Google Smart Search Unveiled

Web giant Google has recently unveiled new search options that will push search in a new direction. The new Google Search Options is a tool that is aimed to let users control the results so they can manipulate the information and get what they want faster.

search options

These options come into effect after a normal web search and allows users to go deeper down into the results by offering an option for different categories like product reviews, forum posts or videos. Some other choices which a user can further “filter” the results include recently added blogs, images, timelines and so on. The new “Wonder Wheel” is almost a keyword tool, where related results can be further manipulated.

One search option that I particularly found very interesting is the ability to filter the results based on their timeline. With this option, a user can filter results about a “something”, within the last 24 hours, week, etc… Also, you can now find Videos and filter them according to time durations and so forth.

Ms Mayer, vice-president of search products and user experience of Google, recently said that this new feature should help people who struggled with the “vexing” problem of exactly what query they should type into the search box. It is meant to give users the opportunity to “refine, filter and view results in a different way”.

So, what do you think? On a user standpoint, I really think that this new feature will greatly enhance a users search experience. On a technical point of view, do you think that this new feature will require new forms of search engine optimization techniques?


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