How to Fix On-Page SEO Problems using Bing Webmaster Tools

Not so long ago, Bing has introduced their updated webmaster tools. If you have not been using Bing’s WT for a while and log in, you may notice that it does not look like an update, but rather a completely new and redesigned webmaster tools. If you have never used it before, then you may want to seriously consider doing so, specially after you finish reading this post :).

Why care about webmaster tools?

Webmaster tools are designed to help anyone to improve their online visibility and gather valuable search data for analysis. These includes, keywords that are driving traffic to your site, inbound links, crawl errors, traffic sources, most viewed pages (for better conversions), sitemap errors, indexed pages, among other things. These tools help you understand how users interact with your site and figure out ways to improve users experience, content marketing tactics, etc. You may be already using Google’s webmaster tools, which is great, and may be wondering why use Bing’s own tools too?

One reason I can think of right of the bat, is that having two sets of data to analyze is always better than just one. The reason being is that the basis of analysis that both webmaster tools may differ from each other, so the more information you get, the better. In addition, it is a good way to confirm what one is saying, in comparison to another.

But that’s not just that. Bing has introduced many cool features, the link explorer (similar to Yahoo’s site explorer, keyword research tool, a bunch of diagnostic tools, etc.). If you watch the video of Duane Forrester, you will know what I am talking about.

Watch Rand Fishkin and Duane Forrester talking about Bing’s New Tools

Bing’s SEO Reports and Analyzer

on page SEO analyzerThere has been some chatter on the web that SEO is nearing its end or that it is actually dead. I won’t be elaborating too much about the issue, but IMO, it is far from that and Bing as it appears, agrees with that too. Otherwise, they won’t be introducing new new tools, that are exactly tailored to improve your SEO.

Anyway, this bring me to talk about one of my favorite tools that Bing provides, specially to improve your On-Page search engine optimization. The SEO analyzer is a report that Bing runs automatically every week or so, provided you already have your website added and verified. The analyzer is like an audit report that assesses best SEO practices and identifies on-page optimization problems and gives you recommendations on how to fix it. Not only that, it tells you exactly where the problem is and the severity of the SEO violation. Absolutely cool!

Fixing On Page SEO problems

Great, is it not? The report is really a tool that I highly recommend, and see absolutely no reason why should not use it. Unless, you think that all your pages are already “error” free. In any event, it is always good to run a diagnostic, just in case. In addition, if you can’t see any reports yet, or want to assess specific URLs, you can use the SEO Analyzer.

SEO Analyzer

This feature is an on-demand tool to crawl a URL, and assess it against a series of on-page search engine optimization best practices. The resulting report will provide you with guidance as to whether you are in or out of compliance with the best practices. You can use this tool for any “verified” domain in your account.

More Cool Tools from Bing (a short list of my favorites)

link explorerLink explorer – This feature allows you to research any type of links pointing to any URL. You can use this tool to understand which links point to a specific URL, and filter those links between internal and external. Note that this tool can be used for any URL you wish to enter.

Keyword Research – Bing’s Keyword Research tool allows you to understand what volume of searches happen for any term you enter. You can research multiple keywords at the same time (up to 20), and filter the results by country, language and export all data. Data is held over a 6 month historical period, and is refreshed every other week. Note that results are returned based on data that comes from organic search at Bing and not from their AdCenter alone.

keyword researchSearch Keywords – This tool provides you with a list of search terms (keywords) that enabled users to find your site. For each keyword displayed, you will see the how many times your keyword appeared on their SERPs, how many clicks, etc.

There you have it! Bing’s new webmaster tools are 100% free. Some of the features are actually available on other sites, difference being that they are most likely paid services or with limited results. Obviously, there is always the matter of data accuracy and some bugs that may occur once in a while. Bing does mention that some tools are in beta and are constantly being tweaked for maximum performance.

So, have you used Bing’s new webmaster tools yet? What do you think about the SEO reports and SEO analyzer?


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24 thoughts on “How to Fix On-Page SEO Problems using Bing Webmaster Tools

  • I hadn’t been over to Bing webmaster tools in quite some time. I really didn’t have the need to because at the time it was very limited. After logging into Bing recently the tools and other resources they have available are pretty decent.

    • Hi Ray. I can totally relate with you. It has been a while since I actually spent more than a couple of minutes on BWT. However, since they released these new and revamped tools, I have been spending a lot more time and getting all my other sites in there. The SEO Analyzer is really interesting and can quickly solve problems that sometimes we are not even aware about.

  • Hi DiTesco,

    The SEO Analyzer looks like a powerful tool. Helpful breakdown here.

    The Big G gets all the pub but I drive traffic to my sites through Bing, too. Most of us do. Makes sense to use their tools to see how you can improve SEO, target traffic and prosper.

    Heading over to start my Bing Tools experience. Thanks DiTesco!


    • Hi Ryan. Yep, I agree with you. The SEO Analyzer is a very powerful tool and it would be a waste if people won’t use it. As a matter of fact, this analyzer has always been available from Microsoft, only it was not integrated into its webmaster tools. It was on the IIS suite and I have always used it to audit websites. It is simply awesome to things “on the fly” 🙂 Big G is great and I will never “abandon” optimizing things using their guidelines. Nonetheless, I think it is wise to pay attention to “other” engines, specially the one that is trying very hard to provide outstanding tools like the ones they have released 🙂

  • Hi DiTesco, I’m really happy to see you talking about Bing. I think we bloggers get so focused on Google we forget that there is another player in the field we should pay attention to. I learned a lot from this post and the video is simply awesome. Thanks so much!!

    • Hi Ileane. I am really glad you liked this posts “message” and the video. Do hope it helps your site to do even better that it is. You are right about being way too focused on Google. With all the Pandas and Penguins, as an internet marketer, I believe that other engines should also be given attention too. You never know how things end up.. today its G, tomorrow its Bing, after that who knows. Good thing about these new tools is that if you get it right on Bing, it is most likely that it will also be important for “other” search engines 😉

    • Hi Ileane,

      I do agree – The web has been so littered with Google and their updates that a lot of webmaster has forgot about the tools Bing offer as well. And Bing does have a good search share (not even close to Google – But hey, it better than nothing). I think we should count Bing out of the game yet – the can still offer a lot of marketing exposure and business opportunities when it comes to SERP’s and Business listings.

  • Bing has done a nice job of turning around their Webmaster Tools project from what used to be commonly perceived as low-value tools back in the Live Search days. They have invested resources in this needed space to encourage webmasters and SEOs to devote time and effort to their Bing index standings.

  • On page SEO problems could pose a real hell for SERPS, Well researched find on How to use their webmaster tools

  • Hey Francisco, thanks for the walk through and the reminder, I remember Bing like once a year and then I got and check it, set it up and so on, and forget it for another year. Definitely going to do it now, as a matter of fact setting up Google WT for some sites now so as soon as that is done, I may as well do this. Thanks again!

  • Thanks for this. I must confess that creating an account for WMT has been on my “to do” list for way too long. It’s just so hard to dedicate much time to Bing when you know that Big G is where all the traffic comes from. However, I am interested to see how powerful their WMT program is and alot of people have been bloggin about the changes made. I think that perhaps now is the time to finally bite the bullet and go and have a good look around!

    • Hi Gary. I think that you have said it just right .. now is the time “to bite the bullet”. I do understand that big G is the dominant force is search and it is not my intention to neglect them. However, Bing has been slowly introducing some new stuff and as it so seems they are getting more and more attention every day. Using BWT can be an extra effort, but I think it is totally worthwhile. The SEO report is just the tip of the new tools. If you are into SEO, you will love the Link explorer and keyword research tool. Give it a try, nothing to loose 🙂 Let me know how it goes for you. Hopefully, your site will not have that much SEO violations 🙂

  • Recently, Bing announced a bevy of new SEO tools for webmasters. That’s really a good piece of news. I really like the ‘Link Explorer’ tool which helps you get third party site backlinks data.

    Thanks for this useful share, DiTesco!

  • Bing, historically, has been hard to work with. So far, most everything I’ve done is with the big G :). Ditesco’s article is just the push I needed 🙂

  • Interesting post, the last time I used this tool, it was very premitive. Bing has really overhauled this. It definetly needs more attention from webmasters’ community now more than ever. Greate post!

  • Hi

    I never used bing webmaster. Thanks for the information.

  • One thing is sure if we will do efforts then we can solve out any kind of problem with others help and this is that kind of article which will be remove so much burden about on-page SEO’s problem but we only need to follow these tips as soon as possible for get good result of your hard work.

  • Ohh, till now i don’t know Bing has a Webmaster tool just like Google. Thanx for letting me know. I signed up, its a very understandable and easy to use interface. I like the Link Explorer feature, that’s very helpful to check our sites external links.

  • I’m really happy to see you talking about Bing. I think we bloggers get so focused on Google we forget that there is another player in the field we should pay attention to.

    Thanks for sharing information.

  • It’s nice to learn some valuable information about Bing webmaster tool and also happy that now many people are seeing on other search engines to get some good results because Google is now become more strict and changing their algorithm in very quick times so we don’t rely only on Google there are also some other options available why we don’t try them.

  • Hello DiTesco,
    Thank you for this great post. I have a question. Can i use both Google and Bing webmaster tool at the same time or will there be a conflict?
    Your post are very informative by the way and thank you for that.

  • It might be because I’m getting too low traffic from Bing, I’ve not paid much attention to its webmaster tool. Thanks for reminding the existence. Yes it is better to have two different sets of data to analyze rather than only Google Webmasters.

  • i just wanna ask you what is the difference b/w Google webmaster tool and Bing webmaster tool. BTW thanks for this wonderful post.

  • I just used their SEO analyzer. It said “no issues”…

    I’m not sure what to make of it.

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