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Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great week. I am sure that everyone already knows that the London Olympics  has finally “kicked-off” yesterday. If you are like me, there are some particular events that I am more interested in, than another. Thanks to the internet, there are numerous possibilities to follow the Olympics at your own pace. If you are not yet aware of them, you should know that there is an official YouTube Channel, a dedicated Twitter hashtag and a list of broadcasters, where you can watch the Olympics live in your country.

On a different front, Duane Forrester of Bing, has posted two articles this week, related to link building. Both of them are quite interesting and provides you with some helpful hints about the “true” importance of link building, how to get them, what matters, and most importantly, why should you not “lust” about it so much. He also points out that link building tactic is not dead, is still important, but sends a message that links it is only one signal for search engines. What are you doing to work with the other signals?

Finally, I want to include in this roundup, a “shout out” for those of you that are avid readers or visitors of Hesham, the owner of this domain and a very good friend of mine, has had a very unfortunate incident surrounding his domain names. I can’t really express in words what I feel about this situation. I only wanted to let you know about it and ask you to join me in wishing him all the best to get this matter resolved quickly. Also, if you have links pointed to his site and are showing on your stats as “broken links”, please give it a bit of time and don’t remove them.

As usual, in no particular order:

Content Marketing/Online Business Bites

SEO/Inbound Marketing

Social Web/Other Cool Stuff

Around the Web [more roundups]

Authorship markup

Matt Cutts and Othar Hansson discuss how to connect authors with their content using authorship markup. A reminder for those of you who still does not have the authorship setup.

That’s it! Enjoy and have a great weekend.


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7 thoughts on “Link Building Lust, Olympics 2012, FamousBloggers, Speedlink 30:2012

  • Thanks for the nice collection of links as always Fran. Hesham’s case is what left me speechless a couple of days ago when I heard about it. Hope Hesham sorts it out soon and comes back.

  • Hi Jane, thanks for helping me out. I really really appreciate it.

    DiTesco, thanks for the shout out, this is really serious, and I hope everybody take an action and secure their business.

    It’s good to know that I am not alone, I have been getting amazing support!

  • it is just one of those sad story about the same time FamousBloggers got hacked i lost my twitter account with over 30k followers and had no help from twitter had to open a new one i feature this post in round up

  • Great collection of links. Also thanks for the youtube link to the Olympic channel. I never thought of that and was a bit bummed as we ditched cable eons ago. Cheers!

  • For catching up with 2012 olympics one does not need to go any where else but simply visit which is their official website. It provides with all the information one seeks to know about the on going games. One of its premium features is the Medal summary table that accounts for event wise and overall standing of participating nations. Another option would be to visit which has a special header section displaying the current medal counts for all contenders making it easy for people to check mails and keep track as well.

  • Hi DiTesco,

    Great weekly summary – Especially featuring the video on authorship. Claiming your authorship in Google is one of the most important expects of rating well in the SERPS and also especially in personalized searches.

    Tip for the readers: you can use the webmaster snippet tool to see if you have claimed your authorship.

  • “Matt Cutts and Othar Hansson discuss how to connect authors with their content using authorship markup. ”

    I only recently discovered authorship markup and they explain it in a very easy to understand manner. Thanks.

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