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Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great week. What’s new? Well, if it is not Google, its Bing, Facebook or Apple… So much is happening that it is really quite difficult to catch up. Anyway, the most noteworthy news that called my attention this week was that of Twitter cutting ties with Linkedin, Bing’s recent updates and YouTube now allowing you to associate your account with your Google+ profile.

Bing, who recently launched its new webmaster tools, including their awesome on-page SEO Analyzer, has yet released another feature for SEOs, that being the possibility of “disavowing” links from sites you may deem spammy. This is a feature that has been discussed for a while now, specially after Google rolled out its Penguin update. Quite frankly, I am still thinking on how to put this this new feature to good use, but until then, perhaps you can help by leaving your comments.  In addition, you may want to start including Bing as part of your SEO strategy. While Google is still the dominant force, Bing’s share on search has been rising.

NOTE: Don’t forget to watch Maile Ohye’s video from Google (end of this post), as she provides really great SEO advises, in under 10 minutes. You can also visit my SEO Resources page, for more on SEO.

Finally, there is now the matter of “guest posting” being one of the most talked about topic in the “marketing” sphere. Not surprising, as aside from its benefits, it is by far, the best “link building” strategy currently available. Now, just like anything else, there are good ways and not so good ways to properly launch a guest posting campaign. Watch the video below from SEOMoz on how to get started.

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Maile Ohye from Google advises your startup as if she had only 10 minutes as your SEO consultant.

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4 thoughts on “SEO Startup, Guest Posting, Bing Disavow Links, Speedlink 26:2012

  • Hi DiTesco,

    This week was so full of announcements and activity that I still haven’t caught up to it all. For example even Facebook made some minor changes and allow us to edit comments and use our “voice”. These little nuggets got buried in the major news from all the other major players. lol
    This is the first time I watched the SEOMoz video about guest blogging and he made some great points. However, some I don’t agree with like offering links to the guest author in the byline only but maybe that is a general rule that doesn’t apply to my blog.
    Maile always does great videos and so makes things sound so easy, gotta love her.
    Thanks for the link luv my friend!

  • Hi DiTesco,

    Your weekly updates remind us of 1 thing: be nimble. Super resources here.

    Change is always occurring. We go with it, or against it, if we are foolish.

    As you note Google is a major player, but Bing is another player. Do not ignore their growth. On top of the SEO talk, remember to write for people. I recently shifted my content creation strategy a bit. Still doing SEO but taking my foot off the pedal a bit, writing content that flows more smoothly, and sure enough, my opt-ins remain steady, or even rise on some days.

    So critical to SEO out content and also remember the human element, writing for people as you target your creation.

    Thanks DiTesco!


  • Interesting that Bing has released its disavvow tool. Thanks for the information. I know this is coming from Google but Bing must have been thinking along those lines some time ahead og Google’s recent announcement. Thanks again for the update and summary of some useful posts!

  • Hi DiTesco

    Yes, I do agree – The time it takes to a page to search engine’s are a valuable sighn of a good website. And even if you offer a lot of valuable and graphic content one needs to realize tha a user wont wait for too long a time before moving away from a page if it loads to long – not even to mention the users in third world countries, where the internet speed is a big issue wehn browsing. There are quite a lot of tools that will show you the eareas of a website that is loading slowly – this can help you to optimize your website that it can load faster.

    Great video at the end of the post – thanks for sharing.

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