Bing Webmaster Guidelines, AdSense, PivotShare, Sitewide Backinks, Speedlink 45:2012

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great week. This week Bing has officially released their webmaster guidelines. While it is not as extensive in comparison to that of Google, this is really the first time they have listed their very own webmaster’s best practices to improve a websites visibility on their engine. Interesting is their stance on “paid links”. Here’s an excerpt…

… buying a link on a busy website can bring you direct traffic, so it does remain a valid marketing tactic. Just be careful how often you employ this tactic lest Bing form the impression you’re buying links to try to influence your organic rankings…

So to them, it is apparently OK, so long as you don’t abuse, and use it only as a “traffic generation” tactic. How about that? Anyway, I have been through it and there are some good info there. Highly recommended. Bing webmaster tools is also getting better, helps you fix on-page SEO issues, etc..

On a different front, Google AdSense has officially announced their biggest ad unit ever, a 300X600 format, also known as “half-page” unit. According to their official blog post …

One of the top requests from publishers in the last year has been to add larger ad sizes to our network, and today we’re excited to announce that the popular 300×600 unit will soon be available in your AdSense account.

Finally, I received an email from the guys over at, introducing me to their service. According to their pitch, PivotShare is a new way where digital media can be monetized by users, by means of subscription or PPV (per per view) access. The interesting bit about this platform is that there is no cost to signup, no matter who you are. They just take a cut of your revenues in exchange for using their platform, and handling everything for you.

Below is one example they say it can be used for. What do you think?

Skilled professionals, experts, and consultants can now offer instructional content directly to their audience. With Pivotshare, individuals can start a new channel with their own media, and either invite or accept applications from other Contributors in their field as well. Using Network Publishing, groups can benefit from combined traffic and influence, making more money together.

As usual, in no particular order:

SEO/Inbound Marketing

Content Marketing/Small Business Bites

Social Web/Other Roundups and Cool Stuff

How does Google consider site-wide backlinks?

Are sitewide backlinks considered good or bad by Google? Or do they just count as 1 link from the whole domain?

See also: More quick SEO videos from Matt Cutts.

That’s it! Enjoy and have a great weekend.


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  • It is surely good news for Microsoft Corporation as well as blind fans of MSN . However thanks for the tutorial.

  • I like Bing’s outlook. It’s very honest and really reflects the fact that the web should be a little more open than Google thinks. To be honest with you, I see Google falling on hard times soon what with Panda, Penguin and a loss in revenue from their advertising arm. I hope that the playing field starts to level out on the Search Engine front as Google seems to be calling all the shots at the moment and website designers are really feeling the proverbial pinch.

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