Keyword Targeting, Disavow Everything?, Next Generation Panda, Analytics Academy, Speedlink 11:2014

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great and productive week. Keyword targeting whether you like it or not is still a very important part of online marketing., The only difference from what it used to be is that it is now a bit different. Rand of has recently released a video that covers the best practices for keyword targeting, and also clears up some common misconceptions about keyword density and cannibalization.

For long it has been said that we should only use the disavow tool if our site got penalized somehow. However,this week, Matt Cutts responded to a tweet from SugarRae and that may just shed a whole different meaning. Here’s what Google’s Webspam Chief said:

And on SXSW Matt Cutts Google announced that they are soon going to release a “new generation of Panda”. Apparently, this next generation is aimed towards helping small businesses that may be impacted by the Panda algorithm previously. If that’s true, then it will be great for SMBs. If you want to know more, Ana Hoffman shared this post on G+.

And in case you have missed this one. Google just started their course on Google Analytics Academy. For those of you who are interested check it out. I totally recommend it and in case you are wondering if this is for you, just browse through the FAQs and decide for yourself.

And as usual, in no particular order:

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4 thoughts on “Keyword Targeting, Disavow Everything?, Next Generation Panda, Analytics Academy, Speedlink 11:2014

  • Hey Francisco,

    More great shares I see and I always appreciate one of my posts being included in your roundup. Thank you SO very much.

    I got an email from a very reputable blog asking me to remove their links and I was insulted. I immediately emailed them back and they were very embarrassed about this mix up and apologized for it. I’m sure they get hit with a lot of that and their legal department just took action and went for it.

    Now I know that right now I was bumped back to a PR2 after this last updated but I also found out that it was because Google wasn’t picking up my links. When I changed hosting services I learned that they changed my URL link and Google, although they’re suppose to pick this up because I had it set that way, wasn’t. I’m hoping with another update I can get back to where I should be but we’ll see.

    Thanks for all this great scoop and I’ve got more posts to load up it seems.

    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.


  • Keyword targeting is a important thing for any blogger and some aren’t that sure to use it.As they need to know about the ratio and things like this or they can face penalties.Thanks for the post.

  • See how selfish I am – the only time I read your roundups is when you mention me… lol

    Oh well, at least I am here, right?

    Rae Hoffman tweeted quite a few great tidbits from SMX West; good conference!

  • I like the way Google bring their latest update like Panda. it make search engine bring more relevant content for user

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