Which Social Media Site is Better for Small Business Marketing?

Social media sites have become a quintessential platform to abridge the chasm between the business and the customers. Today small, medium or big business houses understand the necessity of being present on the social media platforms. In this article we will concentrate on small business marketing on social media sites and choose the best one suitable for it. So, here is a list of social media websites which caters to the need of small business houses and also to new start-ups.

  1. Facebook


Obviously this had to be ranked first in the list. Though a lot is spoken against Facebook but certainly no other social networking site can take away the numbers from it. Facebook is the proud platform to house 1,310,000,000 users, which is constantly increasing. You cannot ignore a platform whose population can even out number China in a year if the current trend follows. If we go by critics, Facebook today has become a fish market with reportedly housing nearly 66 million fake accounts. Though agreeing with the critics but it is a ground though slippery you must stand firm. It is not an easy task to make one’s mark on this platform but a good strategy may land you in the limelight.

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  1. Twitter

Here is the platform which has got the title of “SMS of the internet”. The posts are short, accurate and to-the-point. With 140 characters, it makes you think in a crisp manner and make your presence sharper. Twitter has 300 million users and surely it makes up to the list. One cannot simply ignore twitter. The hashtag (#) facility lets you connect with the users in an awesome way. You can be at any event and just post it with hashtags and you will be amazed by the response. Twitter is an interesting platform to be on.

  1. YouTube

I agree that your website is not video centric, your product has nothing to do with the videos. But sorry mate! This is the trend, you want to hop in or stay on the shore? YouTube today garners almost all the videos available on World Wide Web. Audience’s choice today differs from what it was few years back, videos are not for kids and teens. It is considered to be more fruitful way of saving audience’s time and marking an impression on their mind. Your video does not need to be an exceptionally visual treat for the audience or too expensive but all that is needed for an outstanding video is simplicity with an extra-ordinary content.

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  1. Google+ (Google Plus)

GooglePlusSocialGoogle Plus is gradually increasing its reach. Initially opened for personal usage, by November 2011, it opened itself to brands. Google Plus has got some interesting features like- Circles, Hangouts, Messenger, Instant Upload, Hashtags and more. With 1.15 billion users registered for it, it is one of the strong contenders for a platform suitable for small business groups. But the sad part on Google’s side is that it has got only 35 % of registered users as active users. It should not stop you from scratching off its name from the list. It is just the beginning and Google Plus as assumed by the experts is going to be a strong platform in coming years. It has already started to shine.

  1. LinkedIn

Calculate the time you took to read this article. With every second you take LinkedIn adds two new members. It has got 300 million users. LinkedIn is primarily a B2B networking website. Initially looked upon as job searching platform, today it boasts of thousands of interest groups. Maintain your company’s profile on LinkedIn and keep on updating your profile regularly. Contacts form a base for marketing and LinkedIn offers you with that. Stay vigilant on it and who knows you may turn out the ball on your side.

These were the top 5 websites, small business houses should consider for marketing. There can’t be one perfect choice for it as all the five sites offer different flavors to the marketing. You cannot just ignore one and choose other. If you still persist on knowing the best site, I can only help you by giving preferential sequence. Start with the site as they are numbered in the list, but please don’t make it a year process to go for other options. You want to succeed, you have to be ubiquitous.

[note]This is a guest post from Shailender Kumar working as an Internet marketing consultant at Interactive Bees – renowned social media marketing agency. I’m an enthusiast learner with cool mind and have solid analytical skills.[/note]

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4 thoughts on “Which Social Media Site is Better for Small Business Marketing?

  • Well, i have been using Facebook and Twitter for quite some time now but not youtube. i’ll figure that out soon. And linkedIn, well not sure about it. Thanks for the information shared though.

  • Nice little round up of each social network. They all have their own pros and cons and I think that the big question we need to ask when choosing social media is which one is our audience actually using?

  • Thanks for sharing informative article. Social media is the best platform for business marketing. I’ve using Facebook and twitter for marketing. I think Facebook is the best way to promote your business brand and make money online. This post really helpful for me and other also too.
    Thanks for sharing this post with us. I really appreciate your efforts.

  • Great blog post.
    Groups are great for business. One have to target communities pr groups where your target resides.

    Taking this into consideration, FB is poor.

    I say that Google Plus and LinkedIn are best fpr small businesses. The communities and groups are the main strengths of these two social networking sites.

    Thank you.

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