Benefits of blogging for hotels & resorts

Whenever you search for hotel strategies to attract customers, you will find thousands of strategies all over the internet, but have you ever considered a blog as one? Blogs are one of the easiest and the greatest ways to spread ideas across to various people from different parts of the world who might not have information or the idea while searching on their own. You will find various types of blogs but the most popular ones are personal blogs and business blogs. A personal blog basically focuses on someone’s life. These articles can range from different topics including personal activities, advice or something which is related to someone’s life.

A popular niche for any personal blog is travel blogging. In these types of blogs, a person’s interest in travel and his adventure story while visiting various places is basically showcased.


Most of the travellers turn their travel blogs into profitable operations by getting various kinds of sponsorships from different travel-related industries like hotels, restaurants,  cities and airlines who try to promote travel in their area and other brands who also benefit from the exposure. One such hotel is the Resorts casino. So now let us look at some of the benefits of blogging for hotels and resorts.

  • There are thousands of user-generated content benefits that usually come from being sponsored while the traveller is advertising for the industry.
  • The travel bloggers are usually people who are popular in the niche and whenever a person reads their blogs for the hotels and resorts, they can completely trust the agencies.
  • While these hotel blogs offer travel advice, tips and tricks for visiting a certain destination, it also helps by providing relevant information about the hotels and can even help a person plan out.

Whenever a hotel or resort is trying to showcase the area in which they are situated, they will only showcase the benefits and the attractions of that area. As these hotels have no outside ties and focus on nothing else, they can easily tell the audience the things and places they think will interest them. Without any kind of external pressure, the hotels can be more transparent while sharing information and as the hotels are just only trying to sell the destination they will showcase the best of the areas. So the information that comes in the hotel blogs can be totally trusted.

The Win-win Situation

One of the best things about hotel blogs is how they are found. Usually, the user who is going through the article is interested in the subject of the blog. It can be a new complex opening like a sports venue or a large event in a specific Town or the celebration of a theatre, travel tips or individual features of a place and the nearby attractions of that area.

Whatever be the case, if the specific reader is not from that area and he wishes to travel and attend such events, he will definitely need a hotel to stay. The hotel invests on the resources and travel bloggers to provide information to the audience who in return land on the hotel’s official page thereby making it a Win-Win situation for both the traveller and the hotel.


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