One of the comments I see quite often from some bloggers (or online entrepreneurs) is that they do not have time to manage multiple sites, as it is difficult as it is to manage one, let alone several sites. If you are trying to make money online, you should know that sometimes, it is recommended to explore and create several niche sites, to maximize your revenue potential. Depending on the niche you have chosen, this will entail in having to create a completely whole new website you have to manage, and consequently more time required. Managing several websites can be a tedious tasks indeed, but there is a way around it.

What does managing a WordPress blog entail?

  • Creating Posts/Pages
  • Adding Links
  • Updating WordPress
  • Install themes (updating them)
  • Install/Remove Plugins (updating) them
  • Managing Comments (approve, trash, spam, etc.)

And a lot of other tiny things that take up time that I am sure I am missing here. For example, there is the matter of logging in and out of your dashboard, managing users, backing up your files, optimizing databases, etc. For one site, this is already a lot and the more sites you have, the more time you need to devote in managing them. Do the math and you will see that these little things all together take up time. Time is money and using it effectively means more productivity and more time for finding business opportunities. Additional business opportunities for example can go beyond your own sites. You can now manage “websites” for potential clients as well (such as offering WordPress Services), as you can have access to their sites without having to login to their accounts, among other things (just a hint).

Now think about this for a moment. What if you can perform these management tasks all at the same time and in bulk? Would that convince you in hunting for more opportunities, or make your life easier in case you do already have multiple WordPress sites? You already know my answer to that, right? I would like to know yours though :).

Manage Multiple WordPress Blogs Easily With ManageWp

All your sites under one dashboard! That alone tells you something. ManageWP helps you manage multiple WordPress sites in one place, keeping them updated and secure. One login, one password, one “picture” of what is going on of all your sites. An amazing service that I can no longer live without. All available features are too much to put them all here, and so, I will just highlight a few. Remember though, that you can perform any task within your websites dashboard as if you where there without leaving ManageWP’s interface. Cool!

  • Secure! No passwords for sites required, uses OpenSSL encrypted protocol
  • One click upgrades of WordPress, plugin and themes across all your sites
  • One click to access administration dashboard for any site
  • Bulk publish posts to multiple sites at once
  • Bulk upload themes and plugins to multiple sites at once
  • Automatic backups of your sites (free)
  • Clone one site to another
  • Much, much more…


To make this all work, you have to install a free plugin, called ManageWP Worker (WordPress Repository) in each of your website and obviously open an account on ManageWp’s website. Don’t worry, everything is really easy to install and ManageWp will lead you the way, step by step. The service is in beta is now live, and it is completely free (max. 5 blogs). Don’t you just love beta’s, lol.

Here is a small tour of what you can expect from ManageWP.

Is ManageWP Reliable?

This amazing service is owned and managed by Vladimir Prelovac, a well known and one of my favorite developers. Although this guy is a busy man, he will get out of his way to provide you with support if necessary. He is all ears from any suggestion you may have. Anyway, you might have already heard about SEO Smartlinks, SEO Friendly Images, Insights, SEO Doctor, SEO Super Comments and so on. If not, you can find them all under one posts, best SEO plugins for 2011. And, yes, all where developed by Vladimir and so it is safe to assume that the man knows what he is doing, and of which makes this service reliable and secure. I am using ManageWP right now and I can honestly say that I have increased my productivity and no longer have the problem of managing another website, should the opportunity arise.

UPDATE (06/03/2011): While responding to comments, I noticed that the CommentLuv link to Vladimir’s comment, pointed to recent additions to ManageWP.

Google Analytics integration and more awesome features

  • Google Analytics integration is now a part of ManageWP.
  • Second novelty and a feature many users requested is the ability to ignore certain updates in the automatic updates mode.
  • Define max requests per IP

The next major version scheduled for release in about three weeks for now will have two other popular features added:

1. Schedules backups of websites to Amazon S3 and Dropbox services.
2. Add users to your ManageWP account with limited access.

That’s it! Take ManageWP for a spin and see if you like the service. Nothing is perfect so if you find something you think should be there, let Vladimir know. This is not a paid posts and there are no affiliate links here either. I simply like this service and want to share it with you.


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57 thoughts on “How To Manage WordPress Multiple Blogs And Increase Earning Potential

  • Managing multiple sites, whether they are in WP or not, can be quite challenging. Thanks for sharing your tips. ManageWP seems to be really useful.

    • Welcome Martin. I hope you find using this service useful and productive for you. Thanks for stopping by

  • Hey Ditesco,

    That sounds very promising. I must say that “time” is THE primary factor I am putting off launching another website. But what you have shared here makes me check out 🙂 Let me see.

    Thanks for sharing useful stuff.


    • Hi Jane. You are so right about time being a primary factor. It really is, as if one decides to launch another site, the whole idea is to give it as much attention. Maybe not so much as your flagship but still, it requires attention. Really, give it a shot a see for yourself what you can do with it. I manage all my “amazon” powered websites via ManageWP and it has really been a time saver 😉

  • I have used managewp for several clients in the past and they were all satisfied with the software because it is not difficult to handle and does not require a university degree to operate, like many other management systems.

    • I second that Andreas. The service is no brainer and even if you do not have a University degree, with this tool, it makes you feel that you have one 🙂 I was actually procrastinating its use until about a couple of weeks ago when I started to go crazy with so many websites to update exactly the same plugins, so I gave it a go. 15 minutes later, I loved it 🙂

  • This sounds AWESOME!

    I’ll definitely be checking this out. And to answer your questions, yes, bulking and grouping activities would definitely make chasing other opportunities easier.

    Time to go check it out…

    • Hi Eugene. Glad you liked this service. Do let me know what you think after giving it a go. Always love to get some feedback from users who actually put it into test and share their experience. Thanks for commenting.

  • That’s a great service and can be very helpful to manage my sites and earn some time, thanks for sharing I will try it!

    • You are welcome. Try it and let me know how it goes.

  • Hi DiTesco,

    I have two sites now and ManageWp has really opened the way to manage multi-site for me.

    Thanks for introducing this tool that i wouldn’t have know. It really saves a lot of time to put all eggs in one basket.


    • Hi Lye. This is the beauty of ManageWP, having all in one basket while keeping them separately at the same time 🙂 Instead of having to manage all your sites individually, you can do it all from one dashboard, making chores easier. I like for example the all important backup feature. A couple of clicks and you are safe..

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and I hope that ManageWp can open new horizons for you as far as managing WordPress sites are concerned. A potential “WordPress” amangement service perhaps? 😉

  • Thank you for a great review!

    • Hi Vladimir. It is I that should be thanking you for developing such great tools and services to make out lives easier. ManageWP is simply awesome and managing not only my WordPress sites but clients as well, has saved me precious time, time to devote to manage more sites 🙂 Thanks for dropping by.

  • Awesome Great Service, Today i start managewp and combine my all blogs and Save my Times, Thanks for sharing .

    • Welcome Santhosh. Hope this helps increase your productivity as well 🙂

  • It is good for those who create too much blogs for flipping and keep working on them on daily basis. But if you have more then 3 to 5 blogs then also you can combine them at one place and work easily.

    Thanks DiTesco for sharing nice info buddy.

    • Hi. You can also use this service to manage not only your sites but other sites as well, provided you are given access. Good way to create a new service perhaps 😉 Anyway, it is a good WP management tool and I hope you find it useful for you. Thanks for stopping by

  • This is a REALLY cool application. I had never even considered administrating all my blogs from one place. I probably won’t bother with it just yet however as I only have 2 blogs which I actively maintain, and I’d rather keep them as separate as possible right now. Excellent tool though, will look into it in the future.

    • Matt, this service is great and still mind boggling why it is free. I suggest you open your account now if you are thinking of using it i the near future. Never know when Vladimir is going to change his mind 😉

  • DiTesco,

    Just as soon as I saw Valdimir’s name I knew this would be an easy to use plugin. He puts out some great stuff. I like it when life gets easier.

    This would be perfect for grouping my niche sites and sites I manage for clients.

    • LOL, Sheila. That was the same feeling I had when I saw Vladimir’s tweet… “Must be good”, and indeed, it is and I love it. Definitely makes my digital life a lot easier and as you said, perfect for grouping sites you manage for your clients too, sharp eye 😉

  • Ahh! This is an excellent review for manageWP. It’s another great management tool which is very useful for small business owners. Lots of excellent features and I love the way it makes managing multiple websites less of a hassle. Thanks for sharing DiTesco!

    • Hi John. After reading a series of your posts about small business tips and management tools, I had the impression that you would like this one too. Considering that you “like” the cloud, this could come in handy as this service is WordPress powered so you can access it also from anywhere. Combined with the ease of use, etc.., I think it might a good fit for you 🙂

  • Sounds pretty good DiTesco, and as you know I have several blogs, but so far I’m quite happy to leave things as they are. I usually have there tabs open at the same time with my favourite blogs up and running so that I can switch between blogs fairly easily. I don’t update those other all that often so that doesn’t bother me having to open them every now and again.

    If things get so it’s more than I can handle I may consider using this service.

    • Hi Sire. I understand what you mean and I also was like you, really did not mind spending a bit more time here and there to manage my other sites. Once I started using this free service though, I started doing things more on a regular basis, like doing full backups, making some cleanups, etc. I tend to forget about some stuff that needs o be done in favor of priority, but since its there right in front of me, things are easier. Anyway, at least now you know that should you feel the need somewhere along the line, you can always give this one a try 🙂

      • Yep, and I have you to thank for it. I forgot to tweet this the last time round, I won’t forget this time. I think there are a lot of bloggers out there who would love to give this a whirl.

  • This seems to a great plugin.. and im sure it’ll do a good job if its been developed by vladimir..

    sorry, im not sure if i missed it from your post… but is this plugin free? or is it a premium plugin

  • checked it out and realized it’s free 🙂

    • Ok, I was late on your response but since you already went over there, you now know that it is not a plugin and the service is free :), for now at least. I am convinced tat it will stay that way and that an eventual premium version will be offered with much more functionality and features. For now, the free version is all you need to manage any number of WP sites (with a max of 100 blogs). Thanks for stopping bye and sorry again for the delay in my response.

      • Hey Ditesco – Not a Problem, thks

  • I currently manage four blogs and I am looking to add more. The biggest problem is running them all fairly and not neglecting one or more of them.

    This plugin looks very nice and I think it could help, I especially like the way that they have integrated Google Analytic into it. 🙂

    Is it free? I must have missed the bit where it says. 🙂

    • Yep, it is free Dean. For now at least, and I think it will remain that way for a while unless you have more than 100 blogs, which is what ManageWP apparently limits it now. The limit as I understand is to ensure that the performance is kept to an optimum level.

  • Well it’s about time you write a post about this! LOL

    It really is a great service. I haven’t used that all that much lately. But with my list of site growing 😉 will really have to take advantage of it.

    It’s especially useful when working on sites for clients, b/c it get’s to a bit much managing your sites and theirs.

    Thanks for the tutorial. You’re the best! 🙂

    • Aloha! Yep, you are Michele, it was about time I wrote about this and ironically it just so happened that I knew about the service and did not start using it until some two weeks ago where I started to bang my head against the wall with so much sites to manage. This is really an awesome service that Vladimir has made available. There are many “new” features coming soon! Don’t you just love all this available tools and services that make our digital life easier 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my dear. Always a pleasure to hear your thoughts and opinions..

  • I cant believe this is the first I have heard of this!

    I have 10 niche blogs so this will make things much easier!

    • OMG, I can’t believe you heard about this “awesometastic” service for the first time here, lol. Yeah David, give it a go without hesitations and let me know if it will make your site management much easier and fun to deal with. I am almost betting that you would, but you will still have to come back here again to tell me that 🙂 Thanks for dropping by mate.

  • Very useful information DiTesco.
    Something like calling me to visit your fabulous blog and tell me what I got here? I always looking for something like this since I have few blog to run everyday. Thanks my dear friend.

    • You are welcome my friend. Hope this service can help you run your blogs with ease and with this more business opportunities 🙂

  • I manage several different types of sites most are running different scripts and it can be a real pain. I have been considering spending more time creating wordpress sites. This would definitely be handy resource and time saver. It’s just the whole storing multiple accounts and sites in one location that freaks me out a bit. But, it’s something I will look into more it does sound appealing.

    • Hi Ray. ManageWp manages your WordPress sites in one dashboard but does not store those sites in the same location. Therefore you should not worry about the issue you have mentioned and remember, whether or not you use this service, it is always wise to backup your files regularly. Thanks for stopping by

  • This is the Awesome and Great Service, If you are trying to make money online, you should know that sometimes, it is recommended to explore several niches, to maximize your revenue potential. Depending on the niche you have chosen, this will entail in having to create a completely whole new website you have to manage, and consequently more time required.

  • Great to hear about ManageWP as it is totally new to me. I will have a look at that to see how it can help me in the future 🙂 Thanks

    • Hi Tinh. ManageWP really goes its job well for managing multiple sites. I am using it now like crazy and really loving it. Hope you find it of good use for you too.

  • Try “Wordpress Cloner Plugin” which is similar to above mentioned plugin

    • Hi Arunni. With all due respect, I don’t even like the sound of it.. “cloner”. Anyway, you might have misunderstood this, ManageWP is not a plugin but rather a service that is being offered, which among other things, clones sites, to ease the process of having to start everything from scratch should you decide to build another one that is similar.

  • This is exactly what I try to tell my friends. If you want to make REAL money online, you’ve got to have more than one site. Thanks for sharing this with the other readers as well. It’s really something that most people don’t understand.

  • I have only one site in wordpress , i let you know after using your these tips how they work for site , Anyway thanks for sharing.

  • If I use this plugin and the hacker hack to the mother site, will they break o the websites too?

    • Hi Jenni. That is a valid point and I would suspect that if someone does get access to the what you call “the mother” site, I think they will be able to access all of the sites you have added in there. Then again, it might depend on the type of access the hacker got. Its a risk and obviously, all measures should be taken to minimize that, like creating really very strong passwords. Anyway, you might want to ask Vladimir for more insights, if you want. I am sure he will be in a better position than me to answer your question. Sorry if this was not that helpful…

      Thanks for stopping by and all the best..

      • Great! I’m a WordPress developer too so I know anything can happen 🙂

  • So is this like wordpress multisite? Oh man, that was a nightmare. I am over about 10 wordpress sites at my day job, and I got the bright idea to install wordpress MU. It ended up really screwing me, and we lost like, a week’s worth of productivity, not to mention it really screwed around with a lot of our premium plugins. I think i’ll have to try this out!

    • Hi Molly. If you have over 10 WordPress sites (not a MU site), then this service would be of great interest to you. It allows you to manage all your sites in just one interface.. Try it and let me know what you think about it. Don’t worry, this one will not screw any plugins, settings, etc… It is just like you are managing your sites individually, but all under one roof.

  • Hmm, I think I will for sure try that. Another thing… I really like that little RSS thingy under the comment box. What is the name of that plugin? I’ve searched for it in the plugins directory, but with no avail.

    • Hi Molly. I think you might talking about the CommentLuv plugin. Register there and then download the plugin.

  • Would you get hit for a duplicate content penalty having the same post go out for each blog at one time?

    • Having the same content on different URLs on multiple sites is really not advisable. this is usually done only if you want to show an excerpt of post from the original source.

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