Top 5 Benefits of Writing Guest Posts

Lots of website owners and bloggers have started taking guest blogging very seriously and started including it into their overall marketing promotion plans. Guest blogging is a great way to build lots of high quality backlinks, traffic, authority for your business and build relationships with fellow bloggers, provided you apply the best practices in guest blogging. Still, there are many bloggers and webmasters who are unaware about the true value of guest blogging and they consider guest blogging activities just waste of time.

There are even some myths floating on internet about guest blogging like:

Guest Blogging is just a waste of time: it’s not true at all. I’m going to share the list of benefits you will enjoy when writing guest posts on other blogs in your niche.

Guest Blogging will reduce the flow of content on your own blog: It’s also not true. You should take guest blogging as an effort to market your blog among targeted audience of your niche. When you do guest posts on other blogs, there will be some blog owners who will be interested in writing guest posts on your blog as well. Content flow is not going to have negative impact due to guest blogging activities on your own blog for sure. As a matter of fact, this is probably one of the blog marketing practices that is within your immediate reach.

It’s really hard to find blogs for guest blogging: It’s not the case at all. You can easily find lots of blogs in your niche that accept guest posts with a little research on internet. And if you don’t want to do any research work on internet, here is a list of 100 plus blogs that accept guest posts and DiTesco, also has some of his own recommended sites here.

Submitting articles of less quality as guest posts: That’s totally BS. You should write your guest posts as if you were writing it in your own blog, perhaps even better.

Now let’s move ahead with the topic for the day. So here is the list of 5 benefits you will enjoy while writing guest posts for other popular blogs in your niche:

Most Trusted and Relevant BackLinks

blog post deep linkingIt’s only due to the power of guest blogging, you will be able to get high quality and most relevant backlinks for your business websites and blogs. It’s only due to guest blogging you are able to get dofollow backlinks from even top blogs in your niche. Since you are blogging on relevant and popular blogs only in your niche, all search engines including Google will give greater value to such links. You can expect getting 2-3 backlinks per guest post which will be available in your guest post body (editorial content) and/or in your profile section. Since we are building quality backlinks, which are taken positively by Google and other search engines, you will enjoy better link relevance and improve your rankings on the SERPs.

Targeted and High Quality Traffic

As you are contributing guest posts on popular blogs. So you can expect some instant traffic on your blog from these guest posts. More traffic means more revenue, which can be in the form of advertisements, products sales and lead generation for your targeted landing pages. Traffic coming from your guest posts can be even more rewarding if you are selling similar but non-competitive products or services on your website. Even a single guest post on a popular blog can send you 100’s of targeted readers to your blog over the period of time. Here is a screenshot showing 450 plus visits that I receive from one of my guest post that I wrote on over the period of time. After seeing this screenshot, you should stop saying silly things like Guest Blogging is just waste of time.

Guest Blogging Traffic

Developing Relationship with Other Bloggers

guest bloggingIt’s only due to guest blogging you are able to associate yourself with the small and even most popular bloggers of your niche. Most blog owners give great respect to guest bloggers and thus when you approach them for guest blogging opportunities; you will get positive response from most of them. Since I’m doing guest blogging on top blogs in my niche from time to time, I’m able to build a healthy relationship with lots of pro bloggers in the blogging niche. Not only with blog owners, but you will also be able to build a certain level of healthy relationship with their blog readers as well. You basically increase your outreach.

More Guest Posts for Your Own Blog

This is one more rewarding thing you will get once you start engaging yourself in guest blogging activities. When you are contributing guest posts on other blogs, blog owners of those blogs and their readers may be interested in writing some guest posts on your blog as well. Flow of guest blogging requests has certainly increased on my own blog since I started writing on other blogs. In some occasions, I get guest post requests from those blog owners where I had written guest posts in the past. Imagine if I had not written any article for them, they will never know about me and my blog. If they are interested in guest posting for me, that signals the belief that they find my blog good enough to write their high quality guest posts on it.

More Exposure and Popularity for You and Your Business

It’s also true. By contributing guest posts on popular blogs, you are becoming more popular as a blogger and people will start respecting your blogging skills. Due to power of guest blogging, more and more blog owners will start knowing you and your business website. That improves your exposure and visibility. Since I started to contribute guests posts on other blogs in my blogging niche, there are lots of blog owners who are saying positive words about my work and they are more than happy to include me in their community of guest bloggers.

With the help of guest blogging only, you can convert a personal blog into a big brand. Take Bamidele Onibalusi as an example. The man behind who converted his personal blog to a big brand in the guest blogging niche and leveraged it to make thousands of dollars every month through guest blogging services only.

There may be many more guest blogging benefits you may be enjoying as a guest blogger. It would be great if you could share your valuable thoughts on this topic in the comments section. Thanks!

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Agarwal Anil

Anil Agarwal is the CEO of blog where he writes on topics related to blog tips, SEO tips,

27 thoughts on “Top 5 Benefits of Writing Guest Posts

  • Great resource Anil.

    Although I have guest blogged for other niches in the past, this is a useful reminder of the benefits that come with guest blogging. It is easy to overlook them or to get caught up in other ways of traffic building.

    Thanks for the post!

  • Hi Anil,
    very good post. I also think, that guest blogging is very helpful in getting traffic, making relationships with other bloggers and even SEO. It has only one disadventage – it’s time consuming 😉
    Thanks for sharing,

    • It’s more like creating a new blog post for your own blog. Guest blogging benefits are huge keeping in mind the kind of investment we have to make. We have to write a good guest post and nothing else. We did not keep to pay anyone for showing our presence on best blogs in our niche.

  • One of the biggest perks of guest blogging is simple – the visitors you get from the guest post generally will stay on your website for longer. Once the readers of the article get a feel for your style, they can base whether or not you are worth their time. If they decide no, they’ll end their relationship with you immediately. But if they decide that you’re something else, they’ll continue on and BAM – you’ve hooked someone who’s going to read at least one of your articles.

    • Joe, that true. Traffic coming from guest post contributions used to very effective and highly engaging. You will surely get better bounce rate and page views per visit from links coming from these type of contents.

  • Guest Blogging not only increase traffic towards the website but also allows you to develop relationship with other bloggers. In short, we can say that guest blogging is a great technique and tool for driving traffic and building quality backlinks. Great post and thanks for sharing.

  • There is no doubt that “Guest posting” is one of the best way to acquire quality backlinks. It also gives you an opportunity to attract more relevant audience to your own site or blog.

  • Hi Anil, great to see that guest blogging is really paying off for you. But mostly because you are so good at it! Keep up the fine work you are doing and you’ll rise to the top and stay there too. 🙂

    • That’s a lot Ileane for words of motivation. These days I’m putting lots of efforts in writing high quality content for my own blog and top blogs in the blogging niche.

  • Guest posting is that weapon that can defeat the Google’s monsters namely Panda and the more recent one the Penguin. Both the updates released from the web-spam team of the Google. Guest post could win you trust and leads may be not instantly but for sure in a due coarse of time! Thanks for this post, it is very useful to all the blogger professionals.

    • Of course I agree. After starting guest posting on my blog, I can see tremendous growth in the traffic.

  • Seriously, if you are looking for some good traffic start guestposting oon high authority blogs like your’s and others too like Illeane Smith’s blog etc etc And i believe these also helps in networking with like minded people! 🙂

  • Well i do not know much about you, but after seeing the blog and the alexa rank and relationship with other bloggers, i must say that you are doing a very wonderful job! And yes are right! Guest posting really gives a lot of exposure and it really helps to build a successful blog. Zac has already proved it! Thanks for sharing the article!

  • selection of Guest posting blog is too much important. Only high ranking blog will not serve your purpose, the niche and regular readers mush also be considered before submitting the guest post.

  • I agree that when you write as a guest blogger, this is only like you’re writing for your own blog. If you have reached a certain popularity, the readers will just follow you to your own site, and even if this is not the case yet, once they get enthralled with your post, they will still do so.

  • Hello Anil, I think guest blogging is the proven method of getting quality backlinks as well as high Google Page Rank. Any new blogger should practice guest blogging.

  • No doubt, guest blogging is a very effective method to boost traffic and brands online. It helps to generate quality traffic on the website. However,
    the major drawback of this activity is that site’s owner can remove your post any time and you can’nt do anything.

    Please suggest how can we handle this problem?


    • This problem may exist but I believe that it is limited only to less credible bloggers. Sometimes, a post may be taken down for many reasons, so if this does ever happen to you, I suggest to contact the owner of the blog and ask politely why it was taken down. Based on the response, act accordingly. Nothing much to do really

    • In current state, except complaining to the site owner, you probably can´t do anymore about it.

    • Maria, there must be reason why blog owner has decided to delete a particular guest post on his blog. If he feels your guest post is putting some negative impact on his blog overall rankings or anything similar, he has every right to do so.

  • Guest blogging can have benefits but some of my favorite blogs never have a guest post so it can go both ways. I just think you have to be very picky on which posts to publish.

    Too much guest posts can water down the blog in my experience what do you think?

    • That’s true, you need to keep certain level of ratio among your own blog posts and contents that are written by guest bloggers on your blog. If you are accepting too many guest posts and not publishing much contents of your own, your voice may get lost in it.

  • Sure everybody say guest bloggin is good, and well, yes it is, but what about guest commeting? Don´t it also have a good impact?

    • Apart from guest blogging, we should be doing blog commenting on top blogs in our niche. When I write a guest post for a blog, I try to reply to most of comments on my guest posts. It benefits me in several ways:

      – It make blog owner happy
      – It make their readers happy as they are getting answers for their queries
      – It makes me as well happy as I end up getting additional traffic, credibility and backlinks by replying to comments on my posts.

  • I still believe that you should not start guest blogging till you have jam packed your blog with quality content.

    Because we guest blog for traffic

    To turn them to loyal visitors , We need to have content for them.

    I seen many blogger’s doing this mistake = doing guest blogging at wrong time. Ahh, That’s a big mistake. Bloggers should be aware of it.

    • That’s very true Jafar. Lots of bloggers happen to make this mistake. We have a website which is full of quality contents before start doing guest blogging activities for its promotion.

  • Hey Anil,
    Nice post and Yes, Guest blogging really helps to make trusted backlinks and also helps to make good relations with other bloggers and drives lots of traffic to our blog. It also promote our blog. Thanks for sharing this post.

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