Microsoft’s “Major Announcement”, Google+ 101, Around The Web, Speedlink 24:2012

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great and productive week. This week, the “you are invited to an exclusive Microsoft media event in Los Angeles, California on Monday, June 18th…This will be a major Microsoft announcement — you will not want to miss it.”, has most definitely been a big buzz all over the place. Many speculate that it could be product related, like, Microsoft’s own Tablet, powered by Windows8 with xBox integrated in it. Some say it could be the acquisition of “Yammer”, Facebook’s for Enterprises, a revolutionary Microsoft TV services, etc. As I said, one can only speculate at this time, as there is absolutely no information whatsoever with what it could be.

Anyway, I have to admit that I am intrigued, as it is not Microsoft’s style to go about all this mystery and secrecy, and why in Los Angeles? With all the news surrounding Microsoft lately, like, the launch of their new awesome webmaster tools, sponsorship of Brandify, the release, and more, nothing really pops up in my mind right now of what Microsoft may have up its sleeve? Hmmm, maybe they are buying Google, or all of FaceBook and fire everyone, haha. How about you? Care to speculate on what it is will Microsoft announce on Monday? Whatever it is, stay tuned, because at 3:30 PM LA, California time, the “major announcement” will be revealed…

As usual, in no particular order:

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Around the Web [more roundups]

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Maile Ohye covers the basics of Google+, the +1 button, getting started on Google+, and how social information can make products, like Search, more relevant. This video is for a range of webmasters — from personal bloggers to corporate marketers.

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4 thoughts on “Microsoft’s “Major Announcement”, Google+ 101, Around The Web, Speedlink 24:2012

  • I think that Microsoft is doing the same like other big player in the hard-software industry like Apple, who likes to do secret-things with big expectations. I don’t want other big brother with even more power watching the world, like Google. Hope is only just a new tablet 😉

    By the way, great compilation Francisco – opening more than 10 tabs to read marketing, twitter, linkbuliding and so on – hope the memory of my pc will be enough 🙂



    • Hi Gera. Haha, you just made me lol with that comment on “opening” lots of tabs.. I use to that myself and my memory goes bananas 🙂 If you are using FF, it will be complicated.. As for the announcement, I hear you… I just think that too mush secrecy from Microsoft is not normal, so I am really curious to know what it is. Like you said, let’s just hope it won’t be another “big brother” looking even more deeper.. Have a nice day. BTW, new gravatar is cool!

      • Francisco, yes, using Chrome in this case. With FF, is a memory hog, even the new versions.
        It’s not normal the marketing of MS…will see.

        I’m trying to put the same avatar in all the places to be coherent. I took off my sunglasses; I don’t need it, for this area is cold and with little sun lol 🙂

        Hope a great Sunday there!


  • The Microsoft announcement could very well be related to a release of their own tablet but in any event it looks like they’ve learned a few techniques from Steve Job’s way of making intriguing announcements surrounded enigma.

    Nice link on dominating YouTube search!

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