Pushing Through the Struggles of Being an Entrepreneur

The road to being a successful entrepreneur is no walk in the park. You deal with all pain, failures and uncertainty. You go through the rough roads and it’s a never ending fight to survive in a world where only the tough ones can possibly make it.

So, what is so great about being an entrepreneur when at times it can feel like an endless struggle? To quote Winston Churchill…

“a pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”

When you are focused on achieving your goal, you see and think no difficulties but only good things ahead of you.

The Struggles and Difficulties

A real entrepreneur never backs out. If you fall a hundred times, who cares? Get up 101 times. You can’t measure your success with the number of times you fall but with how many times you stand up and pursue your goal.

Does it sound like a “been there done that” kind of statement? Struggling young entrepreneurs can relate to the dark side of the journey leading to the top. It may seem the obstacles are infinite…

  • People not taking you seriously because you are young.
  • You are faced with so many fears and you struggle with a “what if” mentality
  • You make the wrong decisions compromising your investment
  • You lack the skills – business wise and management wise which makes you start over and over again. This can be pretty frustrating.
  • Dealing with the uncertainties even with constant learning and training

Overcoming the Struggles

Yes, the road to being a successful entrepreneur seems like a nightmare that you don’t want to be in. Are you afraid of failure? Or perhaps you are not good at handling difficulties.

Well, don’t worry you are in the same boat as with other struggling entrepreneurs. But why not turn your fears into something more positive?

Don’t be Afraid to Take the Risk

Starting a business is a gamble. Be ready for that and instill in your mind that there’s no such thing as a “finish line” to being an entrepreneur. It’s an ongoing process even when you reach the top, you still have to sustain that position and fight all the battles that may come your way. It’s the risk that keeps you grounded and makes you do your best.

Don’t be Afraid to Fail

entrepreneur strugglesIf you fall, does that mean you have to stop climbing the stairs? Certainly not! Because you want to get to the top, stand up and do it all over again, this time with a different technique. If for the first time you were not able to hold on to a secure grip, make sure you will have something to hold on to the second time. If still doesn’t work, try a better technique. You have not failed at all until you decide to quit.

Don’t Be Afraid to Learn New Things

Being an entrepreneur is a continuous learning process. With the ever evolving industry, you may be left behind and get stuck with where you are if you don’t go with the flow. Why struggle with keeping up with the trend when you can be at par with what’s going on through constant training and education.

Activities to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Being a successful entrepreneur doesn’t happen overnight. You can’t just sit and wait as well. Keep moving and learning.

The opportunity for success is just right there waiting you just have to discover and work hard on it and create a viable formula to be able to get to the top.

Here is a very powerful inspirational message to hold on to and keep in mind on your journey to being a successful entrepreneur:

Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain.

Omar Negron

Omar Negron is the Co-Creator of PixPirations.com. A site created to share “Images That Inspire” all across the web. If you need some extra motivation and inspiration feel free to visit PixPirations and follow them on Twitter @Pixpiration

25 thoughts on “Pushing Through the Struggles of Being an Entrepreneur

  • Hi Omar,

    Push into uncomfortable zones each day to accelerate your online growth. Ever since I adopted this approach – a few weeks ago – I noticed serious acceleration online, both this business opportunities, expansion, etc.

    I really did not buy in 100% until a few weeks back, honestly, and I noted a corresponding surge in success after I bought in.

    Smart tips buddy, thanks for sharing!


    • Get Comfortable with being uncomfortable!

      Thanks Ryan. You are right, when you start doing things that you may be “afraid” of doing, you build a confidence that you may have never had before and thus can start doing things you didn’t think you could have, because most of the times fear holds us back.


  • Perfectly true what the article says, but sometimes life is more difficult than expected. The way people manage to stand up again varies from situation to situation; sometimes is easier, other times much tougher.

    • Yes Daniel, we all differ on how we may handle a situation. But the common ground is that we take a STAND and make sure we continue to go after what we want.



  • I am nodding my head as I read this post. I have just started my own online business and I have already been through some of these fears and “what if” moments but always shake them off.

    You say mingle with people – I do this through networking and pick people’s brains on what they do for their business.

    I am very lucky to be surrounded by people that believe in me and what I am doing. I definitely do a lot of research on things I want to know more about and I need to, since I am a one-woman band for now.

    Your post, reminds me that yes, successful entrepreneurs do take risks and if they fall, pick themselves back up and this is the best way to learn.

    • Awesome Kristine! Glad you decide to get into an online business and their will be moments when you want to quit…don’t let those feelings win though.

      You may have to chance your approach at times, but that’s all part of the process. Continue to surround yourself with like minded people.


  • Without the obstacles it would a smooth road, but dull and utterly pointless. The hardships make you stronger and bring out the real potential that lies hidden in you. You will never know just how much you can achieve until you have been pushed to the wall and you have to fight back instead of giving up. So many successful people today made it to where they are because they faced challenges and overcame them.

    • AWESOME points Amelie!

      If it was easy wouldn’t everyone do it!? =D


  • There are so many challenges, I am in online business since 1999 and it haven’t been easy, nor I am rich. Two of my main online money makers have crashed during this time due to law changes or total algorithmic changes, but I am more flexible than ever before.

    • Yep, things can change in an instant. Especially with the Algo. Totally unpredicable and hard to build a business relying on that one thing.

      But like you mentioned, you need to be flexible. Great stuff


  • Being an entrepreneur is all about pushing hard against all the odds that come in front of you, and not getting stopped by them. Use patience, motivation and passion to rise..

    • Thanks Jason. Right on point with this comment!

      Awesome insight. Being an entrepreneur even part time is tough but that’s why everyone doesn’t do it. Most quit. Stay in the game.


  • having an idea of being an Entrepreneur is very good but there are many roadblocks in this path. The energy level that you should have is high- as required. The patience and above all, the art to not get demotivated by having negative results is the utmost.

    • Hey Yogesh.

      Energy is Everything! One of my mentors told me that a while ago. It’s true. Your passion for whatever it is you are doing has to BE HIGH, VERY HIGH because you will need all that energy to get to your goal and get past the roadblocks.



  • Omar,

    I liked your inspirational post, here are my 2 cents… maybe (some of) your readers will resonate with the feedback.

    Running a business is like sports… one day you’re at the top, the next day you could fall flat at the bottom… that’s part of the game, yet most people are afraid of falling, so they stop themselves from climbing the success ladder… 🙁

    Not limiting myself and overcoming all (personal and business) challenges is one of the main reasons I’ve been able to stick to affiliate marketing, and run a successful web empire, 10 years later.

    A real entrepreneur never quits – it may adjust, quitters never win, nor they adjust – that’s for sure!

    Starting and running a business doesn’t have to be a gamble. You have to think strategically.

    You cannot skip all struggles or stay on top each day every day, but one thing you have to understand: perseverance and passion. These are the two key ingredients that keep me in the game.

    Which are yours? I’d love to know…

    • John….great stuff.

      Perseverance and passion. VERY IMPORTANT.

      1. Perseverance is important because you WILL HIT roadblocks, people laugh at you and call you names, this is where perseverance comes into play.

      2. Passion is a must because if you aren’t passionate, you will quit before anything actually happens. When you work for yourself and have your own business, the money isn’t bound to come at first, it may never come at all. Its a risk, a risk worth taking if you have the passion to go forward.

      Love those 2 John. I agree with you. Those are very important factors.

      Thanks for contributing!


  • Jason, what you said is valid but only for optimistic entrepreneurs:) I know lots of people who quit at the first sign of troubles.

  • True Daniel, but that means they didn’t have the Perseverance. 😉


  • When you become an online entrepreneur you have to be prepared yourself for tons of frustrations. Sites that loads extremely slow, malicious software, spammers, plugins that simply won’t work no matter what you do etc.

    Above all is fear. I will quote (well with a little change) the famous Rig Veda words “: I am fear, the Destroyer of worlds”. Yes, fear is the most powerful agents who “kills” entrepreneurs. What is the antidote of fear? You said it using the beautiful Mark Twain’s words: “Explore, dream, discover”.

    Btw, you commentluv plugin doesn’t work. At least the tweet part. When I tweet the post it doesn’t take me back to the comment. I lose the comment and I’m forced to start over again.

    • Thanks for the heads up on the CommentLuv issue. Will see what the is causing the issue. Thanks and btw, I agree with you that one of the biggest challenge of all is to overcome our “fear”. This pretty much applies to anything actually.

  • When one flaunts the hat of an entrepreneur is all about thinking out of box and facing a lot of demanding situations. Once we become the entrepreneur, we are responsible for the deeds, as there is no body else on whom we can put the liability. In my opinion, an entrepreneur should indulge in creative things and read a lot of books to keep pace with the world. Thanks for the tips.

  • Entreprenuers are not scared of risks and failures and that is what keeps them going and takes them to higher levels of success. Great share.

  • Hey Aayna.

    Yes, staying on top of things with books is important because almost anything can be found between the pages of a book that you can implement into your own business.


  • Hello Omar,

    I commend you for a very great article. Yes it is indeed true, being a successful entrepreneur doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a process and if a person is willing to undergo that process and have perseverance to push forward then he/she will definitely hit the gold.

    Yours Truly,


    • Thank you Julie for the kind words!

      Glad you enjoyed the article. Have a wonderful day!


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