7 Steps to Create Content like a Rock-Star

Creating killer content… this is common sense among all the top internet marketers I know. They all share the same advice because this actually works. When your core strategy is based on creating the best content you possibly can you will get the results you are looking for. But everyone has its own strategies related to writing style and the kind of message you are trying to address with your content. I like to think that everything starts with your mindset.

With that in mind I will tell you my thoughts about creating world class content, rock-star style. There are seven steps you can follow to achieve a great result, so here we go:

Work on your strengths pursuing a big change in peoples’ lives.

A rock-star has a gift to both entertaining us and inspiring us. They are models to so many people but they only could achieve that stage because in some point they realized what they were good at and started working on their strengths, once they did this they ended up acquiring a level of excellence that could serve as inspiration for not only their biggest fans but also for each person who pay attention to their stories.

Create something unique or at least give your unique perspective to something that has already been created.

Not every talented artist or musician is able to create a new song each and every week, some of them don’t even bother to try but even when that is the case, they will not stop listening to other songs. This is research! Sometimes you are focused on creating unique content and you write 1, 2, 3, 15 really great articles but over time it seems that nothing else comes out. When that happens, you have to add your own voice to the topics that are being discussed elsewhere.

Incorporate your image to your message.

blogging rock starI don’t know if you like rock or folk but the best way to exemplify this is by citing Rolling Stones. I am talking about their logo; the big and red tongue. That is their image and that is the kind of message they are trying to address when performing or composing songs. The controversial, irreverent and catchy message they are known for. You don’t need a logo but you need your own voice. People have to be able to recognize your content, if you are friendly, be friendly, if you are bold, be bold, but follow a pattern and be authentic so it is easier to associate your image to your content.

Be passionate about your cause or even obsessed if you wish.

This is rock and roll style so I will bring Lenny Kravitz to the conversation. If you don’t know his story let me summarize it for you. Lenny had a dream to play rock music but when he was looking for sponsors he heard that he should focus on black music. He said no, the sponsor said no and he moved on. That happened dozens of times until someday one of those sponsors said yes! The rest is history. My point is, if you have a cause or if you have a dream don’t give up! Follow your guts and keep on rolling. Being passionate about what you do is important for so many things and for creating great content this is not different .

Practice, practice and practice.

If you want to get better you need to dedicate time and effort to get the results you want. Musicians and athletes fully understand how important that is. They will try a higher note, a different melody because great songs are not always created by accident. Of course, there are some exceptions but, most of them are the result of hours of creative thinking and trial and error process. When you are new at blogging, it’s very difficult to create great content over-night. But once you do it consistently and you are willing to learn from your mistakes you will get better. It is that simple!

We are almost there. Let’s see the sixth step to create content like a rock star.

When you need to learn new things always seek advice from masters, truly experts.

Music is all about being influenced by other great musicians and create your own style based on your perspective. But when you want to be really great at what you do, you have to know the best people on the skill you want to improve so you can learn from them. Those are the people from whom you should seek advice. Of course, for internet marketing content, you will only know who has the best message when you are thoroughly involved with this niche, but I can tell you that even in an early stage it’s easier to notice who is talking gibberish and non-sense. Just stop listening to them and start following few and trustworthy people.

And to wrap up, here it is the last step!

Believe in your dreams and causes so you can proceed even when nobody cares.

Sorry to tell you but not everybody will tell you to follow your dreams and sometimes these people are family members, some dear friends, people that think you should get a regular job but if you give up at the first sight of an obstacle you will have a hard time to achieve your goals in life. Period! And for me that is much more important than anyone telling me to do this or that. And I can say more, the really tough part is to proceed with your convictions when you are not seeing the results you want. For that happens you need to work on your mindset!

You need to really believe in your dreams, your cause, imagine how your life would be if you can achieve your goals. That is how you can find the mental strength you need to keep blogging, working on your business and helping others to achieve their goals as well.

It was really a pleasure to write this guest post, and I hope it helped you a bit.

Felipe Kurpiel

Felipe Kurpiel is an online marketer founder and editor of MakeExtraMoneyAtHome.com. On his site you can learn tips and tricks about affiliate marketing and also how to make money with Clickbank.

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  • Hi Felipe,

    Great post for the bloggers.

    Am a newbie but a devoted blogger and really learned a lot through your exceptional post.

    Yeah, I agree with your second point. Discussing the same things where as other bloggers with own voice is good and am following the same.

    I love your other points related to image, passion and cause. Sure, will follow these to do better blogging.

    Thanks for sharing, keep sharing the tips for us 🙂

    • Thank you! I am really glad you like this post!
      Well, you have to have your own voice when writing… that is a key point for me!!
      I will share more tips for sure besides you can always visit my blog for more content 🙂
      Once again, thanks for the compliments!

      • Thanks for your kind reply Felipe 🙂

        I already visited your blog and I love it too.

        Sure, will practice to read your words regularly.

        Jane shared this post on her network and so I appeared here, thanks to her.

        Keep sharing your wonderful tips, am ready to read it 😉

  • Felipe I dig the Lenny Kravitz story.

    It reminds me of the Sly Stallone/Rocky story. He held out for hundreds of thousands of dollars – current day it would have been MILLIONS – when he was dead broke because he held onto what he believed in.

    If you want to rock it out you must prove yourself, and hold your vision no matter what.


    • His story is really awesome! And it just proves the importance of pursuing our own dreams.
      And Ryan, you are absolutely right!
      We have to hold our vision no matter what! This is vital!

  • wow awesome information … now i am going to follow all these steps in my new article.

  • Be passionate – Amen! Unfortunately, I see a lot of blogs that lack passion. Passion is extremely important for the times you have writer’s block.

    • Totally agree with you my friend!! But being honest, sometimes it’s not that easy to find that passion and unfortunately a lot of people don’t understand how important that is!

  • Hi Felipe,

    I am just starting out, and your tips will really help me to write content like a rockstar.

    In fact, recently I myself wrote an article about having an own unique voice, as it’s always difficult to find unique topics to write on. So if we have to say the same thing, the perspective matters a lot.

    But what I believe is that passion is the most important factor for anything. If we lose it, we will go no further.

    • Wow… that is great! This is something that I really enjoy about blogging, we just have to take action and start writing!
      And when we combine our passion with blogging then we are set!
      Thanks for the compliments!

  • Sometimes its hard to just come up with a topic before you start writing. But, once you get a topic, do your research. A great way to write good content is to create at least one draft before publishing content.

  • It’s way to make your perfect identity in front of the world and when you will feel now you can write article on any of topic then you can open many doors for income.

  • I am simply beginning out, and your tips can very facilitate American state to write down content sort of a rockstar.

    • I am trying to help others … but when I can accomplish this goal it fulfills me a great deal. If you enjoyed this blog post, don’t forget to share it… tweet it, like it and so on!
      Thank you!

  • Awesome Info given here! I’ll surely follow these steps for writing posts from now onwards. Thanx! 🙂

  • This is one of the better articles I’ve found on Google. Nice info which will be prove so useful for all blogger and online marketers.

  • yup i became a rock-star..
    he he.. this is nice tips to became a successful person..

  • Hi Felipe,

    Nice post!

    Believing in dreams do really bring visible changes to our life no matter if it is for writing or composing new song!

    • Thank you Mia… I do like to compose. That is actually my best quality as a musician. I don’t know but maybe that is the reason I am so passionate about my causes.
      And you totally got the point!

  • What if you think you already created an awesome content, you are so proud of it, yet when you posted it no one is reading? Does that mean that you need more practice? I appreciate all these tips, but what if I really do not have any talents on writing?

    • Practice makes perfect!
      That is the name of the game! Well, today I think I am a good writter but when I got started I was terrible. And that is natural, you have to accept that.

      • Thanks for the reply! I really do hope that I would be awesome someday.

  • these were awesome tips man
    thanks for sharing this awesome post have a nice day

    I feel too Lazy to craft content for my blog 😀

  • Thanks a lot for this article. There is a lot out there about copy writing, but I haven’t seen these strategies before. I tend to be a vomiter but I love the idea and I am going to try this. When I hit the wall with either energy level or writer’s block, I do 20 minutes of yoga. It’s amazing how refreshed I feel after, and ready to hit it again! Thanks again…

    • The yoga thing is a nice tip my friend!
      Sometimes we have to think outside the box to come out with something really good. Meditation can do this for sure.

  • Hi, Felipe
    This is an great post , If you wants to stable in this blogosphere then we should have a great content on our blog and all blog content should be unique. You have shortlisted all points very carefully. I like the point Practice , Practice and Practice. Practice is the best ways to enhance our writing skills and research for a great content. Thank from my heart Felipe .

    • Hello Sohini… You mentioned some important points here. Unique and great content are some of the best shortcuts to succeed online. This is common sense among leaders and of course, you only will get good at something if you are willing to practice a lot!
      Thanks for your compliments 🙂

  • Well written and structured post. Guess I have a handful of ideas to work with now…

    Thanks for sharing this awesome tips to creating a great content with us.


    • Thanks for the compliments my friend!
      I am really grateful with this opportunity of contributing to this blog and help others at the same time!!
      Thanks you!

  • nice article
    Catchy headline + being yourself in your content + proper use of keywords + Useful links and info = content that goes beyond not just normal but awesome!

    • Oh… that is a nice formula!! I totally agree with you and of course, we cannot forget the technical side especially when it comes to keyword research an on page seo.

  • Hi, Felipe,
    Some good information here. I am new to ‘professional blogging’ . This post does give me some great insights on how to approach writing a decent blog post. My creative writing skills do need some spit and polish. But as you say Practice, Practice, Practice. I will!

    Thanks for info

    • That is cool. Welcome to blogging.
      And I really believe anyone can write good content, it just takes some time to learn some basic skills, after that you are set.
      I am glad you like my tips.

  • wow…this is a very good post for learning about the good content for blogger…actually i am new for blogging .i hope it helps for me .
    thanks ..

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