase traffic by any means. And I did work on it seriously. Finally it seemed to be working for me though not as expected but still something is better than nothing.. Traffic on my blog has been quite stable and good.

So, would you like to know the real tricks behind successful web traffic? Are you waiting to see traffic on your blog explode like anything ? Want to make your blog more popular? If yes, then please go through some of my points as mentioned below. Just follow these points seriously and get rid of all your traffic problems on your blog. These are all proven tips.

  • Needless to say, the number one priority for any blog to stand out from the crowd is to have an exceptional content. Yes, content is the king by all means. You blog may attract millions of people but did you ever thought of the fact that if you make these millions return to your blog quite often then won’t be a plus for you. As a blogger, you must make it a habit to provide quality content to your blog readers or your visitors. Yes, your blog content should be original, informative, interesting, exciting and of course useful. Make sure that your content should be in such a way that it generates interest in the mind of your readers. It should provide thought provoking analysis. Finally, you must never forget that you are saying something to your visitors on your blog. so, why not say it well ?
  • Join Forums – Yes, you must join some forums which are related to your niche. If your blog is about seo then you must join seo forums. If it deals about fashion then go for the fashion forums. The best thing about forums is that if you have your blog’s link in the signature then traffic on your blog is likely to increase with each post you publish on those forums. Isn’t it worth joining ?
  • Get Socialized – Your blog may be the best one in your eyes. But you shouldn’t forget that there are tons of other blogs on similar topics. So, my suggestion here would be to get away from this thinking that my blog is the best one. Instead, take out some of your time to visit other blogs. Learn to socialize with other bloggers. Visit related blogs. Leave your comments. Good comments are traffic enhancer. It allows fellow bloggers to visit your blog and even let others know about it thus helping in gaining better traffic. Plus if other bloggers find your blog useful and give a link to it then its an added advantage – may help you getting good Google page rank..later.
  • Practice Tagging – Tags are just like keywords. So, make it a habit to tag all your posts on your blog. Tagging helps search engines to pick your blog easily among others and thus help in directing more and more traffic to your blog on the basis of user query in the search engines. If your blog is about dogs then you can tag it with dog, dogs, dog foods, dog grooming, dog bedding, dog toys and more related keywords.
  • Link Building – Must include quality links in your blogroll. And make sure that you are also fetching links from your blogroll links. Reciprocating links can significantly increase traffic on your blog.
  • Technorati – Well, most of you may have heard of technorati. But still people think it to be ineffective. Its not like that in reality. Technorati allows you to claim your blog with the blog search engine – Technorati – thus making it more visible to others who may have never heard of your blog. The more posts you post on your blog, the higher you are ranked in technorati and more visible your blog becomes to others and a better are the chances of increased traffic on your blog. Technorati rank depends on how many others link to your blog. If you want other bloggers to offer up links to you, you have to provide good content, an eye pleasing template and build up an active community.
  • Submissions – Must submit your blog to all popular blog search engines. Plus you should ping all the search engines whenever your blog content gets updated.Use Pingoat or Ping-O-Matic for the same.
  • RSS – Allow others to subscribe to your blog via RSS. Install RSS button on your blog for the same.
  • Read and Research – Keep reading and researching on traffic building tips and tricks. Yes, there are lots of resources on the web for the same. But you should go for the best ones.
  • Traffic Monitoring – The final step lies in monitoring your blog traffic. Sign up for free web analytics on any of the popular web analytics services – Google Analytics, Statcounter, etc.. and track all your hits and traffic. Once you have all these tracking data with you, you can easily make out – which tips are working for you and which aren’t? Thus can help you in making right decision to choose right step for increasing traffic on your blog.

Well, there can be ‘n’ number of ways to boost traffic on your blog. Whatever we have seen in this post are surely the best ones which I believe must be followed seriously if you want the best results of your blogging.

Last but not the least, I am extremely honored to be a guest blogger on diTesco’s wonderful blog. His blog is surely one of the best blogs on internet marketing and related stuffs.
Aswani is an avid blogger from India. He is the owner of the blog – Future Perfect, where he has been blogging since 2007. He likes to write on anything and everything. Internet marketing is one of his favorite topics. He has worked as a SEO in the past for a UK based online healthcare company and has over 5 years of experience in internet research and online marketing at a personal level.


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