What Apps Mean For Business And Does Your Business Need One?

Client retention is a magic word for any company. Only by getting customers loyal can a business become successful. Current trends show that getting mobile is one of the ways to achieve this. These trends can be supported by the facts and numbers presented below.

In the infographic below, courtesy of Glorium Technologies outlines four main points that usually business takes into consideration. They are time, money, quantity, and business processes. So, what about time? The first answer to your question “Why does my company need an app?” is because your clients spend loads of time with their smartphones. An average American keeps hold on their smartphone for 3.3 hours per day, more than a half of that – on apps. Three-fourths of Americans check their phones every 15 minutes. You can say that your company has already developed a mobile version of a site, but 85% of users can contradict you preferring mobile apps to the mobile sites. If we compare the 2015 year to the 2014 one, we can see 21% increase in time users spend on apps. 68% of gadget users don’t mind engaging with brands via apps.

The second issue is money. Applications have much to say about revenues. Statista reports revenue increase in the mobile apps sphere twice. Investment pool of mobile advertising has $101bn. It is 430% increase if we take 2016 and 2013. Mobile apps brought 42% mobile sales in top 500 merchants.

Gartner shows impressive statistics concerning quantity. There are 1.4bn smart mobile devices for every 1.5 people. They sell 1.8 mobile gadgets per day. By the end of 2016, mobile sales are expected to increase to 2bn, according to Juniper research. The number of application downloads is to grow, as well: 179,63m downloads in 2015, 224,8m in 2016, 268,69m in 2017.

The fourth point is about business processes. Kony report expects the market of the enterprise mobility to get higher, from $72bn to $284bn by 2019. Gartner predicts about 70% of employees to have a smartphone by the year 2018. Around 25% of enterprises is expected to become appy by 2017. Positive ROI on apps was claimed by 80% of IT decision makers. Aberdeen report shows that 71% employees surveyed work mobile 2 hours a week. It is a 240-hour bonus for the companies thanks to the mobile work.



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