4 Tips to Improve Your Blogging Self Image

How do you see yourself as a blogger? I had a terrible self image for a long time. I would write like mad but worry about people seeing my content. I avoided guest posting because I felt my content sucked. I stayed away from commenting, feel this marketing strategy wasted my time.

I wanted to make money online yet I had a poor image of self so this was impossible. Your life follows your self image. How you choose to see yourself dictates how people see you.

Look at any guru. Look at top bloggers. Look at people who make money online regularly. This crowd saw themselves as successful people, acted like successful people and proceeded to succeed online because hey, your life proceeds based on how you view yourself.

This idea gets lost on many failing bloggers. The crowd tries harder, and works harder, and longer, yet never sees a dime online. Why? Their self image is poor, reflecting back to this crowd poor, low energy results.

Your life changes when you see yourself in a different light. This means actually taking the time to picture yourself succeeding, for you cannot succeed unless you feel success is possible for you, and this belief system builds each time you sit in quiet and visualize yourself as a successful blogger.

Improve Your Self Blogging Image

Go ahead. Try it today. See how different you feel after visualizing persistently.

1 – Spend 30 Minutes Daily on Personal Development

Meditate. Visualize yourself succeeding in the blogosphere, receiving comments, cashing in fat AdSense checks, guest posting on authority sites. Working on your mindset helps you feel like a success. A success moves into successful acts.

Successful acts lead to successful results.

You can meditate, watching your thoughts and feelings. You can also visualize yourself succeeding. You can also affirm your blogging success, repeating a phrase to yourself until you accept and believe this phrase.

2 – Hang with Successful Bloggers

Follow top bloggers from your niche to learn how successful people act on a daily basis. I noted how many blogging pros touted guest posting as a proven way to boost your traffic. I wrote 1 guest post – or more – each day since I bought in, and my traffic rises steady each day. Just remember to focus on “informative and useful” content, something that adds value.

Take notes after reading top shelf blogs. These individuals did not grow massive readerships by accident. If you do what these folks advice you improve your blogging self image immediately, because you are doing as successes do and you see successful results.

3 – Embrace Criticism

My number 1 blogging mistake rooted itself in fearing criticism. I wrote a guest post. Comments flowed in. If 1 person criticized my work I became angry. I wanted to fight these people. I wanted to start a war of words because I felt insulted. I had serious, serious self-esteem issues.

Now I embrace criticism most of the time. I see an opinion, or feedback, and thank individuals for sharing their insights. This helps me to boost my blogging self-esteem each day, because receiving all types of criticism toughens me up while showing me better ways to improve my blogging skills.

4 – Write Write and Write Some More

By blogging persistently you meet successful bloggers. You learn how to deal with criticism. You find your writing voice. Practicing makes you a more confident, assured blogger.

Check out any professional. He or she practices a skill day in and day out. Patiently working on your blogging skills set helps you to see which titles get the most clicks, and which calls to action sway your readers. Practicing helps you improve, which helps you feel better about yourself. Gaining confidence in your blogging abilities is a breeze when you feel good, right?

Your view of self determines how far you go in life. Some bloggers churn out helpful, relevant content for years yet they remain broke. Others put out mediocre content but grow rich, because this crowd holds a high image of self and expects good things to happen to them.

How is your blogging self image?

Could you improve your image of self in a major way?

Why don’t you trying boosting your self image now?

Do you use visualization?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

image credit: https://www.facebook.com/fundersandfounders and umn.edu

Ryan Biddulph

Former fired security guard and current world traveler, Ryan Biddulph went from having a net worth of 4 cents to generating steady cash flow online while living in tropical paradises like Bali, Phuket and Hoi An. How does he help you burn your credit cards? To find out Click Here

13 thoughts on “4 Tips to Improve Your Blogging Self Image

  • Criticism. That’s the thing I dread the most. Or to be more specific, it’s not criticism, but what other’s will think of my article when they read it. What if my writing is of very low quality, or of no use to others.

    • You get used to it 😉 Once you receive enough criticism you lose the fear, it is just an opinion, nothing to do with you. Thanks!

  • Good points. To make you look more attractive to your visitors is not an easy thing. Embrace Criticism I guess is the highlight of the issue. As many people as many opinions and you’ll hardly find someone who has absolutely the same ideas.. thanks for the post!

    • Yep, we just need to adjust ourselves to this worst of fears lol…..Thanks!

  • Nice tips Ryan,
    I am agree with your view about “Criticism”. While commenting or replying to someones comment we have to take care about our word. Our words should be polite even if you want answer them. If you are not agree with the authors view you should express your views but in different way so as no one is get insulted.

    • It can be tough to stomach Pavan but criticism makes us grow fast. Thanks!

  • Hi Ryan,

    This is awesome. I love the write, write and write some more. I have learn that lesson well. Also, I love the part about criticism. I use to get really upset and insecure when someone would say something about my blog. Now if someone tells me somthing that I need to improve. I say bless them and write it down. It might now fit immediately with my plans but I like to keep a log on helpful hints that I have been given. Awesome message!

    • Writing it down, super smart idea Cynthia. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thank you for the fantastic and most generous content. once again you over deliver for your readers. I do enjoy reading your blog posts and take inspiration from them as i hope to set up a wordpress blog soon. once again many thanks

    • Much appreciated Jacob! Please keep reading and commenting buddy 😉 I hope to see you in the future.

  • Nice tips Ryan,
    I am agree with your view about “Criticism”. While commenting or replying to someones comment we have to take care about our word. Our words should be polite even if you want answer them. If you are not agree with the authors view you should express your views but in different way so as no one is get insulted.

  • Hey Ryan,
    nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. I learned lots of good thing from this post and Yes, making relations with successful blogger is really an important step and writing consistently is also an important step which really help in improving our blog image.

  • Hi Ryan,
    What happens when you have ran out of materials to write about, lol! Guess that is where I am at right now. Some tips? By the way this would be a great topic for you to write about.

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