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Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great and productive week. So, this week, we finally found out what the whole “big secret” Microsoft was hiding from the world. Surface, which according to Microsoft is “a great PC that works like a tablet, a tablet that works like a PC”, was revealed on Monday. Initial analysis indicates that the soon to be born PC/tablet, may just have what it takes to rival Apple’s iPad and other existing devices. Don’t know about you, but if the price is right and they get it to work properly (MS has always an oopps moment), I may just get my hands on one Microsoft Surface folie, as soon as it gets out. How about you? What do you think of the Microsoft Surface? Will consider buying one? Why, why not?

First look… You can also watch the full presentation here.

On another front, George Takei (Star Trek celebrity), talks about his experience with FaceBook and why he loves it over “other” networks. The interesting part about the whole story is the mission Stephanie Van Pelt launched on Google+ to convince George Takei to use the network. He said that if he got 250K people circling him on G+, then he may consider using the network, to prove that it is not a “ghost town”. As of today he already amassed 63K+ and counting.

Stephanie Van Pelt

Stephanie Van Pelt 3 days ago

All right all. It’s here. It’s #TakeiTuesday ! Help us get @GeorgeTakei to join us over here on G+!!!!

Send him a Tweet and let him see all the G+ love we have to offer!

Stephanie Van Pelt originally shared:
Hi guise.

I don’t know about you, but I’d love to see #GeorgeTakei join us here on G+. Just putting the word out there that I’m on a mission to get his attention. I was thinking that on #TakeiTuesday it might be a nice time to try to reach him on Twitter @GeorgeTakei to show him how much love he’d see from this community.

All right my Trekkers, who’s in?

Finally, if you heard about the new FaceBook plugin, you may want to consider reading what people have to say first, before thinking of installing the plugin. It is very promising indeed and I am testing it on a demo site. For now, I am waiting for the next update, which I hope would address the issues mentioned by users on the forum. If you really want to give it a go, this quick tutorial, should help. Yeah, its not your normal install and activate plugin.

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4 thoughts on “George Takei On Google+, FaceBook Plugin, MS Surface, Speedlink 25:2012

  • Hi DiTesco,

    Interesting Takei note.

    My Google Plus continues to take off like gang busters. I am spending a bit more time on G Plus and less time on my Facebook Profile as I hit the 5000 friend limit a while back. I am promoting my cash gifting Fan Page quite a bit though…thanks for the Like, BTW 😉

    G Plus seems more and more promising. Like any network, you get what you give. Bring value to the table and build powerful connections with individuals by writing insightful comments and sharing your friend’s content. Follow these steps daily and you will generate quite a following on the network.

    Thanks DiTesco!


  • Even if I have to say so myself – Its quite intriguing video on the New “Surface” tablet offered by Microsoft. Though – Personally, I would still stick to using my apple products. Since I got use to the functionality and the way it operates (Not open source). The apps available I also got quite used to – The big question that I have , is with the new Surface tablet – will it be Socially integrated with Microsoft’s products (like Microsoft Office, with Publisher, excel word etc.) even with Microsoft Lync.

    I quess this means following the link to the full presentation.

  • George Takei has about the best facebook page on the planet! OF course we know he competes on a much bigger universe….

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    I love your work, and i write this post to question you if i can, or you can write a post in your blog about my work

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