Monitor SEO Progress With Free SEO Reports And Tools

Now that you have done a great deal to improve your search engine rankings by implementing the best SEO practices, it is also wise to regularly monitor your progress to see if your SEO campaigns have been paying off. If one of your objectives is to have a successful business in the online market, following your SEO movements should be a part of your regular activity, to ensure that your goals are being achieved.

There are several ways in which you can do things on your own. However, doing things and doing it properly are totally different issues. SEO although not complicated, can be time consuming, requires constant course of action and yes, regular monitoring. As I said, you can do this is a variety of ways but you can certainly ease the process by using services or effective SEO tools that are available to you. That said, here are the tools for the trade.

Free SEO Reports

HubSpot’s WebSiteGrader: One of the “oldest” services around. Website Grader’s free SEO report requires only your email and does a pretty good job in analyzing your website. It analyzes how well your website doing? It provides some problem areas to take action upon, and it also analyzes how popular your website is in social networks, such as Twitter. Ultimately your website gets graded with a score, 100 being perfect. Congrats if you hit that mark 🙂

website grader seo report

As you can see above, I still have to work my way to that perfect score :).

DIYSEO: DIYSEO free report card is similar to HubSpot but grades your website based on a specific keyword you choose, the one that you really want to rank high on. In addition, you are required to submit your email and add at least one URL of a competitor to make it work. DIYSEO grades your website using 21 different factors, including actual rankings on Google, Bing and Yahoo, your trust metrics, inbound links, on site meta data, page speed loading time, and more. They use “emoticons” to grab your attention, green being “smilies” (good) and red being “frownies” (needs work). Perfect score would be an “A”.

DIY Free Seo Report

OK, I got a “B”, but if you analyze the why, then you can either live with it or not. In my case, I got flagged for not being listed on DMOZ and in Yahoo directory. I can live with that, lol. BTW, DIYSEO allows you to generate as much reports as you want, and has also a premium service where you can do and learn a lot about SEO.

FreeSEOReport: I found out about this service from my friend Hesham of You are encouraged to also view his opinion about this service as he provides a greater detail about it.

Anyway, and as you may have guessed, FreeSEOReport (referral link) is also quite different as it presents its results via a PDF file that is made available to you once you log in your free account. It is an easy 1-2-3 step process and the results are amazing. Your first report is free and if you want more, you will either have to pay for it individually or upgrade your account.

free seo report

Hint: Read exactly what you get for a premium account. If you use your imagination, you may even make some profit out of it (maybe more on that on a different post).

Free SEO Tools

Microsoft SEO Toolkit: There is really no excuse if you have not yet heard about one of the best SEO tools available at your fingertips for free. The only requirement you need here is to have any Windows OS (except XP) installed on your PC and you are on the go. MS IIS will sweep your website and conduct a full site analysis that will blow you away. It literally does an audit of your website. Didn’t know you can do this for free, did you? Anyway, I will skip the details here as I have already presented this tool before. Head over to

site analysis report

KPMRS: This is a very simple yet powerful SEO tool. What is does is tracks the movement of your rankings for up to five keywords of your choosing. Instead of looking up everyday for your positions in search engines, KPMRS sends you an email whenever it detects a change in position, up or down. The free version allows two domains with five keyword each, so you should be good with the free version. I also have presented this tool way back, and you can find about it in this post on monitoring your websites keyword rankings and website keyword discovery tool.


Which one should you use?

If I were you, I’ll use them all. Heck, they’re all free :). Just kidding. Anyway, as you have seen, each one of them has uses a method of analysis that differ from one another, although there are some commonality among them. Generate your reports, analyze each one of them and see where you stand at. If you notice that the same problem shows up on all or several of them, then you know that it is something that should take action upon. Other than that, I hope you find the results you are expecting. If not, don’t feel bad about it. See what has to be done, and do it.

That’s a wrap. Do you know of any other service that offers a free SEO report? BTW, I deliberately left Google’s Webmaster Tools and Bing’s Webmaster Central aside. They are, as you know, also great tools that provide important information to help you improve, among other things, your SEO.


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36 thoughts on “Monitor SEO Progress With Free SEO Reports And Tools

  • These are great resources and worth trying out. I am still using google webmaster tools though because it comes directly from the source, there is usually not much else you need for site health and long-term sustainable rankings.

    • Google webmaster tools is and always be one of my “SEO Tools” of choice. However it is also worthwhile to take a look at what “others” have to say about your website, specially Bing. Small today, bigger tomorrow, you never know.

  • Hi DiTesco, I have to give some of these a try. I used the Hubspot website grader on my old blog but haven’t tried it yet for Basic Blog Tips. I also found out that Google Webmaster Tools can highlight things that need to be cleaned up on your site.

    The Google Chrome extension called SEO Site Tools provides a laundry list of tools and suggestions to improve your rankings, have you ever tried it?

    Thanks for the links.

    • Hi Ileane. I have tried SEO Site Tools on Chrome but quite frankly I have not dove into it yet as deep as I wanted to. I am an FF fan so I rarely use Chrome. I have heard that it is a good one though? How’s your experience with that? Does it give you some “real” insights on how to improve and monitor your SEO progress.

      As for web grader, I like it and you should run BBT in there to see where you are. Won’t be surprised if you are close to 100 🙂

  • Hi Francisco,

    Thanks for sharing the free SEO tools 🙂

    I’ve neglected this area of my campaign. Metrics are important yet I have an aversion to them….maybe it’s because I had no metrics for quite a while 😉 It certainly makes sense to test, run reports and see what’s working, what isn’t and spruce up your SEO. I will give a few of these tools a look over the next week to see how RBs Keys is doing.

    Have a powerful day!


    • Hi Ryan. I understand when you say that you have neglected this area of you SEO campaign. It is really not that hard to as there are other priorities, such as worrying about your users experience and so forth. Occasionally though it is always good to see how things are going 😉

  • Are these tools free? I am kind of hesitant to use them because I think that I still don’t measure up to the successful sites just like yours.

    • Hello Anne. Yes they are all free. Some have premium services (DIYSEO, KPMRS and FreeSEOReport) but the free version is more than good enough for your initial needs.

  • I myself have been using Website Grader and it has really helped me a lot with my SEO campaigns. Definitely a recommended tool even for starters.

    • I agree. Website Grader although very simple to use, offers vital info to help sort out some on-page details and social media influence.

  • I don’t really use tools to say if my website is well optimize for search engines, I usually do that myself. But I often use tools to test if my html is valid, or if the website has accessibility problems, if I send the right headers, use gzip compression and other stuff, that I can’t really do manually.

    But, because I didn’t know about the majority of this tools, I might try some.

    • Hi Alex. It is a good idea to sometimes test your html validity and WC3 is pretty good at doing that. As for the tools here, I think you will like MS IIS, it really is massive and finds, broken links, seo violations, invalid markups, missing alt tags, the works. Let me know if you use it and if you are satisfied with the results.

      • Well, I used freeseoreport and I must say they blown me away with the amount of detail the had.
        Although some of the points were a bit of (somewhere they were comparing two of my urls, which they said it was my competition :D)

        Anyway, except that if you have a fresh website or even an established one the information that this website provides it’s pretty useful.

  • Hey Francisco,

    I was searching for something of that kind for quite some time actually. Checked out HubSpot’s WebSiteGrader several times, but for some strange reason it throws me an error message every time. Will give it a shot some time later to see if things have improved. On the other hand DIYSEO works pretty well and I was able to get a partial report. Still waiting for the full to be emailed. From what I see results could’ve been better though. Either way thanks for sharing those tools. Will care to see what the other three have to offer. 😉

    • Hi Daniel. Don’t really knwo why you are having a problem with your site. I think it my be because it is using a sub-domain and I have seen some people having problems with it too. Not certain but it could be one reason. As for DIYSEO, the results although they seem to be not enough is a pretty good summary of certain things that matter from a search engine perspective. I would not really worry about it too much, unless your score is “F”, lol. Just kidding.

      As I have recommended to Alex, give MS IIS a try. you’ll be surprised how good it is. May be a little to techy but it helps.

  • I just checked out and ran a couple of the tools. Some very neat stuff. I do use Google webmaster tools already, but it is neat to see the other means of data collection.

    Thanks for sharing these great tools

    • Hi Steve. Welcome. It seems this is the first time you comment on my blog. Appreciate you taking the time and I’m glad you found some of the other tools useful. Hope it helps you attain your SEO goals.

  • Consistency and frequency is the basic principle of SEO. I always welcome free tool to check my various SEO strategies.

    • That makes the two of us Silpada. I never close my eyes for any tools that can help me monitor my progress on just about anything, specially if they are free 😉

  • Thanks for your sharing, Ditesco. All the tools are free and really useful for us. I am using google tools but now i can try something new.


    • Anytime Ryan. You are most welcome, thanks for stopping by

  • Awesome tools, I mostly use Google Analytics, but these could definitely help.

    • Hi Ben. Good to see you here. Always a pleasure. GA is good but it only offers stats and really does not dig deeper like MS IIS does, so there’s a difference and I hope some of them may be of good use for you. Let me know how it goes

  • Hi Francisco,

    I use SeoBook and SeoQuake for my SEO purposes in Firefox, and sometimes WebSiteGrader (Far to be perfect the results).

    By the way, free excellent resources. Some of them are new for me like DIYSEO and KPMRS.

    I need monitoring more my SEO efforts, I’m guilty in that area, remembering from time to time to check.
    Making a task in my gmail and bookmaking at delicious for reference.



    • Hello Gera. From time to time is good. Actually in certain cases you really won’t be able to se much of changes unless they are over a certain period of time so as long as you do it regularly, I think you’re good. I also use SEOQuake sometimes but not so sure about SEOBook. Think I might check it out. Thanks for stopping by

  • I checked out the first two and for me they seamed more geared for newbies. I’ll check out the other ones when I get a chance. The Microsoft one looks interesting.

  • I’ve used website grader a fair while ago and it’s interesting to see that I’ve improved since then as I’m now graded at 99!

    Microsoft SEO Toolkit sounds really good but I’m still running XP so that leaves that one out. Too bad as that one looks really interesting.

    Strange that they don’t support XP as I can’t be the only one who is still using it.

  • Excellent information. Well, I too have been using similar services in the past to generate such SEO reports and I have been quite satisfied too with the results. Thanks for sharing your list of similar services. I will check it out. Keep writing…

    • You are welcome Aswani. I hope you find these SEO reports useful and that you get “good” results. Have a great weekend

  • Are there widgets that actually help with SEO or can they only analyze a site and make recommendations?
    I feel dumb asking but am trying to get to the bottom of this. Thanks.

    • Hi Jason. All these tools generate reports based on the analysis of your website. While not complete, each of them will “flag” something that they feel you are not doing properly or something missing. That said, they make “basic” recommendations on how to improve your sites SEO. Microsoft’s tools does an extensive analysis of your website and checks for various elements. If it finds problems, it offers recommendation individually. MS can be somewhat for intermediary to advanced user, but the tool is there and it is free.

  • Thanks for sharing DiTesco, HubSpot gave me a 76. I really need to start working on my blog, I’m sure it would raise my website traffic alot!
    Have you used “Web CEO” before? I currently use it, and its doing a pretty good job. Its a free one as well.

    • HI Amr. Yeah, it so seems that you have to do some work on your website, although in some cases all it needs is just some minor tweaking. Don’t know what HubSpot reported to you but I wish you all the best in getting that number higher. As for WebCEO, no and you are the second person you ask me about it. I will maybe just head over there and see what it has to offer. Thanks for heads up.

  • Good list of SEO Tools, it is very nice to rune from time to time a report like this to see where you stand. Also I think that an interesting tool is also

  • Good resource here. 🙂 Would love to use these free SEO tools, especially if it will really improve the rankings of my online projects.

    I just find it interesting that while these are great, free stuff to help us optimize pages correctly, still there’s no such thing as free SEO ( in reality). Have to still spend time and money even in the presence of these helpful free tools.

    I would love to hear your thoughts about it. 🙂


    • Hi David. If you consider your time and effort spent equals “money”, then I totally agree that there is no such thing as free SEO. Most of the tools here are in fact free but the thing is they would not work on its own 🙂 Now, I speak from experience and these tools applied well and persistently, you will get good rankings. Just remember that a very important factor is the “choice” of keywords. One is never alone and there is a great deal of competition out there. Focus on less competitive keywords and work your way up. Thanks for stopping by

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