7 Sins of Internet Marketing You Should Avoid

Getting started in internet marketing has been made easier with today’s current technology. Years ago, starting an online business would require substantial investments, and in some cases, impossible. That’s no longer true, as today, there are free resources that makes it possible for anyone with the drive and determination to start and build a successful business online, regardless of its size.

Now, here’s the downside. With all the tools, guides, tutorials, affiliate networks, several monetization methods, etc. that are available, comes the problem of competition. There are literally millions out there trying to make something out of the internet, and the question is, how do you stand out from the rest? Well, you can start by avoiding some common mistakes that some business owners make. Avoiding these mistakes, or sins, as I call them, will most definitely help you stand out from the rest, who are still doing it.

These sins may not earn you eternal damnation, but your business will most likely fail if you don’t shun these internet marketing sins.

1 – Procrastination… destination of disaster

This is where most people fail online. It’s an art being a good procrastinator. “You must avoid posting that post at all cost.” “You must keep from growing your social network.” “Surely there must be something better to do then work on your dream?” So we all procrastinate and I believe it’s the deadliest internet marketing sin, but how do we keep from being cursed by it. Here are some tips to avoid the pitfalls:

  • Write down your ideas as soon as they come to you. Even if they are jotted down. Then religiously come back and make a post out of it.
  • Cut out all the other things in your life that hold your success back. Perhaps you smoke… cut back and quit. Stop watching so much TV… etc.
  • Designate a time to work on your blog.
  • Designate a time to drive traffic to your blog.
  • Designate a time to work on your social network.

2- Internet busy body

internet marketing mistakesWhen it’s your time to be working on your business a lot of us tend to have our Facebook open and e-mail. Then heck lets go check to see if we made some money over on Clickbank, Amazon or Google AdSense. No. You know what, lets look at our analytics’… that’s always fun. Sound familiar? People…Stop! Close all the noise off and work on your business and when you get your goal done. Then go check your e-mail, stats and social drama.

3 – Black hat cat

There are many loopholes and suggested traffic heists. When I first started I tried everything I could to get a sale. The long term dedication to make a real business just wasn’t there. So I started spamming Craigslist and to this day I have trouble selling a car or a washing machine. I think I made $5o bucks or so with all the spamming I did. I started getting into some of the sophisticated software’s and methods. It’s fascinating to see all the Black hat Ninja software that people can hack out.

If a person would spend the time on their business that they spend trying to take shortcuts, they would have already succeeded.

4 – Indecisive Isabel

Internet Marketing PitfallsOk, I confess that I’ve tried loads of niche’s. This is sort of a grey sin area. There is nothing wrong with having multiple niche sites as long as you can make them successful. Yet a real business person needs a brand and a central hub to gather a big enough following… and why a following and a list? So that in the end you can make your own products and have a large enough audience to make it a success. So find your main niche for your business and keep at it until it’s a success.

5 – Mediocre May

With all the content on the internet, it’s easy to be drowned out. Especially if your content is mediocre. Not only does your content need to be unique it needs to be super good. The days are over when you could throw a post together and expect to get traffic. Below are some suggestions to keep your viewers on their toes:

  • Make a superb headline for your articles that will pull people in and keep them reading.
  • Make the content of your posts enjoyable so they keep reading.
  • Cover controversial topics.
  • Provide a different slant.
  • Include Q and A in your posts.
  • Make a poll as part of your posts.
  • Be funny and intelligent.
  • Paint a picture as you write.
  • Be brief…
  • Get the reader to perform an action at the end of the post.

6 – Non Techy Travis

There is so much to learn when it comes to building an online business. Don’t be afraid to learn something new (as long as it’s ethical.) Keep up on the latest trends, but don’t be boggled down by them.

7 – Push button Peter

With all the one click wonders and ninja traffic heisting mechanisms that fill your inbox, it’s easy to be caught up in the get rich schemes. I’m here to tell you that that stuff don’t work. There is no autopilot millionaires. Those people work hard to get your e-mail and swap it back and forth with each launch. Most of those products are re-written, re-branded and then re-launched. There is nothing wrong with software that will make your business online easier and a success though. As long as the product is inline with what you are already doing and it semi-automates some of the workload for you.

Alter call

Has your business been suffering from one or more of the above? It’s time to turn from the dark side my friend. It’s time to turn from your black hat…procrastinating… autopilot riches ways. It’s time to give the Google god what it wants. Real good content … Before Google runs out of animal names to name it’s updates after.

Want to see an interesting marketing technique? See this cool infographic for an ultimated guide to the city of Chicago.

Barry Huddleston

Barry Huddleston is the owner of antipushbutton.com. He provides a a free WordPress plugin that helps increase your conversions with a slim Opt-in forms for Aweber. You can get it free here (includes updates).

19 thoughts on “7 Sins of Internet Marketing You Should Avoid

  • Hi Buddy,

    I have committed these sins a few times, I must confess, according to your list. Powerful stuff here.

    Pay attention to the list. Be honest with yourself. I am a former spammer, aggressively pushing my stuff out there through any means possible. Like you, I made a tiny bit of change using these tactics because force always negates. Thank goodness I learned my lesson quickly.

    Create value. Become valuable. By creating good things for others and helping your target market you can drive traffic to your site and prosper. Sounds like a good deal to me.

    Thanks Buddy!


    • That is true Ryan. The real task at hand is finding unique way of delivering that content. So you stand out and listen.

  • It really is amazing how many blackhat shortcuts are out there, people ruin their names or brands by using them and have little to gain. If you want to build a legitimate business online treat it right.

    Like you I tried a lot of systems, software, courses and more over the years, I stopped that about 3 years ago and have been making much more money since then.

    • I admit I would be a lot further if I would have never fell for black-hat methods. what a waste of time and money. This is the focus of my blog (antipushbutton.com) To connect with newbies and teach them proper business techniques that will be much more effective in the long run.

    • You stopped analyzing, black hat etc, so what did you do instead to gain so much traffic?

  • Most of the people fall for black hat techniques when they start online, but later on they have to realize in long run quality content and proper promotion works rather then these techniques.

    • Yes, I agree. I believe a new blogger should be focused on building relationships with people and building a list. If a blogger puts 50% of his/hers time into building a list and the rest of the time blogging and connecting with others, you momentum to success will increase much faster.

  • It really is ,amazing how many blackhat methods are out there, people harm their manufacturers or producers by using them and have little to acquire. If you want to create a authentic on the organization online treat it right.

    Like you I tried a lot of methods, program, applications and more over the years

  • I think in starting of SEO business everybody starts his business with spamming . ANd after spending some time on SEO any body can work without any black hat techniques. It happens with everyone.

    • For sure. If a person puts the same amount of time into building a real business and the proper SEO as they do with black hat techniques they would be so much further ahead.
      I would also add that building a list is a must and sometimes overlooked. You can blog your heart out, but if you are not gathering a list in the process you are leaving a huge opportunity on the table. An opportunity that can bail you out.

  • Hey Barry
    This is a great post. i agree that many people may have get into committing these sins. Starting online has become easy, but for its success, a lot of efforts are required. Doing business in the right and ethical manner can help in long run.

    • I know I have committed them all perhaps at one time or another. The point is is to learn from it and know that a good work ethic will always be what drives a good business.
      Thanks, Richa.

  • What about Unimaginative Ugene? When you commit the sin of running out of ideas and stop posting very much at all. And your traffic drops and you can’t even think of a name that starts with “u” to go with “unimaginative.”

    • That is comical Astro. Unimaginative Eugene could very well possibly be the # 1 killer for most Blogs. Or we could go with Boring Bob also. No offense to all the Bob’s out there. Lol this is simple humor. Good point.

  • The worst thing you can do as an online marketer is fail to act. Procrastination is the worst offense you can commit in online business. I know sometimes you can feel that tomorrow is there but you need to realize that time awaits for no man or woman.

    • Well said Stephen. The time to act upon your online business is now and treat it like a business.

  • Thanks for the informative and extremely helpful post. Many internet marketers commit these sins and use black hat techniques to achieve their targets which is totally wrong and be disastrous. Using the right and ethical techniques and fetch long lasting and desired results. Just a little effort is need and everything is done.

  • “Getting started in internet marketing has been made easier with today’s current technology. ”

    It has also been harder now than before.Since the penguin update it has been more difficult to get high ranking in Google, if it is about getting traffic from Google.
    So as the article says, stop black hat SEO now.

  • Hmmm..real points has been Given here and i ahve also used some sins..and i admit that …but know am doing all right Thnxx..

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