15 High Page Rank Article Submission Directories

Article SubmissionApart from submitting your blogs to top search engine friendly web directories, such as the ones listed on my previous post, 25 Top Places To List Your Blog For Traffic, article submission is also a beneficial form of promoting your brand and website.

Most bloggers and website owners often neglect article submissions, because most of the time, article submission directories have strict requirements as to the type of article you can submit, minimum words, unique content and more.

Article submission directories offer a lot of benefits for your website and branding. Submitting articles is one of the most successful ways to draw traffic, obtain backlinks and increase your exposure with potential visitors and search engines. It is cost effective, as you don’t have to spend money to do this. All you need are some good unique articles and you are all set.

Having that said, I have compiled a list of 15 Free Article Submission Directories where you can submit your articles and obtain exposure. Not only you can submit your articles here for free, but many of these sites offer a vast amount of other resources, making your visit worthwhile. Don’t forget to leave you URLs on the resource or bio box as some call it.

The list (ordered by PR – includes Alexa) as of 08.01.2009

  1. Ezinearticles PR: 6 / Alexa: 255
  2. Buzzle PR: 6 / Alexa: 2,599
  3. GoArticles PR: 6 / Alexa: 22,529
  4. ArticleBase PR: 5 / Alexa: 1,826
  5. ArticleDashboard PR: 5 / Alexa: 29,138
  6. ArticleClick PR: 5 / Alexa: 32,451
  7. Web-Source PR: 5 / Alexa: 36,492
  8. Isnare PR: 5 / Alexa: 39,948
  9. Site-Reference PR: 5 / Alexa: 81,497
  10. SearchWarp PR: 4 / Alexa: 8,148
  11. Amazines PR: 4 / Alexa: 35,964
  12. ArticlesFactory PR: 4 / Alexa: 39,955
  13. ArticlesFactory PR: 4 / Alexa: 43,735
  14. ArticlePool PR: 4 / Alexa: 60,289
  15. Article-Buzz PR: 3 / Alexa: 40,193

Whether or not you rank well in the search engines or Alexa, submitting articles will help you maintain your present positions and improve your traffic and increased potential in making money online business. If your Alexa ranking is high and your page rank very low (if this matters to you), try submitting one or two unique articles weekly to the above article submission directories. You will definitely see improvements in your rankings.

If you feel I missed out something, please let me know.

List Updated on June 2010: High Page Rank Article Directories

UPDATE (April 2011): Due to the recent Google Panda update, several article directories have suffered from their rankings on the SERPs. When deciding which directory to use, ensure that you read their guidelines carefully as many of them most likely have been updated. Article marketing is still a valid form to gain exposure, provided you follow strictly the guidelines of these directories and provide unique and quality articles. Avoid submitting the same content to different directories as it looses its value. At the very least spin your articles before submitting them. Obviously this task can be daunting and if you are interested there is a way to make this task a lot easier. Try Unique Article Wizard, and see if it is something you think could be of interest to you. It spins your articles and submits them to several directories with ease. You can also visit the FAQ area and UAW Plugins for Various Article Directories, for more info.

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14 thoughts on “15 High Page Rank Article Submission Directories

  • I like the list especially the number one (EzineArticles) I do not like Article Base though…they give us nofollow which is not good for our PR. Personally I think it is a waste of time.

  • I would like to suggest basearticles.com. This is a very simple to use and a fast growing Article Directory website. I am sure it will be a benefit to anyone trying to do Article Marketing.

    • Thanks for letting me know about basearticles dot com. I will visit the site and see how it goes. Thanks for dropping by.

  • DiTesco, Thanks for the helpful and useful share. Please try “newsvine.com” PR 8 – Free Article Submission Directory which works good as well for bookmarks.

    • Thanks for introducing “newsvine”. It looks like a great article submission directory and I have signed up and already “seeded” some articles. Let’s see how well they perform 😉

  • wow……….it is great post. Thanks a lot to DiTesco who post this very high pr articles directory in which google crawler visit very fast in a day.

  • Nice list and it is really helpful.Thanks for sharing it. This site also helpful for get quality links.

  • Good list but i suppose ArticleBase is not much helpful since it is nofollow. Can send direct traffic but no linkbacks.

    • HI Joel. ArticlesBase has a strong reader base and while not so helpful for link backs, it may still be useful to drive some traffic.

  • I have already started doing article submission for a few months now. It does not however returned a very high PR nor a valuable amount of traffic as I expected. I’ll try the ones you suggested this year & hope I’ll get a much needed traffic boost. Great share. Many Thanks!

  • There have been many ways to use in SEO. Article submission is one of them. Here i have found a list of 15 submission site. That is good for me.

  • Hopefully i have done this work easily. Now i am doing article submission for my site. I want to apply these method. Thanks

  • .it is great post. Thanks a lot to DiTesco who post this very high pr articles directory in which google crawler visit very fast in a day.

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