Tips for Effective Guest Posting, and How To Ensure It Gets Accepted

These days, guest posting (done properly) is considered as one of the most effective marketing technique in the online world. Almost every site or blog owner prefers guest blogging to promote its site or blog among the targeted audience, simply because it is a much easier approach. In guest posting, you write for other blogs related to your blog or websites topic and one of the main advantages of guest posting is that both parties benefit from it. The writer/author gets exposure and the blog owner gets fresh and valuable content for its blog.

Bloggers and even the multinational companies have also started guest blogging for various reasons.

Some of them are as follows:

  • Guest posting is useful for grabbing the attention of another website’s audience, which is very useful in increasing the brand awareness
  • If you do a quality guest posts, it will give you a chance to prove your website or blog’s worth, build your authority online and increases the reputation of the blog or company.
  • It’s (one) of the best ways to get natural back links for your website, which in turn can increase traffic
  • Page rank of the website or blog increases if its link is on a reputable website.
  • It helps build your “Author Rank” (if it ever happens)

Along with these, there are so many other benefits of guest posting. For some individuals it helps promote their personal blogs and for companies it helps to market their products and services in a more broader sense. But just like anything else, there is the right way of doing it, and the wrong way.

Guest Post Wrong WayHowever, due to excessive guest blogging request that are occurring these days, most blog owners are bit reluctant to accept every guest posts due to several issues. Poor quality content can harm the site of the blog owner. Some blog owners may even ask for payment to accommodate the guest post on their blogs after assuring the quality of content. Monetary factor makes guest posting very appealing to almost every blogger, although many argue that money should not come into play. That is one of the reasons why, competition in the field of guest posting has increased a lot.

One question that may pop right off your minds is, what are search engines views about guest blogging? What does the dominant search engine, thinks about guest blogging? Well, let’s here what Matt Cutts has to say.

So if you are new in the field of guest posting this post should help you on how to do it effectively and ultimately, ensure your guest post gets accepted.

4 Tips to Get Your Guest Post Accepted

1. Try to establish link with the blog owner/admin by participating in different tasks.

Reputable and known guest bloggers take their time to create PR with authentic and authority sites. They do so by commenting on the quality articles, participating in the healthy discussions, and sharing the posts that they find interesting. Blog owners notice them and when they apply for guest posting, chances are that their post will be accepted easily. In other words, make it a point to try and establish some form of relationship with the blog owner/admin first.

2. Research a guest blogging website before writing a post.

If you want your article accepted, first you have to find a relevant website. After finding the website, carefully read the guidelines of guest posting there. If you follow their guidelines properly and write the post according to their posting requirements then it increases the chance of it being accepted. Otherwise, they will reject your post and in some cases,  even ignore your request.

3. Make an interesting pitch for guest blogging.

Your guest posting pitch matters a lot in successful guest posting. If you want to impress the editor of the blog then you need to create a detailed proposal that addresses the following questions:

  • Tell what you like about their blog – it is awful to not even mention their blog name
  • Who are you and why you want to publish your guest post on his / her website
  • What is the topic and title of your post how it can be useful for the readers and his / her website (be absolutely sure that you know about their topic)
  • Offer to edit and amend anything in the post if it is required

If your pitch is polite and gentle then the editor will definitely read your post once and reply you. To remind you about the importance of the making the right approach, make sure to never do this:

4. Ensure that you are going to link back to a quality site.

It will be a waste of time if you are trying to link back to the site that has no worth and unprofessional or incomplete. This advice works both for individuals and for businesses. If your blog or business website is below the par, then doing guest posting can actually hurt the website or blog along with the writer’s repute.

Promote using social media and respond to comments

While this part only occurs once your guest post is accepted and published, be sure to follow it, unless of course you are never thinking of having another opportunity of getting another post published again.

Once your guest post is published, share it on different social media networks. Think of it as if it where in your own site, what you should do after publishing a post, and more. This not only strengthens your guest post, the website owner will thank you and will most certainly love to work with you again in the future. Finally, and this is where many fail, do respond to the comments that your post gets. It is rude not to, and you are missing out with the opportunity to engage with readers.

There you go! Hope that helps.

Morgan Akchehirlian

Morgan Akchehirlian is CEO & Founder of an innovative SEO company in the US and UK who helps business of any size increase their online presence and brand authority using internet marketing strategies that work.

19 thoughts on “Tips for Effective Guest Posting, and How To Ensure It Gets Accepted

  • Hello Morgan,
    Nice and lovely post about guest post. When i started blogging newly, i did not know the ropes of guest blogging so i wrote a guest post to john chow asking for my post to be publish at their blog but i did not here from him for about a month plus. Along the line on my quest i learned most of the things thought here. As a blogger, it is best to build a relationship so it would be easier to publish your guess post.
    I really did love your post and i got some few more tactics. Thanks 😉

  • Well, the first thing, as you state, you want people who has a great insight in a subject and is able to write quality articles – it seems easy, but damn it is sometimes hard to get accepted even though you think you can “check” those requirements 🙂

  • @babnature

    Thank you very much for reading and liking my post. I have shared some of my own experience and I believe that real, informative and analytical content can help you to publish your post on quality sites. Again thanks for reading!!

  • No doubt, guest blogging is one of the best ways to build traffic, backlinks, credibility and improve author rank as well – if done right, yup that’s the key.

    Thanks for the nice tips Morgan! Connections matter a lot!

    • @ Jane, Thanks for the comment on my post. Yes, I agree connection matters a lot. Also, a unique and quality guest post enhance the reputation of blog where it is published. A good and informative post provides both win-win situation for the webmaster and blogger.

      @christinamari21, Thanks and yeah, quality and informative guest posts can grab the attention of other website audience.

  • All these tips are really informative, clear but ain’t easy to make them work at all (at least for newbie bloggers or not-to-be-big-yet bloggers)
    But I think it’s great to keep these tips in minds and start kicking with them some days since guest blogging is getting more powerful now to get exposure online!

  • absolutely right “Guest posting is useful for grabbing the attention of another website’s audience” This is valuable & helpful post to learn more about Guest Posting.

  • I agree Morgan, guest posting is a very reliable way of link building. If done properly it does get good results, I can say this personally as I myself have tried it. You should also make sure that the content of the guest post is good and does not have spelling or grammatical mistakes.

  • Wowww!
    Great article I would say. Blogging has never been easiest thing for every novice including me. It has been very tough decision for me to select a blog for guest posting. Now I feel really very comfortable after reading this post.
    Thank you very much.

  • Matt Cutts knows a lot! Another great article about blogging. The info is not new but somehow you have some fresh ideas … Thanks for sharing

  • I haven’t submitted even one guest post till now and gonna start now.. This would really help me.. Thanks Morgan 🙂

  • I think guest posting helps a lot in building relations. You don’t only get business growth from guest posting, it also allows you to bond on a personal level. I myself have a few friends I made solely through guest posting.

  • absolutely Morgan,
    the importance of getting the guest post accepted is not hidden from anybody. But the problem out there is how to be ensured that what you have written is worthy of being published or not. Reviewing with the steps you have provided is something what will surely help for the guest posters!

  • Thanks for the post. Guest posting helps to get quality backlinks with long term benefit. Approaching quality bloggers need some research about their blogs and requirement. The pitch of approaching the blogger must be polite and good quality content must be used.

  • Guest posting is one of those services which not only help in getting good backlinks, but they help you gain recognition too. It gives you a good chance to inform people in your niche of your presence. It pays off in the long run.

    • Hi David @Vincent Armstead

      Thanks for reading my posts. Yes, Guest blogging is the best approach to gain recognition for your brand. This is the only white hat link building and traffic generation method.

  • Guest posting is indeed very helpful in marketing. We just have to do right things and get the site owner’s trust. After all, these owners cannot just compromise their own website.

  • Google is suggesting that guest posts links should now have a nofollow tag attributed to it. So when do they start identifying and penalizing websites that host guest posts that do not use the nofollow attribute?

    If Google takes these aggressive measures to shut down any artificial or “influenced” link creation very soon we’ll be left in a situation where only the big firms can get exposure in organic search because they have the PR and branding power that small businesses simply do not have.

  • I’ve been seeing a trend by writers saying that guest posting is not good. Search engines are not liking it and writers find it “spammy” receiving such requests. What are your thoughts on this?

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