DiTesco’s Weekly Echo #11

ditesco_weekly_echoHi everyone. I hope you all had a great week. This week was packed with many interesting and great stuff and although I would like to be more punctual on posting my echoes, I will have to apologize again for the delay.

As usual, here are my recommended reads, and in no particular order:
Copyright Essentials for Writers: And for bloggers too. Perhaps one of the most comprehensive no BS straight to the point essentials that everyone needs to be aware of. You should bookmark this one.

How To Know Your Brand Is Stolen? Tools To Figure Out: Often overlooked. Here are some great tools to help you find out if your “brand” or “identity” has been used either than by yourself.

10 Top Blogging Addiction Signs + Recommended Treatments: A list to find out if you are suffering from Blogging addiction. If you have the symptoms, here are also some recommended treatments. Cool:)

Serendipity and Writing to Exhale: A tribute to a blogger that deserved to be voted as “The Most Influential Blogger of 2009“.

Learn Something Useful at iBlogZone.com: Ms Freeman’s tribute to some guy that she met over the sphere:) Find out why?

5 Worries That Can Kill Your SEO Campaign: Simple but effective tips about things that you should not be worried about when doing your SEO.

Blog Engage Ads Google Adsense Revenue Sharing: Brian’s continued effort and dedication to make BlogEngage one of the best blogging communities around. Nice surprise:)

Ten things You Need To Stop Tweeting About: An awesome form of providing good quality information with a twist. Won’t say it here, just head over there and find out for yourself:)

WordPress Plugins To Help Your Blog Earn Money: This week, I was looking for a WP plugin to manage some banners on AlliedBloggers. This posts had it all.

Awesome Weekly Roundups:
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Weekend Roundup #62

That’s a wrap. Enjoy!


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