7 Dog Days Marketing Weapons for Small Business

Slow business and a bit of downside turn in revenue is almost a common experience for small enterprises during summer months. This summer lets hit the phenomenon with an energetic head-on instead of accepting it as a hard truth. While budgetary constraints for going all out with the advertising plans will not leave you soon, there are optimistic ways to see the whole thing. Remember, you are not alone to experience this pitfall. So if you can sharpen your marketing edge while others are only waiting to pass these trying days, you can actually come out as a winner, bagging better business than others. More importantly your hard pressed effort will continue to pay you for the time ahead.

Here we introduce 7 dog days marketing weapons for small business to stay ahead of the competition.

7 dog days marketing weapon

#1. Outdoor marketing for summer

In summer you are blessed with a handful of outdoor marketing maneuvers to attract customers. Doorstep campaigning, free sampling and holding out small events to engage customers are nice outdoor marketing options at summer. Innovative ways to catch attention like offering water to passerby from sidewalk water misters can make attend your promotional campaign.

#2. Vinyl banners

Vinyl banners offer a flexible and eye catchy advertisement solution at a surprisingly low cost. You can use this outdoor advertising option in number of ways. A twist in varied size, eye catching designs and colors and an array of durability options you can choose as per your requirement. Vinyl banners are all weather proof option for outdoor advertising and you can take advertising leverage from them long after the summer. Hang them outside of your store or office or use them to display your product or services at local events, they offer a versatile way of outdoor advertising.

#3. Posters and printed flyers

Posters make your business advertised to potential consumers and help you to generate quick queries. Make sure that they address a customer concern rather than just telling bluntly about the products and services. Interesting posters make customers ask about the business and that is what you should aim at. Printed flyers are a nice way to spread the word about your business. If you can unroll a summer discount or sell-out scheme or something attractive for customers and inform people through these flyers and other means, it can yield better result.

#4. Eye catching stickers

Stickers are fun ways to make an attractive display of your offering. Stickers can be pasted inside public vehicle (check out for the permissions), in public places, busy market areas and nooks and corners of big street junctions. Attractive, eye catching stickers with an interesting business message can let people take it inside their head.

#5. Door hangers

This is a nice innovative way to advertise your business without really disturbing anyone. A nice little printed innovatively designed paper piece hanging from the door knob can look inviting for the customer whenever he opens the door and as he reads it your job is done. Timing is crucial to make such campaign bear fruit. If you are going to spread word on an event or a discount, do the marketing just at the spur of the moment.

#6. Moving promotion with car magnets

Star magnets do the mobile advertisement and marketing for your business as the posted information will go on displaying as far and wide the vehicle goes. car magnets can be more beneficial if you use them in frequently moving vehicles inside your target zone of clientele inside the city or beyond. Milk vans, distribution vans, commercial goods carriers, public vehicles, are ideal for car magnets. Make sure that your business information catches eyes even from a distance. It must be informative and to the point as well offering all necessary information on your product or services and contact details.

#7. Interesting social media posts

Summer may be the time for vacations and holidays, but thanks to handheld devices your customers are connected to their social accounts wherever they are. This is rather the best time to take their attention by interesting social posts on your business offering. They may give you more free attention in their leisure than other moments.

Russell Bartz

Russell Bartz is the President at Arc Marketing, Inc. He leads marketing and Coordinate all sales, give advice to create custom car magnets. People can follow him on Twitter.

One thought on “7 Dog Days Marketing Weapons for Small Business

  • Some good points, Russell.

    Marketing or promoting a business or venture properly, can make all the difference….

    A friend of mine amazes me with how he build a very profitable business(offline) via a number of promotion methods..

    He went from nothing to around 10 to 15 thousand per month thanks to a lot of groundwork and many hours spent getting the word out.

    Every time he see(talks to) someone it’s a part or full promotion…(he drops a few lines about the products, and how they may help that person sand benefit them or someone they know…..

    Amazingly, one of the people he has working for him now earns around four to five times what my friend earns, and this other individual did that in less than a year…..

    The friend visitors that (super successful) individuals brand new home recently, and nearly fell over at how opulent the place was(it had just about everything)

    Considering our property market is one of(if not the) most expensive in the world, this makes it even more impressive….

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