How Visual Content Drives Social Media Growth?

Let me bring to your attention the fact that in the digital era, visual content will attract more customers compared to the use of just words. People are more likely to share a video than just a text.

If you want to accelerate engagement, clicks, traffic and conversation, then the use of visual content in the social media is the way to go. A report by Citrix showed that visual content holds nearly two-thirds of the total posts. Why? Because, online marketers have realized the significance of visual content in the social media growth.

Here, an infographic from Dot Com Infoway titled “How Visual Content Drives Social Media Growth ” address three main points:

  • First, why brands’ survival in the digital age is dependent on the visual content.
  • Second, how significant visual content is in the biggest social media platforms.
  • And lastly, the online tools plus mobile apps that are relevant to making visual content for brands so as to attract more customers.

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One thought on “How Visual Content Drives Social Media Growth?

  • Hi DiTesco,

    Yeah visual content is the Marketing should be done in 2015 and beyond.

    The form of visual content that I’ve embraced on my blog is Infographics; a good number of my posts has Infographics and I’ve seen a spike in traffic as people are more likely to share an Infographic than a text content because we are visual beings to a large extent.

    Great job with this post; this is my first time here by the way.

    Thanks Gain

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