Make Money Online with Domain Embarking

The Unparking Revolution

A new and recent concept on making money online with Domain names, is presently being revolutionized by Domain Embarking. Until recently, domainers used to monetize their idle or unused domain names, by parking them on specific sites like Sedo parking. This type of services had to rely on mis-spelt URLs or type-in traffic to enable visitors to land on your page. The reason for this, is that your parked domain does not get indexed by any search engine, as the page provided by this type of services are nothing but ads. I have 48 domains parked this way and to date I have made only 23$ from it. Here is an example (before embarking) of one of my parked domain name,

domain embarking

If you are new to the concept of Domaining, I suggest you read these articles that I have posted before, to get a feeling of what Domain Parking is and, what some Domain Terms mean. Move on, in case you are sick and tired of hearing about Domaining and Domain Parking:)

What is Domain Embarking?

Domain Embarking is a revolutionary new and “Internet Friendly” approach to monetizing traffic for your idle and parked domain names*. Their patent pending system will create a full-blown, 8 page web site with News, Videos, Images, Pod Casts, Blogs, Opinion Polls, Voting Questions, and many other Personalization Options. Each website in the network contains highly relevant advertisements that will pay you! They keep 50% of the ad revenue and the members get the other 50%. Members earn Premiere Shares, which entitle you to a certain % of the profits. You get additional shares for each site you “embark” with them and new clients that you refer. In addition to this, you can now add your own ad codes and earn 100% of the revenue. Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Chitika, Clickbank, are just but a few, that you can add, as your own advertising network. Better yet, if you do not have an account with any of these sites, Domain Embarking makes it easy for you by signing-up through their site. Like it?

*HINT: This can go beyond just idle and parked domains. Say you hate blogging or setting up websites. On the other hand, you want to make some money, passively. Why not register a domain name and Embark it? It will cost you between 3.99$ to 10$ a year to register a domain.

How Does Domain Embarking Work?

To sign-up, all you need is at least one domain name available. Ensure that you have read their TOS as adult sites or the sorts are not allowed. After signing-up, you are directed to add a domain name or read their newbie guidelines (a simple step by step guide that leads you the way). Through their friendly dashboard, you add your Domains (which may be registered elsewhere), complete the required fields with 3 keywords you would like to target, the secondary keywords, the title and you are good to go. Preview your page first and if you are satisfied, hit publish and wait until it is approved (between 24-48 hours). Simple as that. You can later edit your page and tweak it for your own ads, change keywords, etc. Here is what, now looks, embarked.

bloggers bible

Domain Embarking Vs. Domain Parking

Absolutely no comparison. As I said before, with Domain Parking, you have to rely on mis-spelt URLs or type-in actions by visitors on the address bar on your browser. With Google suggest on the scene, this gets to be more difficult and the probability of being located naturally is virtually zero. Parked domains are generally made up of ads and are therefore considered somewhat spammy by Google and so does not get indexed. Not being indexed will not appear on the search results. The difference with domain embarking is that, with their content-generating tool, it automatically generates several pages worth of content for you. Not only is it an innovative idea, but apparently search engines can index these sites and visitors have been reported to bookmark them too. So, compared to the old “sites” created by companies like Sedo, instead, you get an actual site that people can enjoy visiting.

While I am very excited about the possibilities domain embarking offers, please remember that they are still in beta stage and some flaws are expected. I obviously do not vouch for this yet, and I will be testing two of my registered domains to see where it goes. If you are a domainer or simply want to evaluate other possibilities of making money online, domain embarking is a must experiment. I am almost certain that this idea will soon go viral and other companies will follow (for the better). “Don’t park it….EMBARK it!” at Domain Embarking.

Domain Embarking
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5 thoughts on “Make Money Online with Domain Embarking

  • I have several domain names I am going to test out domain embarking on. It’s better than just parking the darn things and hating it when it comes time to renew a domain that isnt pulling it’s weight in the network. Thanks for another “hot” tip!
    .-= Dick invites you to check this out.. 99 Designs a Real Timesaver =-.

    • Thanks Dick. Wow you dug this one from the “grave”, lol. Domain Embarking was a good option at that time and I have to admit that I do not know right now how it is performing. I remember that automated content from one of my domains even got a PR2? Maybe it is time to update this post. Good luck -;)
      .-= DiTesco invites you to check this out.. Make Money Online Selling Ad Spaces =-.

  • Is this an old one Francisco? Couldn’t see a date anywhere, oh well, until I read this I had forgotten to check my 40 odd examples of “domain embarking” and saw that some needed work so thanks for that heads up!
    Several years ago I built these what I call “parking pages” which I think is the same concept you are talking about here with DE, a one page site that serves as a just one component for my “extended” network, it looks like a website and has a bit of content, but one that makes the domain earn it’s keep by entertaining those “accidental” hits long enough maybe to entice them to visit another site of mine or click on an advertiser. Actually, the extended network contributes a large share of revenue to my overall Adsense earnings, so I am always looking to expand it with new domains. Here is an example of one them that does particularly well:
    .-= Dick invites you to check this out.. 99 Designs a Real Timesaver =-.

  • DiTesco, as you can see, I’m in “surf” mode. You sure do know how to keep the creative juices flowing. I like that you’re not all “I’m the guru, hear me ROAR!” with this technology. It would be so easy to do.

    Instead, I’m getting a relatively pure technical overview – from which I can extrapolate my own evil intentions … bwhahahaha 🙂

    Seriously, though, I used to be a member of WealthyAffiliate University and the ideas you are sharing here are worth some “gold”.

    I’m actually considering an in-house version of embarking, now, as I do have parked domains. Dick’s conversation kind of inspired me to be a DIY, rather than entrust my domains to a third party. Besides, as his lively links show, you can control the creative process and possibly the consumer’s clicking behavior (I wound up on lowcarbvacations, LOL!)



    • Hello Mitchell. Me the “guru” type, haha.. no way. I prefer to be the “down to earth” kinda guy 🙂 Embarking has been around for a while and it is a pity that I lost all the comments I had in this post when I migrated from blogger to wordpress. there were people who shared interesting views about it. Oh well..

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