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Project Wonderful is different from what you might be familiar with, specially if you’re accustomed to other networks like Adgitize, Entrecard, etc. What differs Project Wonderful from the rest is that it uses an auction system, where anyone can be the high bidder at any time. This system is called the Infinite Auction.

How does Infinite Auction work?
Let’s start by saying that you’re an advertiser, and you want to put your ad on a certain site. To do this, you just place a bid in that site’s auction. Bidding normally starts at a price set up by the site’s owner and in some cases they start at zero. You can therefore advertise for as low as zero (free) as long as no one else bids a higher price for that slot. If someone bids higher, that person willing to pay the most at that moment, will get their ads displayed. There is no limit to bidding (infinite). It’s really as easy as that. You’re only charged for the time in which your ad is the high bidder – and all charging is done to the nearest second. You can change your bid anytime or cancel it entirely, if you think that it is not working for you or simply because you think it is already very expensive (0,40 cents for example). You are in total control.

Now for the part where you make money:
As a publisher, you decide how you want ads to appear on your site, and where. You can choose the type of ads you want (graphical, text) and their size (banner ads, skyscraper ads, and so on), and how many of these ads you want. Once the code is added to your site, the auction has begun! You set up an initial bid price (normally recommended at zero cents) and as advertisers start bidding for that spot, the amounts start to get higher. I have seen bids way over the 1$ mark and I have seen mine as high as 0,79 a day for each spot).

In addition, as advertisers bid on your site, you remain in full control. You can decide to approve the ads by hand, or choose to trust ads and advertisers you’ve approved in the past. I recommend the second option as this can attract more advertisers and you can always cancel any bid you don’t like at any time, if you feel that the ad is not appropriate.

Every second that someone is a high bidder on your site, you’re earning funds that goes directly into your account: funds that you can spend advertising your own site, or that you can take out as soon as you’ve earned at least $10, which can be paid by Paypal. As soon as you hit this mark, you simply request for the funds and you get paid within days. Yes days, no waiting for months or anything like that. Proof? Oh yes, forgot about that, see below:

proof project wonderful

Project Wonderful is an interesting marketplace where you can make money and promote your site at the same time. This program has been going on for a while so rest assured that there are sufficient number of members that particpate and you can take advantage of this. Now, read very carefully their Terms Of Service as it is not easy to join this program, they have strict requirements and do not attempt to game the system. Other than that, I believe that if you are approved, you can definitely make money out of it and although you might not make a lot of money out of it, just remember that every bit counts. To your success.

So, have you heard of Project Wonderful before? Did you try it? Do you know of any other system similar to this that works? Please leave your comments.


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