How To Add And Verify Your Website On Google Webmaster Tools

Among other things, one of the reasons why Google is of a great service to it’s users, is the ability to constantly innovate, provide new services, etc, at a phase that is almost difficult to track. Google webmaster tools is one of these services, where it helps your website to increase it’s visibility on search engines, providing you with many important information about your websites performance. It will help you measure your SEO efforts, diagnose errors, analyze keywords, see broken links, and more. Despite being a service where it’s use is highly recommended, specially if you are doing business online, you will still notice that there are webmasters who for some reason or another, do not use this service. This is particularly true for (blogspot) owners where you can find many users looking for answers on forums and Q&A websites, such as Yahoo and Mahalo.

To provide my share of information to the blogspot community, I have decided to open a spot on iBlogZone and provide tips and tutorials on how to use Google webmaster tools. This will be a series of post that will guide you to the process of effectively using Google’s webmaster tools. While this is targeted for blogspot owners, with the exception of a few things, most of the features can easily be adopted to any type of blogging platform.

That said, the very first thing you should do is to add and verify your website, in order to start using Google’s webmaster tools.

Google webmaster tools – Increase visibility on search engines

Following below is a video tutorial which will guide you to the step-by-step process to do this. Please watch the video and let me have your honest opinion on what you think about it’s quality, clarity, etc. This is my first video and I would like it very much if you can serve as my critics. I sometimes think that I am not tailored to this kind of stuff:) Anyway, on with the video.

Google Webmaster Tools

What do you think? Was it easy or was it hard to understand how to add and verify your blogspot website on Google webmaster tools. Should I continue or should I hire a video editor specialist?


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