Overcome the Email Sending Anxiety with this Email Delivery Checklist!

Marketers go berserk before sending out email campaigns! There are just too many things to be taken care of at the time of launching an email campaign and missing a thing or two is very likely! To help mitigate the last rush hour anxiety, here are a few last hour check-ins you can take care of, to ensure higher inbox placement!

This infographic, courtesy of emailmonks.com comes with considerations to vouch for before hitting the SEND button. The infographic is fragmented into four major sections viz. client compatibility, email delivery setup, inbox preview and HTML open preview along with tiny tips to handle all the pointers. With the volume of email set to soar high in 2014, such a comprehensive email delivery checklist would help you take care of the tiniest detail at ease and keep all your email blasting bloopers at bay!

Crack these tips, set, and SEND!

email delivery checklist





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  • Hey Francisco – thanks for sharing this there are some very valuable points in there.

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