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Before getting into the nuts and bolts on making money with Twitter via SponsoredTweets, you should know that any attempt to monetize your Twitter account(s) can cost you to loose followers and credibility. To avoid this, please bear in mind that a subtle use of this method is highly recommended and if need be, there is always the possibility of creating different accounts for different purposes (e.g. Twitter in College). SponsoredTweets is a legitimate way of making money with Twitter and today, I will introduce you to a recent addition which is their CPC model.

First things first. You should first signup for a SponsoredTweets account which can easily be done through the OAUT process and nothing else. If you already have an account then you should probably already know that besides getting offers directly form advertisers, you can now find opportunities by searching offers from the CPC program. This gives you a better chance of earning money through Twitter as you can opt to Tweet for opportunities rather than having to wait for specific offers.

How does CPC of SponsoredTweets Work?

When logging in your account, you will see on your dashboard your opps. Here you will find your open, pending, missed and completed opps. Right under the tabs, you should be able to see “cost per click opportunities”. These are the opps that are currently available for you to Tweet. As of now, I am not yet sure how these opps appear and if there is any relation to the advertisers criteria, such as number of followers, klout, etc. Thing is, they are there and following below is a brief explanation of each column:


Title (A): Pretty straight forward. This is a small description on what the Tweet will be about. Find opportunities that match your topic or interest.
Approval %: This is percentage of the advertisers approval rate. The higher the approval rate, the higher your chances to grab the opportunity. Also, it appears that the lower the approval rate is, the higher the CPC $$ is. Note that 100% means that it is automatically approved. Despite this, you should be creative when creating your Tweet as your objective here is to get people to click on those links.
CPC: Cost per click. This is what you get for every valid click. Don’t ask me what “valid” clicks means as I am sure that this is some kind of security to prevent click frauds. My experience as of now is good and I have been marked for payment.

NOTE: To withdraw funds (getting paid) from your account, you must meet the following requirements:

* Account balance of at least $50.00.
* Wait at least 14 days from the first time you were paid.
* Your Twitter account must be at least 60 days old, have at least 50 followers and 100 status updates.

Should You Opt For Everything?

Absolutely not. As I said before, ensure that you are only Tweeting something you think can be of value to your followers. Just because it is sponsored it does not mean that it can not be interesting. Remember that you are endorsing the product or service and this counts towards the credibility of your Tweets. Tweeting about “Cushings Disease in Dogs” is not right if you are known to your community as an Internet Marketer. Anyway, here is how I do it.


1) Once I spot an interesting opportunity, I click on the more info button. This will open a window of additional information related to that opp. You will find the advertisers instructions, the destination link, how it should be disclosed (FTC compliant), and the space provided for you to write your Tweet.
2) Click on the destination URL and see where that is leading your followers to go. Analyze the landing page and see if it something that you think may be of value and not another one of those “crap”.
3) If you are satisfied that it can be of value, select how you want to disclose the opp. I use different scenarios depending on how long I will write my Tweet. I always try to leave a little bit space (when possible), because there is always a chance of being ReTweeted 🙂
4) Write your Tweet. This is where you should use all your “writing” skills. Make it as catchy as possible to get those clicks pouring in.
5) Hit “Tweet This” button and that’s it.

Now that you know how to use the CPC method of making money with SponsoredTweets, all you have to do is give it a try and see how it works for you. Remember again – do not bombard your followers with SponsoredTweets, make it a ratio of say 10:1 if at all possible and they will not get mad at you (hopefully).


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14 thoughts on “SponsoredTweets CPC: Make Money With Twitter

  • Hey, I’ve been using this service for a few days now. 🙂 It’s been ok so far. I still think the reason I don’t get as many clicks as before is that people are not yet used to the new shortened links from Sponsored Tweets. Oh well, I suppose eventually people will warm up to it too.
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    • Have you tried to really write an awesome title for your Tweets? I experienced that depending on how compelling you have written your Tweet, the response is much better. Anyway, I’m glad you are on it and this is what counts. Good luck and more clicks for you 🙂

      • Ditesco! I ALWAYS write awesome titles for my tweets! What are you talking about???? Hahahaha. :p

        I guess I have to find better ways to write a tweet that makes it more uhmm… clickable. 🙂
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  • @reyjr, @ditesco I’ve seen these come through in both your streams, so far so good, no problems as far as I’m concerned.

    I haven’t jumped in yet, busy with other things at the moment, definitely not adverse to checking it out at some point.
    .-= Dave Doolin invites you to check this out.. Blog Better with a Virtual Assistant: Tip #1 =-.

    • Good to know that you have seen some of these come through our streams and have so far not annoyed you. That’s good enough for me 🙂

  • Very interesting and informative post. I have tried sponsored tweets in the past. But I remember I didn’t know about this CPC with it. Looks quite benefiting . Thanks for the info.
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    • Yes Aswani. This is quite different from the “original” Sponsored Tweets” as before you had to wait for offers that never came. Now it is most likely that you can grab more opps via this way. Try it and good luck

  • Hey Ditesco great post every one want to make dual money It means adsense as well as affiliate and tweetsponser on twitter.I like your post . I have twitter account and I will apply the method ..thanks for make aware.
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    • You are welcome Jai. Try it and good luck. I hope you get some bling bling your way 🙂 Let me know how it goes

  • I’m so glad I read this DiTesco! I’ve been meaning to give this a shot, but was reluctant. But now that I see it was reviewed by a source I trust, definitely more open to.
    I agree though, care must be take when doing this. Common sense is needed. If every other tweet is a sponsored link, you are definitely going to turn some people off and rightfully so.
    Doing it sparingly, and with products and services you believe in and will give value to others, this can be a good thing 😉
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    • I see you got the point Michele. Sparingly and with products or services that you believe in is definitely the key for making this method work. I have been using it this way and so far, so good. I got Dave up there saying so, lol.

    • Hi Arafat. I have heard about this and actually wanted to post an article which I will probably do very soon. Like you, I am unsure as to whether this applies to Sponsored Tweets or not. Here is an excerpt of their announcement: “For this reason, aside from Promoted Tweets, we will not allow any third party to inject paid tweets into a timeline on any service that leverages the Twitter API. We are updating our Terms of Service to articulate clearly what we mean by this statement, and we encourage you to read the updated API Terms of Service to be released shortly.”

      The term above “aside from Promoted Tweets” is a little gray to me and I am not sure whether this applies to ST or not. I think that Twitter is only talking about RealTime streams, in which the Twitterverse gets bombarded with crap and bad for the users. We’ll see. Thanks for reminding me though.

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