Monitoring Your Website Rankings on Google, Bing & Yahoo

Since we are on a SEO streak this week, I figured that another awesome SEO tool won’t hurt knowing about. Before going further however, answer this question. What is the next step that we should all be doing after implementing all of those SEO techniques that we have learned about (assuming of course that you took action)? If you answered, monitoring our progress, then you are spot on. There is no point of trying to rank for some specific keywords or keyphrases if you don’t know how all of your optimization work is performing.

Keeping track of your website positions for keywords phrases for a specific URL on Google, Yahoo, and Bing can be done in a variety of ways and there are SEO tools out there than will do the job for you. While there are good tools available for you to use, few deliver accurate information and most importantly on a timely fashion.

Receiving a report of your site’s rankings, as it happens, will allow you to monitor your progress and should it be deemed necessary, make some further adjustments. It can also be good for your self esteem:)

That said, let me introduce you to KPMRS (Keyword Position Monitoring Report Service). KPMRS helps you to keep an eye on your search engines rankings. It is a free tool that will allow you to track up to three different URLs (or domains) each with a maximum of five keywords or keyphrases. It will also track other information, such as backlinks (from Alexa and Yahoo only), social activity, keywords that have brought traffic on your website (this option works better on Google Analytics) and more. See example of keyword rankings below:

website rankings

Now you don’t have to go to search engines to check your website ranking every time as KPMRS will send you an email, on a daily basis, to inform you of changes in your rankings for your targeted keywords. If you are interested in trying this service, head over to their website.


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  • this tools is awesome for find out the ranking of your websites in three big search engines i use it and great experience of using seo tool.

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