12 Things You Should Do After Writing A Blog Post [infographic]

Blog Post Promotion Checklist

So you have just finished writing your new blog posts and you are quite satisfied with it, because you have written a “master piece” and can’t wait for people to read it and leave their feedback. After all, you wrote an article for “like minded individuals” to appreciate, and for that you are excited about it. Granted, that’s the main objective of every blog post, to write for “humans” first and ultimately optimize for search engines.

Sadly, it appears that some people still don’t understand that writing quality content alone, is not enough, and in order for people to appreciate what you have to offer, they obviously must know that it exists, or simply put, your content should be found. This is particularly true, if you don’t have an established audience yet. For those that do have a readers base already, it is still advisable to “promote” your new blog posts as much as possible, always in accordance with the best and ethical practices. And BTW, your blog post is a blog post, regardless where it is published. I am telling you this because, these tips also applies for your guest posts. Don’t ever forget that. It is only good for all parties involved and also makes you look good in the eyes of the blog owner.

Don’t know what to write or how to get new ideas for your next blog post?

It is a “circle” isn’t it? To promote something, you first need something to promote, and once you have it, you need to promote it… With that in mind, here are some articles to give you ideas of what to write next or how to, in case you lack inspiration.

Following below are some of the things that you can do, after writing a blog post to help you promote your article and extend your reach. The blog promotion checklist, courtesy of DivvyHQ.com, provides some useful tips that work.

blog post promotion checklist

That’s it! Quite a lot you may say. However if you can do all or at least some of them, I think that you will find your efforts rewarding.

How about you, do you follow all these steps, some of them or do you have an entirely different plan of your own? What’s your best strategy to promote your blog post?


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58 thoughts on “12 Things You Should Do After Writing A Blog Post [infographic]

  • thanks for your good article, sometimes it happen to me when I have no idea to wrote the new post

    • Hi Juan. Thanks for stopping by. I can totally relate to you when it comes to coming up with new ideas for a post. The article above that relates to post ideas does help

      • hi Di Tesco sir
        great article i am new blogger and your article helpful with me. that are many points that i never known like tailor your status update,post teasers on other sites etc. thanks for sharing.
        sir you write any article about how to keyword optimized of your post? if yes then please replay me with link.

  • Hey DieTesco

    Interesting pictorial view you share in post I agree originally post were made for human but mostly blogger target to get up in Search Engine for that highlighted infographic step is best strategy that mostly blogger done bookmark and comments indeed help to get some rank up in search result.

  • I just printed this out and have it taped next to my desk. These will be rules to live by. I know my blog needs major help and hopefully this will help.


    • Hi Joe. Good to know that you are going to use the infographic as a “cheat sheet”. It does help and even if you don’t have the time to do it all, doing some will already make a difference. Good luck!

      • Thanks FP, I am sure it will help. Just have to make sure I stick to it.

  • Great tips. I’m often amazed at people who don’t utilise as much as possible to get their blog read. It’s not as if we’re writing just for our own pleasure. Thanks for sharing on Bizsugar.com – another great way to get it seen 🙂

    • Hi Sian. I agree.. The more “exposure” we can use, the better, provided it is done properly and in good and credible sites like BizSugar 🙂

  • I must admire this Post and say these are Top Tips to promote your blog or blogpost no other post can be so better then this really helpful thanks mate.

  • Hi DiTesco,

    Dig into details. Viral posts pay attention to details. SEO, social sharing in the right spots. I like promoting the stuffing out of others, this helps a ton to expand my reach. Power tips here.

    Promote others. Others promote you. Pay attention to SEO for targeting content and promote others to increase your readership, as some of your buddies will promote you too. This is my number 1 to all newbies out there, and veterans alike.

    Thanks DiTesco!


    • Hi Ryan. You got that right. Not everything is just about “you/us”. Reciprocity is good and a wise move to extend reach and build relationships. Like you said, this is #1 “must do”, specially if you are just in the beginning of a journey 😉

  • This checklist is useful. Most of the bloggers ignore the shortening of the URL. Asking ohter bloggers to mention about your blog will help you get more traffic.

    • Shortening URLs is good, but should be used with care. Sadly there are many who uses this technique to deceive other people and by doing so only hurts, instead of helping. And yeah, asking the “community” to help is totally recommended. You will be surprised that there are many out there willing to help

  • Hi DiTesco,

    Yes – The infographic (to me personally) just highlight the importance of not only having valuable and good content – but exposing the content as to get the maximum amount of ROI from your post is one of the most important aspects of blogging successfully and growing your readership and or followers.

    • Exactly Anton. The idea is for people to find what you ahve to share, mention, etc… Does not make much sense having great stuff and nobody knows about it..

    • This may sound stupid, but what do you mean by ROI?

      I do think the info graph is just a visualization of the written text. Not much that wasn’t said before. However, nice to know if you’re new.

      • ROI = Return On Investment

  • Hi Tesco,
    These tips are really great. Headlines are eye catching that attract readers to visit your website or blog.
    As similarly again i’ll take your side.Very nice info graphic. In such looking good creative..I love your blog. Great insights, content and inspiration.

  • Keyword optimizing the post after writing it makes the post look more natural. Some prefer to base their post on keyword research. In fact I do a mixture of both. I write some posts based on keywords while I optimize certain posts after completing them!

    Promoting the post immediately as it goes live helps in faster indexing! Thanks for sharing this wonderful stuff Fran 🙂

    • Hi Jane. Thanks for your input. Like you, I don’t see any reason why we can’t optimize a post, once we finish writing it. Obviously, and like you said, we should do it as natural as possible to bring the balance between user and SEO friendliness. No point of stuffing terms that renders the article “worthless” 🙂 Thanks for stopping by

  • Great stuff! It’s frustrating having to deal with so-called SEO experts who STILL insist on having me write for search engines and not for people.

    I’d love to print this up and shove it down their throats.

  • All helpfull tips. I just always find that i miss something of from the list time and time again.

  • I think promoting your blog posts through other social networking sites is a good idea where there is a lot of traffic already following the site. Promoting something on an already developed source wouldn make it easier to reach out to maximum people with already a strong content in hand.

  • This is indeed a very helpful post and I am sure has benefited many. Merely writing a new blog post is not just the end of the job. It is also important to promote it so that the reader base improves and get more traffic to your blog. Each of the 12 tips you have offered are actually the best ways to promote a new blog or a new blog post. Bookmarking the content is a great way to get more traffic to a blog.

  • Promoting the blog post is critical. Sadly a lot of people only concentrate on writing and hope Google will help them to rank. I always believe that we should spend at least the same amount of time (if not more) to promote our blog comparing to the time spent on writing.

    One thing that worth to mention is that if the post mention a blogger, it is definitely worth while to give him a shout out on FB or twitter. The chances for him to share / tweet about your post will be a lot higher…


    • Hi. You are right about people thinking that all they have to do is write good stuff and then sit back and relax.. there are many who says, just write quality stuff and they will come, is sometimes so annoying that I prefer to shut up and move on.

      The tip you provide about giving a “shout out” to a blogger that you mentioned in your post is definitely a good move.

  • I also encourage promoting other people’s content on your blogs.
    For example, if you promote a certain blog that has a decent amount of readers, this will really help boost your traffic once he shares your blog too. It’s a matter of give and take, and this is a concept people fail to realize.

    • I agree Brian. Some of like my “speedlinks”, right? LOL. Actually it is a good technique to share other people content, because it shows that you are a thought leader, among other things

  • Commenting on other blogs just after publishing a post is the great way to attract traffic because while commenting you can leave your recent blog post link via commentluv.

    • Yep. That works too 🙂 Thanks for stopping by

  • OK, this clearly demonstrates that I am not doing nearly as much as I should. This shows a very professional process whereas I am guilty of taking some shortcuts. Some of this comes down to time pressures but there is certainly plenty of room for improvement. I shall make the effort to incorporate at least some of these measures in future.

    • Hi Matt. I can completely understand that sometimes it is difficult to coupe up with so many “to do’s”. However and like you said, short cuts are not really the best way to go and finding a bit of time to do things right, will eventually pay off in the long run. After all, the idea is for users to find you and within the process, share your stuff to others…

  • Made it even more simpler by this wonderful infograph. Now not gonna miss any of this things.

  • Commenting on other blog and sharing your blog post on Social bookmarking sites are really affective. These are great techniques to attract the attention of visitors to your site. This can help to promote your post with effective manners.

  • I try my hardest to follow these tips on a regular basis BUT given the fact my website is only a week or two old it is not always beneficial.

    Hopefully once I have some more content I will be promoting articles better.

    Great post man.

  • What a wonderful post – I must admit it’s really hard to keep up, but this graphic and list is just what biz owners need!

    Congratulations on your BizSugar “RockYourBiz” win!!! Well done, and well deserved.

  • Great idea to come up with this step-by-step infographic, DiTesco! This is a great help to those who are relatively new to blogging to know what to do next and where to go. At the same, it gives those that have been into it for quite a while a reference to make sure that nothing is missed out.

  • I keeping jumping around your site and keep finding even more information! I just finished downloading the SEO plugins I needed and now I will print out this cheat sheet. Thank you!

  • Hi, I have just started a blog and completed a killer article but after I hit publish. One question comes out of my mine is “What am I going to next with this post?”.

    Thanks for your tips, it helps me a lot – Ferb

  • Great post, it is to common to just write a masterpiece, submit it and just let it flow natural. Many just forgets/ don´t care as this article pointing out:”Make your masterpiece get discovered and measured”

  • Thanks for the interesting article. I find it hard to get readers. I comment on other blogs, twitter, etc. Seems difficult to get readers. Any suggestions?

  • This is a very interesting post with great tips for post promotion. It is quite time consuming to do all of this religiously but it is worth it at the end of the day. If we take so much time and effort in crafting our articles and no one reads it, what is the point then in writing them? And by the way, thank you for sharing 🙂

  • I have found facebook to be a great way to gain some amount of good traffic. I just link my blog to my facebook page and every new post earns me some exposure and traffic. I use Graffiti, but you could try NetworkedBlogs

  • Hi DiTesco,

    Thanks for the checklist, it is really helpful to use checklists for each process related to your blog. This way you can save a lot of time and of course along with the passing of time you will develop a routine in your mind and know exactly what you need to do everytime.

    Have a nice day, really appreciate you posting this. Cheers


  • I pretty much do those already every time I finish publishing a post. I’m sure those new to blogging will find this infographic very useful. Of course, they shouldn’t disregard post or content quality as well.

  • i NOW MUST FOLLOW THESE STEPS. THANKS and one thing i think everyone should follow these steps to get more visitor and search engine exposure.

  • Wow! This is so great. I SHALL print this todo list and tape it on my wall!

    Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. 🙂

  • Thanks for this wonderful info. Before reading this post, i just used to write the articles and then i just share them on Facebook. But now i know what i have to do with that post.

  • Hi Francisco, great post.

    Although your article suggests a lot of work must be done after publishing a post, I must agree with you that in order to get visits and readers you must promote your work.

    As other comment suggests, I will print this list and stick it to my office wall 🙂

    Regards from Gran Canaria

  • Great post. Sometimes I spend half a day writing a post that I think will help others. But I only spend a few minutes promoting it. I can’t help others if no one sees my post. Your blog has a lot of excellent information I will be bookmarking and visiting more often.

    • Thanks for stopping by. Hope to see more from you here in the future 🙂

  • As a new-ish blogger, I find myself constantly trying to get my blog posts “out there”. One of the most effective methods I have found that helps me is coming up with an attractive title for the post. Often, however, easier said than done – which is where keyword research comes into play.

    I virtually “printed, checked off ‘to-do’s’, and taped to wall”.

  • Hey DiTesco,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing these useful tips with us. Yes, Blog commenting is a must step after writing a blog post as it helps to promote our post and also drives traffic.

  • Must to do list for every bloggers. Thanks dear for this reminder.

  • Blog post promotion is very much important factor
    Great checklist after writing blog post
    Thanks for sharing

  • No. 5 Posting teasers on other sites.

    This could bring in a lot of PVs if we do our copy writing correctly. A clever, humorous, short, crisp and succinct one or two lines of content is always useful. Teasers are just like movie trailers. We may show a glimpse of what lies inside without divulging much of the story.

  • Thanks for such a POWERFUL checklist!
    I find that I’m nervous every time I post something…mayhbe this will take the edge away.

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