Starting All Over From Scratch

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This is a guest post written by Caleb, author of the MarketSecrets blog.

A famous adage says:Hindsight is 20/20!

This is so true… oh how I wish I had a time machine in order to have a real serious talk with myself several years ago. I could have saved lots of time avoiding many heartbreaks and disappointments. In short, I would be a multi-millionaire by now!

How? By using the internet in a wiser fashion instead of wasting precious moments on things that were not as productive as I was led to believe they were. Ahhh, but how else would I have learned these things of it were not for those experiences? And even more important, if I truly did learn something, would I be able to re-produce “mega success”? If everything was taken away from me, how would I go about starting all over from scratch?

Well after thinking about all I have learned so far, if I had to start all over again I would definitely do two(2) things:

  1. Focus on Private label Rights products (commonly known as PLR products). This would give me the ability to take an already successfully proven product, tweak it out, thus making it my own. I would then submit it to ClickBank offering 70-80% commissions to the 100,000+ affiliates there which would -alone- put me in a financially “well off” position.

    Of course from that, I could then truly develop a uniquely ground-breaking product that would revolutionize the whole internet marketing industry.

    But there is an inherent problem with this model as well as with other online money making methods…it costs MONEY to buy PLR products! Therefore, I would have to do the second thing which should have actually been the first thing…

  2. make money with CPA offers. CPA simply stands for Cost Per Action. In other words, it is an affiliate marketing platform where the affiliate gets paid a flat fee for a user performing a certain action such as filling out a form, giving their name and/or email, and sometimes even something as simple as leaving their 7 digit zip code.

    Really think about this model for a second: thousands of affiliates are getting paid thousands of dollars($$$) for finding customers who don’t actually buy anything! The companies behind these CPA offers are not paying you for sales, they pay you just for acquiring the “lead” which gets strategically converted to lifetime sales by the company.

Both of the two ideas above are purely ingenious to me. They represent the epidomy of “Working smarter not harder”. Dividends from your CPA profits would buy the perfect PLR products which would catapult you to guru status and beyond. Who would have thought making money online would be this easy?

And of course driving traffic to your CPA offers would be a cinch considering the tons of free traffic building strategies found withing the golden content vaults of iBlogZone. Just remember when driving traffic to CPA offers the user does NOT have to buy anything… your job is to simply get them to provide their contact information;-)

Simple, yet effective…but then again the best things in life are:)

Now tell me: what would you do if you had to start all over again from scratch?


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