How Digital Gaming in the World Is Growing Up Into a Billion-Dollar Market

The video game business has changed a lot in current years. From your audience and the available platforms to the different business models that have been implemented. Some being a resounding success and others that only served as an example to not repeat them again. Legal online casinos in NJ have adopted the business model that has given Netflix so much success.  Before going into the analysis of the options we have today and what could come in the future, let’s review a bit the background that was giving shape to this distribution format.

Being a market that generates billions of dollars annually, it is normal that its managers are looking for new ways to distribute their products to a public that no longer distinguishes gender and age. The digital format is here to stay, and it is on this basis that another one has emerged that will surely gain an important place in the coming years streaming video games.

The digital gaming industry is growing rapidly. The industry is already worth over $890 million. Any online game in which the player pays or wagers money (or other valuable items) in order to have the opportunity to win money or real prices, depending on the outcome Of the game. Examples: virtual sports games, online chess tournaments or “match-3” video games, played for profit or to win a prize

How do free video games make money?

The first way is advertising. Advertisers are very interested in F2P games because, because they’re free, they are played by many players. Sometimes the advertisement is directly visible to the player. This is the case for banner ads that appear on the screen, product placement inside the game, or promotional videos. As the publisher will earn money with each new click on an advertisement, it will make you do it by promising you a reward against your click.

Small purchases make great fortunes

The second model is that of micro-transaction. Very popular, it invites players to spend real money to acquire a virtual currency that will be used to buy game items. Some of these elements are purely artificial, but others will have the purpose of reserving access to certain modes or to make the player stronger.

Opportunities to earn money by gamming

Nowadays there are many ways to achieve it. In fact, you can do it by going to gaming sites, but also using your mobile phone, there are lots of gaming apps available on android and iOS platforms, for example you can see the PUBG tournament  and other similar kind of mobile gaming apps.

Recently PUBG and other games conducts tournament and distributed a millions of dollar in rewards to players, we all game lover should thankful to our technology experts and games developers.


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