Test! Test! Test! Understanding the A/B & Cs of Email Testing (Infographic)

The most overpowering goal behind every email marketing campaign is conversion. Email conversions can be increased manifold only if your email contains all the elements that are compelling enough to facilitate the same. Email testing is the divine sprig that has the potential to drive conversions with the constant suggestions to iterate; based on the preferences of the subscribers on your email list.

Out of the many options revolving around subject lines, images, copies, CTAs, etc there is no way to identify what works best unless you put all of these components to test.Experts know that A/B and Multivariate testing practices enhance the effectiveness of email campaigns and enables marketers to send out well targeted and relevant emails.

This meticulous infographic on Effective A/B Split & Multivariate Email Testing by Email Monks in collaboration with the learned Email Strategy Consultant Samantha Iodice aims to bring about a better understanding of email testing methods, testing elements and best practices. It answers questions such as what should an ideal email test be like, what elements must a marketer put to test, etc. along with email testing best practices. Read on…. & Test it all the way!

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