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Having been receiving some emails recently about people asking me what SEO keyword tools I am using to research for my keywords, I decided that rather than responding to them individually, better if I could provide you here with the tools I use that are effective, simple and best of all, for free.

As you probably already know, I am a strong advocate for everything that do not requires for you to pay anything. The myth about being free is not good enough is true for many things, but be informed that it is just a myth and there are excellent stuff out there that are better than paid ones.

Why should you worry about keywords?

Answer this question. How do you search for something on your favorite search engines? What do you key in? Words, numbers perhaps or a phrase. These are nothing but keywords. Words that are repeatedly keyed in by users that are searching for something. This is how your pages get discovered and despite having quality content, what good is it if you are not found?

Do you use keyword tools to write your articles?

Over and over again, you will see many recommendations saying to write for your readers. They are the ones that matter most and having good quality content will do the job for getting your pages found in the long run. Is this really true? YES and NO. Yes because you should write only for people that need information, opinions, reviews, your voice on the subject matter, etc. NO, and you might not agree with me here, is because search engines are readers too. They are robots indeed and as far as I can tell, the search engines scour you pages looking for things that will help them rank your pages on the SERPs. They will “read” these things and by them will find out what you are writing about and index your pages in such a way that you are cataloged under a specific topic, and more. What are these things that search engines read and will help their job easier? Simple answer, Keywords. The combination of good content and keyword optimized writing, will provide your pages with “Balance”, the best of both worlds.

That said, here are the tools I use to research for my keywords. I will deliberately skip Google’s AdWords keyword tool, and Google Webmaster Tools as they are already famous enough and no longer requires any further introduction (sorry, Mr G). Nevertheless, use that too:) In addition, all of the tools that I will recommend here have been already an object of a more in depth review here, in this very same blog, so I’ll just provide you with summaries and links to find out more about each of them individually.

The Simple Ones:

Google’s Wonder Wheel: 3 Step Guide To Simple SEO Article Writing – I did say Google AdWords and not other Google services:) The wonder wheel is a feature I use a lot and is a real time saver if your are looking for keywords. It can also provide you with blog post ideas if used properly.

Alexa: How To Use Alexa For Simplified SEO – Who said that Alexa is for traffic rankings only? That’s true but there is more to Alexa than just that. Alexa provides search terms with high Web-Wide ranking keywords that drive massive traffics to any website. Give it a try.

KeyRow: How To Discover Your Keywords On Search Engines – So you know keywords are important and you use them sparingly when you write a post. You do your SEO best practices and that whole hulahbahloo:) The question is, what do search engines consider as you websites keywords. You might be surprised that there are keywords that you don’t even know of. KeyRow is one of my favorite keyword tools and you should use it, at least once.

KPMRS: Website Keyword Discovery Tool – This tool is a also one of my favorites. What this tool does is that it shows you a list of new keywords for which your website was discovered and clicked on through Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines on a specified date. In addition it will let you monitor for free, up to two domains with five keywords each, you rankings on the SERPs. Every time there is a change, you get notified via email. A time saver too:)

The Advanced:

Google Searched Based Keyword Tool: One of the most popular and free SEO Tools available, Google’s keyword tool needs not much of an introduction as it is a must for any webmaster to use it when searching for keywords or keyphrases. If you know how to use it well, there are many benefits that derive from using this tool, aside from just helping search for that great keyword. (You can find an update of Google’s keyword tool, and an example of how to use it for your benefit on selling .co domains)

Microsoft’s Ad Intelligence: Advanced Keyword Research Tool – So you think that Microsoft does not provide you with free tools so powerful it is mind boggling to even ask why it is free. Well, it is free and one of my most powerful keyword tool app which I can not live without. This is actually an Excel plugin and probably the only catch is that you must have a legal copy of it:) If that’s all good, you should really check this out.

That’s a wrap. These keyword tools are great and they all work. Now, they won’t work automatically and so action is needed on your part for them to be useful to you. If there are any SEO keyword tools that you know of and are not here, please share them with us. I Just make sure it is free, lol. In addition, if you have used any of these tools before, I would appreciate your thoughts about them.

Here’s a tip: Wanna know how I got this post ranking well on search engines? Simple, aside from taking action, I also used Keyword Winner to find targeted keywords and SEOPressor to optimize this content. Now it’s up to you 🙂


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19 thoughts on “5 SEO Keyword Tools – Get Discovered

    • Indeed Gautam. Tracking your SEO campaign is important, otherwise how else would you know how your efforts are paying off? Hopefully you are doing well

  • Nice one 🙂 thanks for sharing i will use KPMRS and see how it works.
    .-= Shabnam Sultan invites you to check this out.. Personal blogs: can we monetize them =-.

    • KPMRS is one of my favorites and it works well. The are two versions, a paid and a free one (limited to two domains and 5 keywords). I’ll go for the free one and occasionally change the keywords if needed.

  • KPMRS and Microsoft’s Ad Intelligence are two new service for me. Will check this out. Thanks buddy.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada invites you to check this out.. Gadget Most: Dofollow gadget blog for link juice lover =-.

    • You are welcome Arafat. Both tools are different and Microsoft’s is a very powerful one. “Play” with both of them and let me know how it turns out

  • Hi Ditesco. I use your blog first time. Your article is very informative. Right now i am only using Google Adword KT. Just I have checked KPMRS really nice tool I am happy for your sharing thanks…
    .-= jai prakash invites you to check this out.. Remove your comment mistakes-Use Jquery Comment preview plugin =-.

    • Hi Jai and welcome to my blog. I hope that your first time here is the beginning of many more visits to come 🙂 I’m glad I have introduced you to a tool that I hope can be useful to you. Appreciate you leaving your comment, thanks

  • I use a couple of those tools and considering the price, they are quite good. However, you mentioned a couple I have not tried; KPMRS and Microsoft’s Ad Intelligence. If you recommend them, I’m sure they must be good.

    Thanks again for the cool resources. Time for me to go play with my new tools. 🙂
    .-= Robert invites you to check this out.. Are You Receiving Those Big Fat Affiliate Checks? =-.

    • Haha Robert. Cheap indeed. Now go play with your new tools as I am sure they will deliver. It is worth the time and effort. Be sure to be tuned in as there are more tools to follow. 🙂

  • Looks to me a fantastic list. Well, I haven’t done much of a keyword research in the past but whenever I do..I make use of Google Adwords Keywords suggestion tool. I think it is one of the best tool for the same. Easy to use and quite effective. Other than that I have tried using Keyword tool from It is a paid tool. But truly effective. Also, too has a very similar looking keyword tool based on wordtracker keyword tool. Hope you too must be knowing it 🙂
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    • I heard about all of them Aswani and yes, I agree they too are good tools. The list here is what I personally use and feel more comfortable with, hence the recommendations 🙂 Hope all is well with you

  • A share-worthy post, why not? 🙂 Informative and give me everything I need to know about keyword tools. I would love to try a couple of them and hopefully gain some link juice from SEO. Must keep trying, thanks a bunch!

    Social/Blogging Tracker
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    • You are welcome Ching and if there is something specific you need about SEO, you can email me anytime and I will do my best to help you out 🙂 After all, I am now an “SEO Guru Wannabee”, lol

  • 5 SEO Keyword Tools by @DiTesco ~ –along with some suggested links to guide you through

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