Maintaining Your Company Branding As You Grow

Everything can seem pretty straightforward during the planning stages of your business. After all, you’re the one who’s in control; you’re just letting all of your ideas out onto the page. There are no variables that have been thrown into the mix! That all changes once you actually begin trading, and other elements, such as clients, complaints, staff, and new ideas are added to your company. While this can affect many aspects of your business, the thing that it can have the most damaging effect on is your branding. You’ll have tried to make this as watertight as possible during the planning stages, and now it’s all beginning to come apart at the seams, all because you’ve started to experience some growth.

So let’s make sure that this doesn’t happen. Below, we take a look at a few useful tips that’ll help you to keep your company branding intact no matter how big your business becomes.

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Figure Out What Your Branding Is

One of the main reasons why a company’s branding can be dragged off-course is because it wasn’t all that strong to begin with. Before you can be sure of how to keep your branding on point, you need to be certain what you’re branding is. What do you stand for? What do you stand against? What can your customers expect from the business, always? Once you’ve identified your core values, you’ll be able to locate the thin spectrum in which you’re able to locate yourself. That’ll be as true as one when you’re a one-person operation as when you have fifty employees.

Get Unified

Sometimes, the problem with branding isn’t that you lack clarity as to what it should be. It’s that you’ve got so many promotional materials and the like, and in the course of running your business, they can all get jumbled up. This becomes even more problematic when you have employees who are all doing their own thing, too. To prevent these types of errors from creeping in, it’s important that you integrate a template management system into your organization. It’ll help all of your employees to stay consistent with your branding.

Social Media Voice

All of your employees are going to deal with clients at one stage or another, but they don’t all need to be communicating with them all the time. We’re talking about social media, which will be one of the main vehicles for your branding. It’s your chance to showcase your voice and who you are to many people! As such, it’s important that only select people within your company have access to your social media channels. If you have too many people posting, it’s much more likely that off-brand messages will creep in. 

Review and Update

Finally, remember that while your core values will stay the same, that doesn’t mean everything should stay the same. From time to time, you’ll want to look at ways to update your stylings, messages, and voice, in a way that is more in line with current trends.


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