How To Use Alexa For Simplified SEO

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By now, you probably already know that one of the most important ranking factors on search engines are keywords. Choosing the right keywords on a blog post can take you to the top and with this that all important traffic to your websites. There are many keyword tools available online and one that I use often is Google’s wonder wheel. As I have shown you on my 3 simple steps for effective SEO writing, this technique works well when properly implemented. However, on certain occasions you may still want to know what keywords are really the best and which ones can be more effective. You even may have wondered what exact keywords, for example, drives massive traffic to certain websites, like eZine, one of Google’s favorite article submission website. You may also want to know what keywords drive traffic the most to your competitors. As I said before, there are many tools out there that can help you find those precious keywords (ex: Ad Intelligence), but some of them are quite complicated to use and can confuse you even more.

Is there a simpler way to finding keywords?

Enter Alexa. Mostly used to determine a websites traffic ranking, Alexa provides more information than just traffic stats. Did you know that Alexa can be one simple source for obtaining keywords? Maybe, maybe not. Let’s see an example on eZine as I mentioned above. First, you will have to install the Alexa toolbar. While this is optional, having it installed will make it simpler to use this technique.

The following steps below assumes you have the Alexa toolbar installed.

Step 1: Visit any website. In our example we will use
Step 2: Once the website has been fully loaded, right click on the alexa logo found normally at the bottom right hand corner of your browser and select keywords (a new window will open).

alexa toolbar

Step 3: Once the page is fully loaded, scroll down and find the “Search terms with a high Web-Wide ranking Driving Traffic” to see which keywords are sending the most traffic to a website.

alexa keywords

An alternative to those who do not have the Alexa toolbar installed can be by going directly to Alexa SiteInfo page and enter the URL of your choice. This method will equally work well too. Here’s to better rankings to you all and hopefully within the process, increased earnings.


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  • I dont think Alexa can be as good as AdWords keyword search. Simply because its power by Google themselves.

    • Hi Musa. Google Adwords Keyword Tool is better indeed. The point I am making here is that one can use Alexa for “simplified” SEO. Nothing complicated and very easy to do. Point taken though

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