How to develop a successful Coupon Marketing Strategy

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Whenever a person is going out shopping, he or she would love to have a good deal and the easiest way to offer such mind-blowing deals to the potential customers is with the help of online coupon offers like the Tropicana casino promo code. The owner can use different coupons to reward loyal customers, to attract new buyers, launch different products and also move the overstock godowns. But you must be aware that you might get into trouble or lose money if you do not implement the coupon programs correctly. Well thanks to the modern technology options, the marketers do not what have to rely on trial and error methods which were used in the past. Here are some of the tips which will help you develop a successful coupon marketing strategy.

  1. Understand and analyze the data

Before you are deciding on your offer coupons for your ecommerce website or store, you must always check your current sales and marketing information.

  • What are the best selling products?
    • Separate the products which are more profitable from the least profitable ones.
    • Your best customers and what they are buying regularly.
    • What are the one-time purchases the customers make and why they do not come back?
    • Analyse your peak time and the slow-down or fewer profit periods.

To get all this information, you have to look at the point of sale system, your website analytics package, your marketing automation solution, the CRM, your E-Commerce platform and its design and the other tools that you are using to manage and control the sales and marketing data.

  • Develop the customer segments for your offers

With the help of all the data that you are collected from step 1, start constructing the customer segments to ensure that the coupons offer benefit to both your business and your customer.

  • If a customer is always buying things from your shop, offer them with loyalty points or special coupons from time to time.
    • Whenever someone purchases from you once and didn’t come back, try to lure them back to your store by giving them promotional offers after they complete a brief online survey. With this, you can also gain insights as to why the person didn’t come back.
    • If you can track a customer’s anniversary date, a birthday or any other event, you can also offer coupons that align with those special days
  • Focus on the detail and the fine print of the coupon

There are many instances where you might have seen other businesses fall apart only just because of a faulty coupon. So think about all the cases where your coupon might lead you into troubles and then set up guidelines so to ensure that these worst cases do not happen.

  • Try creating only one coupon per customer offer.
    • Create a deadline for Coupon used.
    • Make different coupons for different variety or set of products
  • Promote your coupon across various websites

Before launching a coupon, analyze and research on all the channels where you should promote it.

  • Email works well with registered customers.
    • SMS text messages can also help you reach all the random shoppers.
    • Social media channels and other group forums.


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