3 Step Guide To Simple SEO Article Writing

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We all know that writing an article is a very personal thing and must be first and foremost to enhance your readers experience. Writing for SEO is not a special thing unless you are looking to cloak texts, stuff keywords and all other related bad SEO habits. While it is true that you should write for your readers first, and then for SEO, why not do both? The whole writing an article process can be complicated and if you follow every single “how to guides” you can find, it will probably take a full day just to write one.

The 3 Step process:
1 – I am assuming that you already know what you want to write about, so get rolling. Just write like crazy. Say everything that comes into your mind and don’t worry about anything else. Forget keywords, tags, related keywords, and all that mambo jumbo. Just do your thing and let the idea flow. You will have time to edit your article later. If you do your writing this way, you are actually writing for your readers.

2 – Now it is time to edit your article by including primary keywords and related, to optimize your article for SEO. There are a lot of free keyword tools out there that you can use to perform your research but this can be time consuming and the idea here is to use the KISS principle. One simple way that works wonders is by using the “Wonder Wheel”. Also, here is an easy SEO guide, that I recommend you reading.

Google’s Wonder Wheel

If you missed my previous article about Google Smart Search being revealed, now is a good time to give it a peek. Google Wonder Wheel is a great feature from Google which allows you to see relevant search results to your query in a unique semantically relevant and graphically design way.

How to use Wonder Wheel for our article writing?

Let us say that the article you just wrote is about a wonderful home made cat food. Go to google.com and search for the term cat food.

Click on the Show Options button:


Click on Wonder Wheel to see the wheel: You should see your result with keywords that are relevant to Google.


Lets go deeper by clicking on home made cat food:


Even deeper by clicking on home made cat food treats:


And obviously you can keep going deeper, provided Google still has relevant results to show. In this exercise, we found several keywords and related words that we can now use to edit our article. Examples of these words are, home made cat food, cat nutrition, cat treats, cat food recipes, kitten food, etc. Now, read through your article and remembering that every sentence should make sense, just replace or find a way to stick those keywords within the body of your article and voilá, it is now optimized. You can also use some of these keywords on a sub-heading (with h3 or h4 tags) and either bold or italicize some of them.

3 – The final step is to run a spell check and proofread your article and make sure they flow. After that, hit the publish button and then take a break to prepare yourself to respond to all those massive comments you are about to receive:)

So, can you remember of something that can help optimize and yet not loose readability on SEO article writing? What say you?



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5 thoughts on “3 Step Guide To Simple SEO Article Writing

  • Awesome article! I’ve been using good ol’ google for the longest time for keyword searches and research and somehow never noticed that wonder wheel.
    What a cool tool. I can’t wait to start using it for my articles.
    Thanks so much for sharing this!
    .-= Michele invites you to check this out.. How To Create A Screencast – Video Post =-.

    • Hello again. Yeah, the wonder wheel if used properly makes “wonders” and I use it all the time, even for blog post ideas. Have fun with it.

  • Hi DiTesco, thank you for explaining about Google wonder wheel.

    But unfortunately this feature is not available for Indian version of Google, http://www.google.co.in

    so for using this feature I’m using a firefox plugin named “Google global” that can display search results for same keyword that users are seeing from other countries like US, UK etc.

  • Informative and useful article, Francisco – thank you.

  • Hi! Wonderful article! It’s extremely helpful to someone who’s starting with zero-idea about SEO. It’s so KISS…

    I feel more confident that I can do this web content writing stuff. I feel that my long-hidden talent can now be put to good use.

    Your tip is just what I need. Thanks a million!


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