10 Reasons Why You May Never Make It Online

I want you to be successful at starting and growing a profitable internet business.

I want you to make it online.

The problem is YOU.

This article is a wake up call to get you to see the ill of your ways.

Now, this may not apply to everyone so if you are offended, don’t be.

I put this together after having conversations with people all over the world for the first six months of this year.

People email me or say something to me on social media and I reply.

Then a conversation usually starts about how they want to make money on the internet and WHY they are failing.

Here’s what I found to be the problem in most cases:

#1. You think you have to be a perfect writer.

RT article

The image above is from a featured Russia Today article that was seen by who knows how many millions on Twitter.

The problem?

Grammar errors.

Yep.  They exist and they happen all the time.  Here’s another example from another FEATURED ARTICLE this time from The Huffington Post:


Both of these articles come from two leading global news organizations in the last few days.

If they can screw up a few words, why do you think you have to be perfect?

STOP thinking that way.  It will only lead you to never ever sharing your creative ideas with anyone.

grammar-saves-livesWhat’s important is the concepts that you are trying to communicate not the use or misuse of apostrophes or semicolons. Obviously, paying attention to what you are doing is always recommended. You don’t want to change the meaning of what you are saying 🙂

#2 – You think you need to learn EVERYTHING before you start.

ENORMOUS mistake.

The truth is you learn by DOING.

Have you ever heard the saying it’s easier to apologize than it is to get permission?

This is what you need to focus on if you are serious about becoming successful.

Never underestimate the POWER of “I didn’t (or don’t) know.”

Keep moving in the direction of your dreams relentlessly and in the process if you make a mistake and do something that causes negative feedback just apologize, learn from it, and KEEP GOING.

#3 – You think you need everything to be timed right.

There’s an old African proverb that says the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago, the second best time is right now.

Timing is important, the problem is preparation is more important.

You have to be ready for opportunities when they present themselves.

This is why it’s critical to get started NOW even though things are not necessarily settled the way you want them in your personal life.

When you get started, now you have something that people can see and actually help you with.

When you don’t build anything all you have is a talk and like they say talk is cheap.

#4 – You think you can do it all alone.

Even Superman couldn’t do it alone.

Batman either he had that old dude in the Bat Cave who knew how to work all the cool gadgets.

If you ever get to the point that you’re making real money online you will have help.

The easiest way to remain a permanent loser forever is to think that somehow you will get rich all by yourself.


In order to get rich you have to make some other people rich too.

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#5 – You think you can make MONEY without spending MONEY.

And pigs can fly weeeeee’

You will need to spend SOME money in order to make ANY real money on the internet.

At a minimum you will have to:

  • Buy your domain name and a good hosting service.  You need to own your content, please stop writing for Facebook for free.
  • Buy a premium email list management software.  It’s still all about the list. Alternatively, use MailChimp, its free for less than 2000 subscribers. You only pay once it reaches that threshold. By that time its worth it.
  • Buy other software and tools.  The difference between a professional and an amateur is the knowledge of and the use of the right tool for the job.

#6 – You listen to everything your GURU says and they’re a schmuck.

The internet plays out ever other week almost.

If your mentor is not making big waves with their LATEST content  then why do you think they can teach you how to do the same tomorrow?

Here’s an easy way to tell if your favorite “GURU” is actually just a schmuck.

Typically, when they publish a new article on their blog or post content on social media what happens?

If people start commenting and re-sharing then your GURU is actively connected and knows something.

If they publish articles and SM shares and nothing happens but “crickets” then guest what?

It’s time to find a new GURU. 

#7 – You really DON’T want to help people.

Have you ever had a waiter and you can tell that he really doesn’t want to serve you.

Maybe it was a bad day or whatever but you can tell for sure that this guy is mailing it in and is not giving anything close to his best effort.

But then he still want’s a tip right?

Don’t be that guy with your blog or website.

Understand that the information super highway which is the internet is all about helping people solve important problems in their life or answer difficult questions that they are facing.

If you don’t want to help people but you want to make money off of them YOU WILL FAIL for sure, just like this waiter’s tip jar will be as low as gas prices in 1968.

#8 – You chose to blog about blogging.

The competition in the blogging about blogging space is thicker than a sister from Alabama.

Why do you think that you can teach other people about something that you don’t know how to do yourself?

Instead of wasting your time and reputation write about YOUR expertise. I’m sure you know how to do something useful that you can teach to other people.

This is what you should talk about on your blog.

What do you ALREADY know how to do that you notice other people struggling with?

Planning parties, passing tests, obtaining certifications, saving big money on travel, etc.

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#9 – You LOVE the TV.

You aren’t living the lifestyle of  a successful online entrepreneur yet but you sure are up to speed on your favorite reality television shows.

You don’t get deposits into your bank account automatically every week from an eBook you published months or even years ago but you’re all over the preseason NFL coverage.

Let me put this as simply as I can, KILL YOUR TV.

As a matter of fact it’s a great way to make your first few hundred dollars online, sell it on eBay.

That way you can focus on building a real business and you’ll have an interesting article to write, “Why I sold my television.”

Once you earn money from your online business, then just go back and buy another TV and even signup for a new Sky broadband deals.

It’s called sacrifice, you cannot and you will never get something from nothing.

#10 – You have NO strategy.

You are down in the dumps about the results of the first half of 2013.

You started the year with a new years resolution to break through and you’re just not happy about how things have turned out for you.

There’s a reason for this, It’s not what you do but HOW you do it.

Men know when approaching two women that their odds increase dramatically if they have a “Wing Man” with them to keep the “friend girl” busy while they go after the cutie.

This is a strategy that works so well it’s portrayed in movies over and over again, it’s hilarious but true.

The same concept applies to making money online.  You have to use strategy if you want results.

Do you want people to opt-in for your mailing list?  Maybe you need a wing man or someone else to refer people to your site.

How are you ever going to get someone influential to refer people to your site?

  • Start with the low hanging fruit. Instead of trying to get the six figure bloggers at the VERY TOP to help you, start out with those who have a really good active following but aren’t “big time” yet.  You’ll find 50 of these types of people willing to help you for every one “big” blogger so don’t waste your time.
  • Give them a really GOOD reason to help you. Dudes never ever have a problem finding a wingman when the other girl is also hot. Therefore make sure when you’re asking someone to help you out that you give them a really good reason. The best way to do this is by writing AWESOME content that will be beneficial for THEIR audience. When you help them in a meaningful way they will feel as though they owe you one.
  • Refer YOUR people to THEIR site. The easiest way to get a referral is to give one.  Refer the people that follow you publicly to the site of anyone that you would like to collaborate with.  If you do this consistently over time you will get noticed for your referrals.  Now is the time to pitch them for your big idea.

Now it’s over to you.

Do any of these descriptions apply to you?

How have you overcome these limitations?

[note]The author’s posts are entirely his or her own opinion and may not always reflect the views of iblogzone.com[/note]

21 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You May Never Make It Online

  • hello darnell. i found your blog trough google search engine on how i cant make it online. im so agree with you. we need a good strategy in order to success. make a network would be the best instead. thanks for this article.

    • What’s up Khairul,

      Thanks for the feedback you’re right it’s all about strategy I learned to spend time focusing on how to accomplish goals not just what to do.

      This has made the biggest difference for me.

  • Hey Darnell, nice to see you over here. I too was planning an article covering one point that you mentioned here and that is about taking a niche that is very broad. It doesn’t do any good and people quit unable to make a cent online. Finding a niche is like doing keyword research, only a bit more broader but not all inclusive like blogging. If someone does not anything about the internet he/she starts with a blog on blogging and there you go

    • What’s up George,

      Yeah man excellent points. I have found the same to be true.

      Niche/keyword selection is a big part of strategy. The best way to excel here is to share the expertise you already have or share what you have discovered during your learning process.

      People want useful information on the internet not another product to buy. Maybe that’s why Jeff Bezos bought a newspaper instead of another product to drop ship.

      • Yep Darnell, the first time I started a site I did not even know what blogging was, where the money could be made etc. Two years later I had made 50 bucks with that. Fast forward to today, where,11 days ago I started a niche and made a sale for a $300 product

  • Darnell, thank you for this article. Obviously good content is indeed the King. In addition a blogger should have a mixture of humor and impeccable work and grammar and css/html to lure people.

  • Hi Darnel!
    Very well you explain these point here they are really near to sensibility and I am agree with you that for good earning we all need cordial strategies for our business.

    • Thanks for the feedback Alex appreciate it. You’re right, it’s all about strategy NOT backlinks.

  • All this Things are true… it’s a hard work..

  • Content is the king. A blogger should have a mixture of humor and grammer, CSS/HTML

  • Yeah !! I can’t leave this post without appreciating You !!

    Really Great Stuff Bro Keep writing Useful Stuff like this

    Thanks & Regards

  • Hi Darnell,
    Love point no.8 .. lol. I guess that emphasize the need of strategy.

    • Thanks Okto,

      It’s true I see it all the time people should share the knowledge they have earned instead they choose to pose like BLOGGING experts, big mistake. Appreciate the feedback.

  • #1, ah.. need to work on it actually.. thanks for the challenge, now I know where to start and what to improve.


  • Kill Your TV, I like that quote 🙂 Great post Darnell..

  • Great article and brutally honest. I think hard work, confidence and persistence is essential in succeeding.

  • Great article and I so love it that I’m going to share and add a little twist of my own on my weblog – Darnell class writing … I’m stealing your subheadings as i’ve been up against and climbed the very same walls.


  • Hello Darnell Jackson,
    actually you have done a very big help for newest internet marketer.
    one year ago I join for the web field but I couldn’t do it perfectly. but I understood I have to learn English for that. Darnell your information very useful for my success. I want to know, the meaning of “schmuck” ,
    thanks a lot.
    Best Regards

  • Wow, this is great, i feel so humbled by this great article, nice work keep it, i am so satisfied.

  • Yikes, your title really pulled me in, no one wants to fail in their online endeavors! This was truly a great article, and i loved the humorous yet insightful illustrations. Its good to know there are some things I am doing right, and others I need to work on. Thanks again, ill be using this article as a reference in the future!

  • What’s up Miguel,

    Thanks for the feedback man I really appreciate it. It took me a while to figure out what WOULDN’T work, glad you found this helpful, peace.

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