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Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great and productive week. This week, Matt Cutts released a video on GoogleWebMasterHelp related to the top SEO mistakes webmasters are doing. It is actually quite interesting as Matt mentions things like, making your site crawlable, using the right words (hint: keywords), describing what do you do, focus on creating compelling content and using different avenues (sounds more and more like Content and Inbound Marketing), and finally, not making use of the SEO resources available out there (and in here too).

Don’t know about you, but with the exception of the “content marketing related one”, most of the stuff that Matt mentions sounds pretty basic to me. That’s probably what we normally tend to overlook them.

Forbes Top 50 Social InfluencersOn a different front, you all have probably heard about following thought leaders, experts and influencers, right? That’s because we can learn from them and maybe even get caught in their “attention span”. If that happens, that could be a big push for you. Recently, Forbes released their Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers of 2013 and you can see who they are on a real cool infographics published on Take a look who they are and decide if you want to follow them.

Finally, its not just Google that’s getting rid of products. This week Microsoft has officially announced the “death” of Hotmail, making way for Outlook. If you had a hotmail account, you will now have access to Outlook as the migration is complete. Microsoft says, that their goal “was to build the best email service in the world”, capable of scaling to over a billion active customers. What do you think?

As usual, in no particular order:

Inbound Marketing/Analytics

Social/Blogging/Small Business Bites

More Cool Stuff and Other Roundups

Why We Can’t Just Be SEOs Anymore

In Rand’s Whiteboard Friday, he shares his take on the shift from “SEO” to “inbound marketing” and what the future holds for our industry at large.

That’s it! Enjoy, have a great weekend!


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9 thoughts on “Top SEO Mistakes, Top Social Influencers, Hotmail Dead, Speedlink 18:2013

  • I am one of the early users of Hotmail. I had it so long that I just couldn’t give it up. Not that it is a big deal, but it is a little disappointing to see it go after all these years.

    They force an Outlook upgrade/transfer on me a few weeks ago.

    As far as I understand you can still send and receive using the at hotmail address. At least that’s what they say and what I have been doing.

    I wasn’t too thrilled with the layout and design at first, but it has kind of grown on me.

  • Its really sad to see Microsoft cancel Hotmail. I was also one of the early users. About the SEO thing, Matt is right, most bloggers make this mistake.

  • Basically most of people are just looking for SEO tips & how to avoid SEO mistakes & there is just only one reason Google panda and penguin update.

  • Excellent Post. In today’s digital world, everyone has a degree of influence and finding advocates for your brand who are voluntary spreading your message is terrific. However, even within advocates there are different levels. For instance, asking an advocate to retweet your blog post is one thing but asking an advocate to talk to customer at a booth during a trade show is a much higher level. You need to identify and determine the type of ‘asks’ that you can make of your advocates. More importantly, you need to nurture the relationship with the early-stage advocates to get it to the point where you can make your big ‘ask’. Along the way it is critical that business realize what drive the advocates and ensure that they (the advocates) are getting the most out of the relationships.

  • Actually now a days SEO is not only marketer/marketing for search engine. SEO professionals now practicing all marketing strategy of online version in internet. And they are more conscious to avoid scamming . In the mean time they also minimizing mistakes which actually related to scamming task.

    That’s why Rand said in last Friday whiteboard that you can call Business strategy consultant (marketing) to SEO professionals. Isn’t it?

  • It cannot be stated that Microsoft has done all wrong with Hotmail as one has to look for the future in this ever challenging world and devise some new ways to push oneself above the other competitor in the market. In this proces, one has to make strong steps sometimes.

  • SEO is starting to become to much of the focus this days. I think is about to get overrated. What is to much is never good.

    • LOL ANa. You barely go to Twitter but you are pretty active on other networks, so I guess it is only a matter of time 🙂

      Thanks for the mention on your blog too! We’ve been “back and forth” lately, haha…

      Thanks for stopping by

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