The Bill Gates Formula For Success

There isn’t a person who doesn’t know Bill Gates. He is one of the richest man in the world. He is the former chief executive and current chairman of Microsoft. He is one of the best-known entrepreneurs who built a successful business. Everyone wants to be successful in his business. Everyone wants to earn money. Everyone wants to have a successful business like Microsoft. How did Bill Gates achieve this? How did he become a billionaire? Let’s see the secret weapon behind Bill Gates’ success.

His early age:

Bill Gates did not like to waste his time. He loved exploitation of his spare time. One of Bill Gates’ friends said: “Bill was smarter than us and has been modest, and the level of his thinking is higher than our thoughts, and he was speaking like an adult.”

Bill Gates III

What about the dream of Bill Gates? Was it a dream only?

When Bill Gates was 20 years old, in the second year of his studies at Harvard University, he told his colleagues, “When I am 30 years old, I will become a millionaire, and I will put a computer in every home.” At that time, this dream was ridiculous, because the big company IBM believed that the computer at that time was only a game tool and that it fit only amateurs!!

Important situations in his life:

There were a lot of important situations in Bill Gates’ life. One of the most important moments in his life was the foundation of Microsoft Corporation in 1975, with his friend Paul Allen. The company revenue in the first year was only $ 1,600. After that, he decided to leave the university to be free for his new company, as he had realized that education was a waste of time.

Bill Gates says in his book, The Road Ahead: “University is the place to spend a year sleeping and playing bridge, and then study two weeks and succeed in exams.” His opinion of the university was negative; that’s why he decided to leave it. This man was able to be at the top of the list of richest men in the world for twelve years in a row (1995-2007) to achieve his goal. He had reached his fortune in 1999 at the age of 44 years to the level of mythic and an estimated $ 100 billion, mostly contributed to the Microsoft. We return now to the most important question: How did Bill Gates achieve his dreams? If you read his biography, you can answer this question. But to shorten the distances …

The reason behind Bill Gates’ success is that he set his goal, worked to achieve that goal, and was patient. Bill Gates began his day from four o’clock in the morning and ate pizza. Then, he worked more than 16 hours a day and often stayed in his office all night. It’s no surprise that he topped the list of the richest men on the world. And he achieved his goals. Louis Pasteur, the founder of microbiology, said:

“The most important three words are the will, patience, and work.”

I think that Bill Gates was right when he predicted that one day, the computer would become a part of people’s daily lives. But he was wrong about one thing. When he was 30 years old, he did not become a millionaire. He became a billionaire!

Steps that Bill Gates followed to be successful:

Bill gates reached his success by following this 3 step formula:

1- He set his goal: He told his colleagues when he was 20 years old, in his sophomore year at Harvard: “When I am 30 years old, I will be a millionaire, and I will put a computer in every home.”

2- He worked hard to reach his goal: Bill Gates started his day from four o’clock in the morning, worked more than 16 hours a day, and often stayed in his office all night.

3- He was patient: He was working hard when he created Microsoft Corporation in 1975 with his friend Paul Allen. The company’s revenue in its first year was only $1,600. In spite of this, he was patient and continued to work until he reached his goal.

How to achieve your goal as a blogger?

Now you need to follow the formula that Bill Gates followed to reach what you want. Let’s see how to follow it:

1- Set your goal : You must have a goal that you want to reach. You must set your goal now. You must have a goal for the next month, the next 6 months, the next year, the next 10 years and so on. Go get a paper and a pen now, and start to think about your goal. Set your goal now. Put this paper on the door of your room, so that you remember it always. Make your goal your motivation. Every time you think about your goal, it motivates you to achieve it. Here’s an example of a goal that you can set as a blogger:

Your goal for this month can be:

  • To reach a certain number of subscribers. Example: I will have 1000 subscribers by the end of this month.
  • To reach a certain number of visits. Example: I will have 30,000 visits by the end of this month.
  • Have an exact amount of money. Example: I will have $1,000 by the end of this month.

I think you get the idea. Set your goal for this month now. After the month is finished, set your goal for the next month and so on, so that you reach your main goal that you set.

Your goal for the following month: Here, you will increase your goal by some degree, and you will work hard to achieve it. As an example:

  • Subscribers: I will have 1500 subscribers (+500) by the end of this month.
  • Visits: I will have 50,000 visits (+20,000) by the end of this month.
  • Money: I will have $2,000 (+$1,000) by the end of this month.

As you can see, I increased the goal some. But don’t double it. Only do it when you can afford double the work you did in the previous month.

Your goal for the next 6 months: Here, you will set the goal that you want to reach by the end of 6 months from now. For example:

  • I will have 10,000 subscribers by the end of 6 months.
  • I will have 300,000 visits by the end of 6 months.
  • I will have $20,000 by the end of 6 months.

And so on.

Set your goal for the whole year: Now set your goal for the full year. I will leave you to set it yourself. When a month/6 months/a year finishes, I set another goal, and I reach the goal that I want to have. Remember: Don’t set a goal that you can’t achieve, at least for the first year. You must make your goal achievable at the beginning.

2- Work to achieve that goal: After you set the goal, it’s time to work to reach that goal. Work hard, do your best, and you will achieve that goal. As I said above: put the paper of your goal on your room’s door, so that you always remember it and you will do your best to achieve it.

What to do as a blogger to reach your goal?

As a blogger, the one way you can use to increase your subscribers, visits and money is by guest-blogging. You submit a post to other sites; they will put it on their blog, and they will put a byline under the post where you will link to your blog. I won’t speak too much about guest blogging. You can check the guest-blogging program that is made by Jon Morrow. What I want you to know is to send a quantity of high-quality posts, and you also must set your goal that you want to reach. For example, you can set how many guest posts will you post this month, and so on. If you did not achieve your goal for the first month, work hard in the next month and do your best so that after the 6 months, you reach the goal that you set before.

3- Be patient: I know that a lot of bloggers these days are not patient, and they think that blogging is about making money fast. Blogging is NOT about making money fast. Remember that it’s about patience and growing your audience, and you will get money forever. For example, Darren Rowse, the owner of ProBlogger.Net, was not earning a lot of money at the beginning. Now, whenever he creates an ebook, thousands of people will buy it. Remember: success does not come overnight. It may take you months. You must be patient.

Last words:

After I have shown you the formula that Bill Gates followed to reach his goal. Let’s sum it all up in simple words. To build your empire on the Internet, you need to:

1- Set your goal.
2- Work hard to reach your goal.
3- Be patient.

Remember: nothing will happen if you don’t take action. Start now, set your goal, work hard to reach it, and be patient. Take Action!

What’s your goal? Now it’s your turn to leave a comment and tell us your goal. If there is something you did not understand, leave it also in the comments. I will try to help you as soon as possible.

Ahmed Safwan

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  • Thanks Francisco for giving me the opportunity to guest post here on your blog.

    Hope to hear what your readers think and I will respond to every comment.

    Thanks again.

  • Real amazing and motivation article 🙂
    I have been getting motivated and following feets of Steve Jobs, but also taking advices and lessons from Bill..great one

    • Thanks Anchit for this comment. I am glad that you liked the post.

  • Great article. You can’t go wrong by following the advice of Bill Gates. My focus (goal) is not only building traffic, but also retaining my audience. It has not been an easy task, that’s for sure, but one I’m determined to accomplish.

    • You can make 100,000$ from 1000 subscribers. I don’t focus on getting traffic as getting engaged audience.

      Thanks for your comment GK Adams

  • Bill Gates is a legend..!
    Men of honour..!
    Truly motivating..!
    you shud add some videos too..! his interviews and ol..

    • HI Vaibhav. Nice suggestion, we should have thought about that 🙂 Do you know of any video that you think can be a good fit here?? 🙂

      • hey admin
        i’ll surely drop some links for you…
        related to his journey with Microsoft and some of his best speeches 🙂

        • I am also waiting for these links Vaibhav. Thanks for this idea.

  • Nice article. You are right when you ask for patience when trying to make money blogging. This is not an immediate business. You must write, build an audience and persevere.

    With respect to Bill Gates, he is a smart man, like many others in the world. I think that he was in the right place at the right time and took his chance.

    • So why don’t you become smart like Bill Gates? Now, you have the simple formula that he used. Go and apply it.

      Thanks for your comment.

  • I think that short-term goals are always more do-able and you see results more quickly. From personal experience, long term goals can be misleading and dangerous if they’re not realistic.

  • Yes, you are right Cedric. Setting unrealistic long terms is dangerous, so set it right.

    Thanks for your comment.

  • Old men says “hard working is the keys of success”. I think every one know these line but couple of people follows it. Bill Gates focus his aim. so first we need to decide our life aim like what we want to become?. then work accordingly. one day we will succeed.

    • This is the point of the post. Set the goals that you want to achieve, work hard to achieve it and then be patient.

      Thanks for your comment Chetu.

  • People like me searching for such info all the time but now I know that its not about thinking all the time rather its about acting. Thanks Ahmed for sharing the genuine info about Bill Gates.

    • I am glad you liked it Pawan.
      The most important thing is to take action. That’s the main idea of the post.

  • pretty amzing thoughts for not only bloggers but others too . . . 😀

  • Hey Ahmed,
    Nice post and Yes, for successful blogger first we have to set our goal , then try to achieve it and also have to keep some patience. In starting we have to do lots of hardwork simply free not for money but after this good result will surely come. Thanks for sharing this post.

  • I’m not sure I’ll use Bill Gates as a symbol of success. Sure he made billions with Microsoft, but not because of a better product. He was a very clever and opportunistic businessman. I value someone like Jeff Besos much more. He had to fight his way to the top and created something truly great. Amazon paved the way for great ecommerce, one that focused on the satisfaction of their customers. Gates never really cared about that during his stint at Microsoft.

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