– An Alternative To Blogger and WordPress?

Start Your Own Blogging Community

Incsub, the company behind Melbourne based EduBlogs, has recently launched, offering a do-it-yourself (DIY) free blog network service.

Powered by WordPress MU, the multi-blog version of WP, users sign up for an account, and within minutes you are given access to Within that access, you can establish one blog, or a battalion of blogs under a unified brand. The only catch at the free level is that you are only allowed one blog and use a subdomain of, which is not unreasonable for a free service. pitches the service as follows:

It’s all very well giving people blogs – there are great mainstream services like, Blogger, TypePad and niche ones like Edublogs, VGB and Harvard – but what about giving people the ability to give other people blogs?

Well, that’s where comes in!

Using this site you can simply create your own blog hosting service – for any purpose you so wish to use it.

You could use it as a local news site (each reporter or topic could have a blog, strung together by a fancy homepage), a place where you can personally keep several blogs on different topics (and aggregate them together at your homepage), a community discussion site (where everyone had their own soapbox!) or a fanzine for your favorite sports club.

In short, you can use to set up any kind of site that you like, which can consist of as many different blogs / areas as you want and where we take care of all the hard stuff.

If you want to use your own domain for your blog network, you can sign up as a “sitewide or single blog supporter” starting at $7/ month. The free version allows access to only 15 themes. It supports some ads, one adsense unit on each post page, and a small logo in the side bar. If you don’t want to pay the extra, there’s also an ad sharing program at the free level. does seem to be an excellent alternative to other free services, particularly if you are just starting your blogging journey. Powered by one of the most powerful blogging platform on the internet, and CEO James Farmer (founder of EduBlogs), indicates that it is in good hands and a definite site to watch.


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